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Happy Holidays from SFLTV.com

Happy Holidays from SFLTV!

Happy Holidays everyone! Boy oh boy, where did 2009 go?! Please excuse the lack of posting in the recent week or so. The SFLTV.com staff is observing their respective holidays, maintaining our off-site careers, and catching up on some end of the year work.  We’ll be back to posting soon with fresh content. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday — and for updates, follow us on Twitter: @SFLTV @SFLTVBossMan @AlexSFLTV.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. It went by like a flash oh what a year. I LOVE YOU BOBBY and can’t wiat for 2010 . I hope it is a even better year for me and BOBBY in 2010!!!!!!!

  2. MITCHELL your witty humor still kills them at the comedy stand up show.

    his name is not sox
    it starts with a W
    thank you

    yes WFOR will still suck in 2010 so will WPLG with Clown face Laurie JENNINGS

  3. I rather spend the nite with Laurie then Ruff Ruff Belkys….Remember Laurie could leave 10 and get an anchor job if she wanted too. Belky is scared to death of losing her job and ending up like Sally (theres a dildo stuck in my ass) Fitz.

  4. YEAH she left but the door wasn’t open for cause BELKYS TOOK it and they didn’t wait that CLOWN FACE there when she came back


    All the best to my girl BELKYS NEREY in the new year
    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAURIE I wish for you in the new to wear less make up please my pores are crying for yours

  5. Laurie anchor at MSNBC the network NOBODY WATCHES LOL yeah I remember her leaving and running back


    Anchoring the NBC NIGHTLY NEWS and the world loving her

    • Mitch! Diego is confused. They don’t need Belkys on a national anchor desk right now–Katie is filling the scratchy-voiced andorgynous elf seat until further advised.

  6. yeah right they wouldn’t take that clown face drama queen back

    Oh yeah she went to the BIG TIME MSNBC nobody watches that network

    yeah I forgot the BIG TIME MSNBC LOL

    now she is at WPLG that joke of a station who makes her anchor solo on weekends blah blah blah

    she really is moving up in the world


    anymore stuff you wanna say to get me WOUND UP ?????

  7. Diego, you wouldnt know good Journalism if it hit you smack in the face….I took Journalism from the age of 12 to 22. Your totally lost!!!! Ch 7 targets itself to the uneducated making things simple, for simple minds. Enough said……

  8. Mitchell,

    I do not think MEET the Press is A dumb program.
    Anymore stupid questions?



    you took JOURNALISM all those years

    What station do u work for?

    The one in your CLOSET?

  9. Diego..I own my own business…your and your closet( its pretty sad )…I heard you didnt get a job at UPS because you mispelled the company name….ENOUGH SAID !!!!!!!!! Keep watching ch 7…….I see the results in just these few months on how its destroying your brain….Diego…can you name the last 2 moderators on MEET THE PRESS …I’m betting your pee brain can’t..

  10. Btw …..Diego is ch 7 is so great, name some journalism awards that they have recieved….I know, your dumb response will be..”it doesn’t matter”….lol

  11. Mitchell,
    Owns his own business


    let me pick myself up off the floor that was a FUNNY one

    You are to much you should be a character on USA NETWORK they love characters like you

  12. Couldn’t answer a single question i see…..I do own my own business for 18 years….your a pathetic jealous queen……

  13. Mitchell,

    I do not have to answer questions to a creep like you to justify my knowledge. I got your jealous QUEEN.


  14. Mitchell
    entire list of moderators for MEET THE PRESS

    Martha Rountree 1947 – 1953
    Ned Brooks 1953 – 1965
    Lawrence E. Spivak 1966 – 1975
    Bill Monroe 1975 – 1984
    Roger Mudd / Marvin Kalb
    (co-moderators) 1984 – 1985
    Marvin Kalb 1985 – 1987
    Chris Wallace 1987 – 1988
    Garrick Utley 1989 – 1991
    Tim Russert 1991 – 2008
    Tom Brokaw 2008
    David Gregory 2008 – 2010

    You happy u BIG NELLY BOTTOM?????

  15. Diego..aren’t you glad you went to Google……Damn, your dumber then I even thought you were…go back to watching ch7 “The Station for Morons”….LOL

  16. Mitchell, I hope you passout in your own VOMIT for New Years Eve!!!!!!

    Now that would be amazing

    For your info I did not Google anything

    you washed up tired OLD BAG

  17. Diego unlike you… I’ve owned my own business for 18 years, my house is almost paid off and you Diego, stay at home to watch ch 7 news….now thats real pathetic…lol

  18. Diego, so your lying ass is saying you knew all the moderators of Meet The Press ???????? How can you know something like that when you don’t watch it because your too busy watching the “Queens” on ch 7 acting like morons? You never watched that show and WE BOTH KNOW THAT !!!! Damn….your are a sad washed up lying queen…..


    Move on I AM DONE WITH YOU

    I have had more of a challange on the toilet then the one yu give me

  20. Mitchell,

    I am waiting on you to get a life and a girlfriend so you can stop wasting all of our times. Oh let me guess u got a wife and 4 kids. Just like your so called business since 18years old. LOL LOL LOL !!!!! I would think if you have so much of a Business it would keep you busy and off this site. I guess your tired company isn’t doing so well is it. You big NELLY tired washed up never was been little TROLL!!!!!!!

  21. Only person you called out is your pathetic tired life

    I could careless if WPLG has 3,000 awards or WSVN has zero.

    Neither does most of the WORLD

    All it say’s is that the PEOPLE or Person picking these tired awards likes the station it makes it no better than the rest.

    Last time I looked less and less people are watching the award shows each year

    You washed up HACK

  22. Happy fucking New-Year. Jeez, are you two aware I get an e-mail every time someone comments my posts? That’s right. Every time ya’all get into a hissy fit my Blackberry goes crazy. It was just the holidays, can we be nice?

  23. Diego, is a useless fat pathetic queen that attempts to put down other to make “itself” feel better….and the poor “Fat Queen” still can’t tell me one single award that ch 7 “the station for morons” has recieved….

  24. The last time Diego got this upset was when “it” went to a public restroom and stood outside for 30 minutes debating “which restroom” to enter……

  25. BTW …Diego…..YOU DON’T GUESS TOO GOOD… you were wrong on every single guess…..stick to watching ch7…you loser…lol

  26. Alex,

    Anything for you.

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!!!!!!




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