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First on SFLTV: NBCMiami is Almost Here; Preview With a Small Blooper



Hello NBCMiami! SFLTV.com was the first to inform in early January of the new site and graphics changes at NBC6. Just as promised, here they are! (Kinda) Although  no official launch date has been announced publicly by WTVJ, inside sources still tell me that the launch date is planned for March 16th. In addition to the new site, we’re still expecting to see the new NBC O&O graphics and music.

Now, I’ve spotted the first “NBCMiami” Blooper. Here’s a preview photo of what the new site will look like:


They are aware that GMA is on ABC? Maybe not… More info tomorrow! SFLTV.com

Photos via the NBCMiami preview on NBC6.net. See the whole slideshow here

/hat tip Andrew/

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  1. Does NBC understand Miami is only half the market. Left out is Fort Lauderdale. Most people who live in Broward think of Miami as another world. A better url would be NBCSouthFlorida.com. Apparently WTVJ does not know a story if it hit them in the face nor what it means to serve the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market.

      • Wrong.

        Actually the metro area is called Miami-Ft. Lauderdale.

        Maybe you are new or just shut in living in Miami.

      • I’ve lived in Fort Lauderdale for my entire life and love the name NBC Miami.

        WNBC is NBC New York even though they broadcast in New Jersey and Connecticut as well. New York IS the metro area, just as Miami IS the metro area.

  2. Nit picky… we all know Miami is the city in SoFla with the international claim to fame. It carries the importance and name recognition. Of course there are probably more English language viewers in Broward. They didn’t opt for NBC Tri-State for WNBC, nor NBC Southland for WNBC, but they did go with NBC DFW. I wonder what their criterion were for the selection process of names.

    • This web site ranking is bogus. The Sun Sentinel and the Herald have far more page views and unique visitors daily than any of the local TV stations. No comparison.

      Every time someone in the newsroom clicks on their own page that goes into the ranking. It’s almost meaningless.

      The TV web sites would kill to have the uniques the Herald and Sun Sentinel gets.

      Sentinel has the same ranking as the Herald but was left off the list.

  3. They wanted to use a name that represented the market as people know it. We are really Mismi, even if there are other cities. Miami is the news market. I agree that they excluded people, but they didn’t like NBCSouthFlorida.com and they couldn’t do NBCMiamiFortLauderdaleCarverRanchesHialeah.com. I think it is for all the people who just say they are watching the Miami news market.

  4. It’s a rank, not a number of hits. The lower the number the better. I guess news types don’t get numbers…. or definitions…LOL


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