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Maggie Rodriguez Gets Auto-Tuned

Maggie Rodriguez Auto-Tuned
Maggie Rodriquez Auto-Tuned

Maggie Rodriquez has been getting lots of attention since she left WFOR here in Miami, for her new job on ‘The Early Show’ in New York. Not only was she promoted within the first few months that she was with CBS, but she has also been substituting for Katie Couric on  the ‘CBS Evening News.’

A few months ago, we told you about the new YouTube series “Auto-Tune the News,” which put a new hip-hop spin on all forms of network news. Well now, it’s Maggie Rodriquez’s turn to get put to song. <i>Video after the jump.</i>

Maggie starts to “sing” at 1:10.

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  1. These people are genius. Besides the political satire in the lyrics, the message they are maing about auto-tune is great. Just really smart stuff.

  2. eh, kinda silly. plus, the fake background behind the guy in the double box is inaccurate. its from WSOC in charlotte, nc. yes, i realize i am a dork.


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