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Jennifer Gray Goes Away



Jennifer Gray, NBC6’s weekend meteorologist is leaving WTVJ. A fan favorite from the start, she has decided to leave in a week.  She is allegedly going back to  her old station in Louisiana, KTBS. She has apparently decided to leave to be closer her family and boyfriend. Best of luck, Jen!

This now leaves a massive shortage at WTVJ. Who will take her place? Most are speculating Trina Robinson will fill in, which would most likely pull her off of the weekday 11AM show. This also will leave WTVJ with a shortage of meteorologists during a crucial time: hurricane season.


  1. Damn! Talk about a deathblow. I’m guessing her family & boyfriend coming down here last week for her dance contest was a slap in the face that she wants to be closer to family. Good Luck to her!

  2. That sucks, I really enjoyed watching Jennifer and Amara Sohn on the weekend AM shows before Amara got promoted to evenings. Oh well, best to Jennifer as she returns home.

  3. Hopefully this has nothing to do with the health scare she reported on earlier this year. She’s a sweetie and she will be missed. A lot.

  4. It has nothing to do with her health scare… or them coming to visit last weekend… this has all been in the works for a while. She got the morning gig at her old station… and is looking forward to spending time with her boyfriend and family.

  5. Wasn’t she being sued for breech of contract by some other station in Louisiana? At least now she won’t have to travel as far for her court appearances.

    • Mmm, not quite. KBTV, NBC 4 was the old station that filed the lawsuit against her. They filed it after she left KBTV for KTBS. THEN she left KTBS for WTVJ. She’s going back to KTBS, not KBTV.

  6. Was this past weekend her swan song? I saw her on the Saturday AM broadcast, but I was out early Sunday morning and missed it.

  7. She was on 560 WQAM tonight I e-mailed one of the hosts at the station D.A last week about this story when he refereed to me as one of his “moles” she said the only person she told about leaving was station management so she doesn’t know how the story got leaked.

  8. I’m not surprised to read this – she appareantly is making the move to be close to her boyfriend and family (perhaps more her boyfriend, since she spoke of him several times in the last few weeks), so, chalk it up to, as once said in Casablanca, love triumphs over virtue!

    The one mistake she did make (which I’m sure NBC6 didn’t appreciate) was her decision to leave with one week’s notice – that won’t help her get a good recommendation, but is a typical mistake for someone in their mid-20s.

    Still, if she was down here on her own, and family and perhaps her future husband was back home, then she did the right thing – family should come before career…

  9. I stand corrected – she gave them more than a weeks notice (more like a short two week notice) – still, she had problems once before for breech of contract – that has ruined many a promising career…

    Integrity is very important in any profession (or in life in general), and she doesn’t want to become known as someone who is unreliable – that will hurt any future chances of advancement almost more than anything, especially when it concerns getting a job at the networks (she did intern at ABC for a short time)…

    And, it’s “love, it seems, triumphs over virtue”…

    Goodbye, Jennifer…

  10. Extremely disappointed in her leaving — she did great weather as well as hosting all the events she did. Great TV appeal. I wish her the best.

  11. We were in Longview, Tx last week and saw Jennifer on the Morning Show at Channel 3-1 in Shreveport. She’s doing just fine. She looked really good and happy. I knew that I had seen her before on a Shreveport station a few years back before she came to NBC6. Just an update.

  12. Turns out that KTBS in Shreveport cleared the way for Jennifer to return in firing long-term staff meteorologist, Tracy Rowlett. Tracy was arguably the better weathercaster among all the Shreveport stations as he had a no-nonsense style and credibility. Rumor has it that Jennifer’s BF is the son of the owner of a local boating company and that the station management saw an opportunity to get some brownie points with the boat co. for possible future deals as the station has hosted boating shows in the past.

    • I saw on Roxanne Vargas’ Facebook last night that Jennifer has returned to NBC6! Anyone hear anything abut this?


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