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Breaking News: WTVJ News Director, Yvette Miley Out


Breaking News, just announced.  NBC6 news director Yvette Miley is leaving WTVJ to be an executive producer at MSNBC. We’re working on the story and will have more information as soon as we get it.

Updates Below:


Update: Yvette is set to leave in one month. NBC6 will be looking for a new news director. Most people in the NBC6 newsroom are reported as “shocked.” She will apparently be in charge of all of the producers at MSNBC.

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  1. Yes!!! It’s a new day for WTVJ!!! Wait a minute, we still have that general manager and now she needs to go.

  2. “Most people in the NBC6 newsroom are reported as “shocked.””

    Shocked because she’s leaving or shocked because she got an e.p. position at MSNBC?

  3. With WTVJ’s news director on her way out… many still want to see WTVJ’s general manager gone.

    IMO… I wish NBC would hire a news director that is competant, accountable, and responsible… and that is willing to give WTVJ’s news a long overdue turn-around, which has been sorely needed.

    • That is something that is not entirely up to the news director. The NBC O&Os all must abide by NBCs mandating. They all must run a similar format. They can play with times and strategies in giving the news but thats about it.

      Don’t forget, tt was Yvette Miley that created NBCs local Nightly News idea that was used at WNBC

  4. Be smart people. NBC is chopping heads left and right in all of the O and O’s and network. Do you really think they are going to spend money on hiring someone, when they can simply cherry-pick from existing staff somewhere out there?

  5. MSNBC, Executive Editor.
    Basically number 3 on the food chain, in charge of what’s on the air at the moment. Great move for her. She’ll be missed at TVJ… she’s definitely a huge influence and presence.

  6. Few people are respected and admired as much as Yvette at WTVJ.
    Extremely solid human being. Yvette demands respect with her professionalism…not by ruling with an iron fist.
    Good luck to her in NY.
    I’m sure folks will sorely miss her in Miramar.

  7. Yvette is going to be the executive director at MSNBC. In charge of all producers and EP’s. Our Ep’ Tammy Delgado was so excited about the news, she told several people in the newsroom that she was going to apply for the news director job at WTVJ and make some major changes.

  8. Yvette Miley is a good person, but she was not a great news director. Anyone who says she was good at her job is clueless. She ran that newsroom with a scatterbrain approach to doing local news. There was no direction. Young black reporters were hired who had no experience. A young black anchor was put on the main newscast who had no experience and then he was rushed up to New York becasue he shared Yvette’s skin color and he complained every day that he was better than WTVJ. Yvette has openly said she wants to promote African Americans and women to top positions in NBC without any cosideration for their skills. Someone wrote here a while back… if you’re black, a female or gay your golden at NBC6. News was done like ti would be done in a tiny market at NBC6. There was no real creativity. The best stuff came from the few good reporters they had. Who would hire peopl like Tisha, Ian, Demarco, Claudia or Josh Landon and put them on TV in Miami. Our GM said yesterday, Yvette’s best quality is that she hired the most talented producers and managers. Come on…..that’s NBC’s worst quality. We have inexperience at the helm. Our managing editor is a former secretary who really is over her head where she is. The feeling in the newsroom amongst editors, photog and reporters is most of our managers are no qualified to do their jobs and it shows everyday in our newsroom. She threatened to rip up the contracts of Bob Mayer, Pam Gigante and Kelly Craig because they expressed concern that Roxanne Vargas was a little too green to be anchroing the news when they were out. What news director doesn’t really respect their anchors and reporters? Our shop is a producer run shop and Yvette just doesn’t bond with the anchors ro reporters becasue she has never been one and the idea of being on air is just too far over her head. Does anyone agree with this?

    • Really? Why does Yvette protect Roxanne so much? It’s obvious to all of us at home Roxanne is a little green, so why does Yvette (a seasoned pro with a keen eye for talent, supposedly) not see what we all see?

  9. Isn’t Tammy the one who was caught doing drugs at the station one morning. I guess she’s out of rehab, huh? Would they really make someone like that news director?

  10. Tammy lacks thinking of any kind, in the box or out. And she isn’t on drugs, that is an unfair accusation. She’s just that way naturally.

  11. NBC 6 need to hire someone who is smart and knows what they are doing. It’s time for WTVJ to be number 1. I also think Joel and Juila should be the main anchors for the station 6 & 11pm. I think they have very good chemistry.

  12. I was never as big a fan of Julia before, but I noticed last night…the banter with Joel isn’t forced, seems very natural. Yes, Joel and Julia, just might be the answer. Now, will someone leave a copy of the Herald classifieds on Ardy’s desk? I guess we didn’t have to burn this village to save it after all.

  13. Ardy isn’t going anywhere. NBC loves her and she plans to hire a news director very quickly that will go along with all her plans.

  14. When you have a woman in charge of a station and a black woman incharge of the newsroom, NBC will be very cautious to make sure diversity shines across the company. That’s basically why Yvette landed this job in NYC. She is a member of NABJ. NABJ has been putting lots of pressur eon NBC and MSNBC to have more diversity in management, so WNBC gets a black news director, MSNBC gets a black executive director, with another woman above her and then WTVJ will keep a woman at the helm because it looks very good for a company that has been accused of not being diverse enough. AT WTVJ, there is not one male manager in the newsroom. There is one producer who is a guy and is doing the job of an EP, but he doesn’t have the title or pay. Am I on point with this or totally off my rocker?

  15. I feel sorry for the people at msnbc. I worked for her briefly, if I recall she would never come out of her office and she had no idea of what was going on in the newsroom but I guess neither does the GM?

  16. The facility in Miramar is a horrible place to work. Period. We’ve all been reading what has transpired in the last year at both NBC6 and Telemundo. Senior management has run amok. Bad programming, poor judgement and department heads who do nothing but protect their fiefdoms and get rid of anyone smart enough to do their jobs better; and it’s not just happening here in our market. What in the world has happened to this industry??? How does a company like GE just stand by and let this fall apart? My advice: split up NBC Universal, dump what you can and keep the cable networks that bring in the real revenue.

    • This is not a good time to be selling media properties unless you want to sell at fire sale prices. Unless they get a steal, who’s going to buy and where are they going to get financing in the current environment? I’d rather see the management team that made the poor decisions get LEP’d and replaced by enlightened managers that can restore nbcuni.

  17. Did anyone hear that Yvette was caught trying to kiss one of the female guests on MSNBC yesterday. She was talked to my managers and sent home early. It is something she was known for at WTVJ. She used to sexually harass female employees and several times she was caught drunk in the newsroom. Good job MSNBC. You hired a real winer. i wonder if Yvette realizes she only has a job because she is black, a female and a lesbian. She is filling a quota. She is not there because of her talents.


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