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Breaking News: Joel Connable Out


8963595_240x180Joel Connable, anchor and consumer reporter at NBC6, has been laid off from WTVJ. According to very new information, Joel was laid off yesterday as part of a new round of cutbacks at WTVJ. More layoffs are said to come. Joel’s last day was yesterday, April 27th. (More info to come) and Updates Below.

Update: Julia Yarbough is said to be taking over

What really irks  me is, there was absolutely no send-off. One day he’s on-air, and the next day he’s replaced by Julia Yarbough at 7. Really, WTVJ? You can’t do a two minute send off of someone who’s been there for over 4 years? That is a pure idiotic and asshole move on whoever made that decision. More info soon.


  1. I’m going to make a personal comment here.

    I really don’t know who made the decision to let someone go that is liked by viewers and an overall great anchor. But to whom it may concern, you’re an idiot. Pure and utter idiot. Look, I know it was due to the economic crisis… but whatever salary Joel was getting, he was worth it. Congrats to whomever made this genius move, because you’ve just doomed the fate of NBC6.

    • I disagree. If the station were a top rated station, I could see your point. But they are pouring money down a rathole if they ratings remain status quo. That’s the most important thing right now.

  2. The very least they could have done was give him a send off of some sort. It’s unfair to the viewers (and to Joel) to just take him off the air like that without at least acknowledging him.

    Good luck, Joel, we’ll miss you.

  3. The economy sucks stuff like this happens. I’m sure the “utter idiot” was turning in their sleep knowing they had to break the news to him.

  4. NBC6 has always been my favorite station… and that’s from someone who came from Boston as a Sunbeam fan. I thought ditching the helicopter was a bad idea… but letting the best weather team in SFL get away from you? Letting Connable go? Stupid decisions. If you guys can’t turn this around, you’re just asking us to change the channel.

    Oh… and please ditch Metro Traffic. Try going with a company who doesn’t give hours old accident information, or at least hire an internal traffic producer… you’re not the only ones though, 7 and 4 use Metro as well.

  5. Joel’s good at what he does. But it’s not a surprise there. They’re apparently letting go of the “higher paid” employees. They let go of Ted, the producer, because he was in that rank. He was given the pink slip soon before his show was to air that same day because of budget issues. It just makes you think about the respect level the manager has for the people on her “team.”

    They also let go of employees, hired new people for the positions (x2) then paid the new people cheaper. Some of the editors had their hours cut down from 40 hours a week to 20 hours a week.

    Some of the people there are senseless. It’s funny because they just listen to the crap they hear from their boss and others without using their own brain to put the truth together about things. Proves to me my point about senseless people there. Of course, I don’t want to generalize because this doesn’t apply to everyone there.

    And I think what Michael meant to say was “WTVJ just shot themselves in the foot…” (???)

  6. It’s clear that the end is near for the NBC6 News Department. Joel was let go because the “window” in his contract was up. If they have no intention of doing news two months from now, why let his contract renew? Same goes for the helicopter, they won’t need it if they are not doing a newscast.

    The writing is on the wall!!! VERY SAD

  7. I completely disagree with the fact that they laid off Joel. Joel was an asset to WTVJ, and could definately of advanced within the company. I wish him the best with wherever it is he may continue.

  8. Ralph Renick, Bob Weaver and Bill Brasil are turning over in their graves with what “management” is doing to what was once the “cinderella and only television station in Miami. Tony, you are lucky you are out of there. I always thought a television station was a service to the commmunity. 6 did a marvelous job with Hurricane Andrew reporting. What with the next storm?

    • “Hurricane Season 2009: Tune into WTVJ to see that morning weatherman you sometimes watch if you’re up early, John whats his face…. Trina the talk show host, and the new young guy that took over for Paul.”

      Your “South Florida News Leader” at work, folks!

  9. Who will take Joel Connable’s seat? I love Jackie and Julia but I can stand to see them in every evening newscast. Too much woman on television, where are the anchormen?

  10. WTVJ – NBC6 – NBCMiami (whatever they want to call themselves) has broken apart! Who is the IDIOT that has let go of such a talented person like Joel Connable.

    Joel has been the ONLY ONE that has been bring them any sort of ratings. He delivers the news with great pride and professionalism, yet keeps us entertained with his giddiness.

    I will definitely have no other reason to watch that station anymore. They have really made the wrong choice this time around. If they were trying to save money, how about getting rid of the anchor that gets paid the most, yet does nothing for their ratings. Jackie was the one to go.

    Joel if you read my posting, I wish you well. I have been a loyal follower of yours since you join the South Florida news team. Hopefully you can stay in our area and some other station (like WPLG or WFOR) will pick you up and truly appreciate your expertise.

    So long NBC6. You should just close your doors ’cause your management team is bringing your down into the ground!!!

    • I don’t think so. In case you havent noticed, NBC 6 is the lowest rated in South Florida. This is actually a good time to do house cleaning and restructuring.

      • Mr. Greahm, the S.F. news lover makes a good point. Whend did the tide turn for NBC 6? Joel started there and they were still at the bottom! Jackie is the problem, not Joel.

  11. They may not be able to get rid of Jackie, since she may not be in her contractual window right now. They won’t get rid of Julia, since she is a minority. They let the white guy go who made a ton of cash. Too bad for Joel, but when anchors like him get bought out, they get tons of money and life is pretty good. Think about getting 400 or 500 thousand up front, including severance, bonuses and vacation.

  12. Joel was not laid off. He was fired for cause. Keep digging. Real story not yet being told. Ask Joel what he was doing as a side business?!

    • According to my multiple management tipsters, he was let go. Purely because of how much he cost. I’ve even taken the liberty to shoot out a few text messages to some people around the newsroom, and no ones heard anything about that.

      Give me proof and I’ll write the best ‘Perez Hilton’ bashing style post about him… But until that day comes along (which I doubt will), don’t make stupid comments.

  13. a. he wasn’t in his contract window
    b. jamie is right, keep digging
    c. yes, ask him directly what his side-gig dealings are

    • Then hey, to “both ;)” of you. Feel free to do this. E-mail me your proof. I’m not going to get sued by Joel Connable because of silly people posting random and slanderous comments. If you don’t want me to know your e-mail, use the contact box via the link above. Otherwise, I’ll keep digging (although, funny how management has no idea about this… eha?).. and if something comes up… or I get that e-mail from you…. I’ll re-evaluate my decision to call this whole “comment tip” bullshit.

      To the folks reading the comments… Let’s keep in mind anyone can comment on anything on this site. Don’t make a judgment based on solely comments.

    • Just confirmed it with co-workers of Joel’s. There is no side business….

      And I have a very good idea as of who’s behind the fake comments. Very VERY good.

  14. Joel worked on the side for a travel business. He voiced corporate videos – at the same time he was booking the same travel related guests on WTVJ without disclosing he was profiting… cardinal sin… immediate termination is only option.

    • Yup. Joel was fired. When management was asked “who was next” in the layoffs– they said it wasn’t a layoff and that it was another issue. Ethics violation. Departure Lounge segments were a shady deal and it finally caught up to him. NBC doesn’t play around when it comes to ‘side businesses’… several people have been fired for that in the past.

      He was a great anchor, but obviously shady.

  15. Its funny this town does not have a station that has kept it anchor team together for more than 10 years. Since God know when

  16. Message from GE on this matter,



    GE does not care about Humans, they are irrelevant.
    Resistance is futile.

  17. Let’s not kid ourselves “JAMIE” is Tammy Delgado — an Executive Producer at WTVJ who’s had it out for Joel ever since he refused her over the top advances (and who can blame him!?!? Tammy has been after Joel since he started…. Look, Tammy is in way over her head, incredibly insecure and I’m sorry, not very sharp — she will, as they say, dig her own grave at WTVJ or wherever she works. She turned in Joel for something she does on a daily basis…. take things for FREE in return for putting things on television. She is getting married soon…Has anybody said, WOW — SOUTH FLORIDA TODAY sure has a lot of wedding segments on… dresses, cakes, flowers, venues, etc…. maybe someone should check her receipts for that cake… AND have you been reading her rants about the new WTVJ PANDA kitchen set???? She just bought a new house in WESTON and if you check the Broward permit division— PANDA is building her brand new kitchen….. FACT!!!!!!! WOW….what a coincidence. TO BE CONTINUED.

  18. Masterplan, I agree. She’s definitely not the brighest tool in the shed. Few in her morning team respect her. I can also say I heard she did “turn him in.”

  19. We have learned two things here. One, Tammy Delgador, or whomever she is, is a very bad person who is not well liekd in the newsroom. This leads me to think that she would want to hurt people sicne she can’t get kudos any other way. Also, it seems like most people here think Joel was a great guy. Well, if you really think that, then why would you ever defame him online? You have no evidence that this happened. If Joel was fired, was it really justified or was NBC just trying to save money. I can see who this girl Tammy, who probably makes 60 or 70 thousand dollars a year would have it out for someone who was making much more than her. I would imagine the main anchor in Miami is pulling in 300 or so. Would I be right? Anyway, I think we have learned that Joel was very well liked by most people he worked with based on the comments. Tammy, she is very hated by most people based ont he comments. I would hope the good guy wins in this world. Jamie or Tammy, whomever you are, bring us proof of your allegations before you make accusations like a coward.

  20. Oh yes, and if your accusations are correct.. why would that make you feel good and why would you post them? If Joel was fired than that is not a good thing and something that shouldn’t be joked around about. I hate people in television news. I can see what the people there are really like.

  21. What a loss for TVJ! Joel is a great guy who spoke his mind and management hated that. Yvette could not stand Joel because he told her the way it was and she was always wrong, covering stupid stories and now sinking the station to all time low. So glad she is gone this week!!! And now the News director will probably be a former secretary who kisses mega ass. TV news is so done!!!!!!!!!
    As for Tammy, get a life… the only reason you are the EP is because every other manager and producer left. If she is getting free stuff, she learned everything from Liz Roldan and Yvette herself. Both of them have scammed every free thing they could get.

  22. If only TVJ would learn. They have changed Jackie’s co-anchor over and over again and fail to realize Jackie is the problem!! Having worked at TVJ, Joel was always a great guy. As for Tammy, she runs with the cover your ass click; her time will come.

  23. Joel is a great journalist and a good guy. He did, however, get caught in the crosshairs the contract “Solutions” proviso. As chaotic as the management may be, no company invests as much in an employee asset only to let him go. Layoffs per contracts, require payoffs, therefore it’s not a huge savings.

    Sometimes good people get caught in bad situations. The fine print–and you all at NBCU know what I mean–is verily the devil in the details. None of us can speak to his intentions, only to the outcomes.

    He’s young, smart, and is a hell of an investor. He may now be able to pursue his business unhindered or simply find another broadcast home. This wouldn’t be his first major career change. Joel’ll land on his feet and grow from the experience. It is, though, a lesson for all of the fear-filled, hating, gossip mongers that continue to contribute to the malaise at the station.

    Good luck Joel! You’ll be missed.

  24. Everyone should give this Tammy the evil stare at work, so she knows her time is coming fast. They will dump you with no remorse. By the way,,,I heard Joel is going to CNN in Atlanta.

  25. I must say, Joel Connable was one of the best anchors that I have ever seen when it came to breaking news.I knew Joel in Los Angeles and he was tops there as well. I get the feeling that there are a lot of really incompetent managers and producers at WTVJ. I remember hearing that Joel was a former New York paramedic and lost several friends and coworkers on 9-11. I know that Joel could care less about anything some of these evil people are saying since he has already gone through the worst day in his life. I’m not sure what people want when they go after Joel and insult him. I am going to write a letter to NBC and urge them to fire this Tammy person. You are a BITCH

  26. What a shame, I really did like Joel. I know none of the inside politics, but I would really be surprised if it was a sudden layoff. NBC (not just locally) has clearly invested a lot in Joel and he seemed to have a solid future with the network. It would seem odd that he’d leave with no farewell and without a post in another market. Just my two cents, and this is only from my outside view.

    NBC-6 has a real issue in the evenings now. They really will have to move someone from the morning shift to evenings. Having only two anchors for three evening broadcasts is stretching it thin (not to mention they’re losing Paul Deanno) and their morning crew – count them – five – is just too much between only two shows – Trina, Roxanne, Bob, Kelly and Pam (I didn’t count meteorologist Ryan Philips or quasi-anchor Joe Carter).

    Let’s hope they take this opportunity to build a strong, cohesive team in the evenings. I actually think the best thing they could do is send Kelly Craig to early evenings as Chip said. She can handle hard news with the best of them – and South Florida Today DOES NOT need four people to hold down the fort on a “light as a feather” one hour chatfest. Love the show, but c’mon.

    Good luck to those who are at TVJ – seems there are only more changes to come!

    • Maybe the tip that was posted above about him being terminated was true. For him to be gone, without a send-off, is kind of rude. I doubt they’d send him off without a send-off if he was laid off, but if he was fired, that’s a different story.

      There’s a lot of activity going on on his facebook page, different people leaving comments saying that they’re sorry, and they’re going to miss him due to the fact he was laid off. One of the posters from this blog (who will remain anonymous unless he/she reveals him/herself) was posting some of their own remarks on this blog onto his page. Joel apparently responded to him with some remarks. Just thought I should share.

      • Hi Brandon.

        I’m the fan that posted my comments from here on Joel’s personal Facebook page. I have not association to Joel. I am simply a loyal fan of his and sorry to see him leave NBC6 as he was the only reason I tuned into their evening news. Now, I just won’t watch it.

        Joel is a class act and responded to my Facebook comments in a very nice way.

        South Florida will miss him!

    • Agreed! I think Kelly looked to be much better in the evenings when she did serious stuff as in the past. I don’t think the same of her for mornings.

  27. Joel and WTVJ decided to break their relationship after he decided not to take a pay cut to help the company. NBC6 is asking staff who make certain salaries to take pay cuts. Joel decided to go off a do something else. That is why there was no big sendoff. He decided to leave and they wouldn’t have appreciated it more if he just took the salary cut and stayed. Probably not the friendliest of seperations.

  28. it’s has been public knowledge for a while that NBC expects talent to take a salary cut or get no salary increase/bonus, I can’t recall which one it was but I remember that they those who choose not to accept cuts will be shown the door when their contracts’ out clause comes into force

    watch for more talent leaving nbc-owned affiliates soon

    paul moyer’s already out at KNBC

  29. I take it that NBC simply doesn’t give a rat’s behind anymore… and would much rather shoo off the rest of their loyal WTVJ (NBC 6) viewers.

    Getting rid of Joel Connable may just be the last nail in NBC’s coufin… and many may already be wondering who’ll be next in line to walk the plank.

  30. Excellent choice of words, Alex, as it turns out–6 is still promoting a colorectal cancer test which has Joel’s picture on it. Maybe we should get down to the Neighborhood Pharmacy near us and pick up the test, then exercise discretion in where to send the sample, if you get my drift. OK, that’s not right, but really, can’t TVJ qualify for FEMA funding by now?

  31. What it all comes down to is Joel is gone and it is Tammy’s fault, proving once again that she destroys everything she touches. Nobody likes you. Just leave.

  32. Wow, A lot of insecure people when it comes to Joel. Did he do something personal to you? He always seemed like a great guy to me and I work at a competing station.

  33. By the way, is Tammy the girl who ruined the 5p news years ago. Ratings were so low they cancelled it. Now, what does she produce? That travesty at 11am. Ugh

  34. Joel Connable originally appeared in the “Street Fighter II” video game, but was removed by Beta Testers because every button caused him to do a roundhouse kick. When asked bout this “glitch,” Connable replied, “That’s no glitch.”

  35. Don’t try Belkys Jim, do us all a favor and go crawl back under the rock you came from.

    If you don’t like 7 news DON’T WATCH!!!!! I mean no one will miss youas a viewer.

  36. I could not care less. I never liked the guy. He was uncomftorable to watch, and it seems conclusive he was a particular character.

  37. Well
    thank you
    Alex and Brandon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have missed you guys as well.
    I have been busy with finals.

    I have been watching Joel on NBC6 and although I love Belkys. I have grown to like Joel on NBC6. I think he should not have been fired. You will be missed by me Joel on NBC6.

    However on a side note. I know its not about this topic, but did anybody see celebrity apprentice on NBC Sunday? I mean Joan Rivers gave them hell on the show. You go Joan let Annie and Brandy have it and stand your ground.

    Good luck with your future plans Joel. I wish you all the best maybe CBS4 could hire you to replace Antonio Mora.

    Now Mr. Mora is a Mess!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Personally, I can’t stand Joan. I think she’s obnoxious, and a waste of space on that show. She’s your typical drama creator on a reality show (Omarosa, New York, etc.) I hope she doesn’t come back. The only positive impact she had on that show, was for the money she raised on the show for her charity. Then we she started fighting with Brandy she said “Its not about the money.” of course it is!!! If she was making the money, I’d understand, but it’s going to charity, how can it not matter? And, Melissa took it a little too far screaming and snatching from the producers. You could even see a look on the female producers face like “Wtf?” I’m glad them two, Dennis, and the comedian guy are gone.

  38. I’m not sure what the goal is with the mean comments about Joel. As we have seen on this posting..not that it really matters..but 9 out of 10 people think Joel is a great person and an excellent anchor. I don’t think for a minute Joel wastes his time reading this blog. As for me.. I won’t waste my time here either, if its going to be full of stupid, immature comments from losers. Bye Bye

  39. I’m so happy… I got out just in time, no kidding guys tammy ,Tammy will soon be assistant news director at tvj, guaranteed.

  40. I honestly think Tammy would be a worse AD compared to that little fairy that was in the position before. WTVJ – your days are over. Honestly though, I don’t think NBC would be stupid enough to put her in that position. They will get rid of her and replace all the managers with new blood and hopefully, some new brains.

  41. Missed by whom? Are you dense or what? If you are a friend of hers, make sure she takes her crayons when she leaves. Countdown for getting rid of Diercks now.

  42. Everyone who was laid off in the past month was given the dignity to clean out their desk. (Producers, reporters, sales managers) Joel’s desk, as of today, is still intact.

    He was escorted out of the building, not laid off.


    You can claim “9 out of 10 people” on this blog like him… but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t running a shady operation under the table that no one knew about. He was a great anchor, and good for television, but an untrustworthy person.

    End of story.

  43. MiamiFan is unnecessarily smearing Joel’s good name. Joel is a man of the utmost integrity. Review the building permits for Broward County for Tammy Delgado. You’ll find one for Panda Kitchens in her house. Is it a coincidence Panda put a kitchen set at TVJ for use on TV? Hmmm…

  44. Leave Tammy alone she is a woman of the highest integrity. Tammy Delgado doesn’t read books, she stares them down until she gets the information she wants.

  45. So a survey says 9 out of 10 people think Joel is great? Is that from a NY Times random survey? Please. Get real.

    He was fired.

    Tammy is not the issue.

    He was clearly the issue.

    As for Alex and “knowing his sources” … if you check IP addresses and etc….don’t you suspect Joel padding some of the responses with multiple usernames? There is an abnormal defense to his name on here – seems a little odd.

    Panda kitchens rule!

    And so do cheap hotel rooms!

  46. Joel may have done something that violated WTVJ’s rules, and he’s paying the price. Who knows if it was something really serious, or the usual kind of things that many people in the business take advantage of. WTVJ is serious about their integrity policy, no doubt about that. No matter how you look at it though, Joel made WTVJ’s product better, and Tammy Delgado makes it much, much worse.

  47. NBC may say Joel was fired for breach of contract, but a court of law may rule differently. Wait and see. Tie for a nice lawsuit

    • Joel Connable is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.


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