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More on New WTVJ’s New Graphics!


According to early reports, NBC6 will be debuting the new NBC O&O graphics, music, and the new NBC Miami site March 16th!  For the annoying commenters who will not let it go, NBC6 WILL NOT BE GETTING A NEW SET. Why? Money. It’s not that hard to understand. Get over it, and be happy with what new you’re getting.

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  1. Can’t wait…always something when a local TV station debuts a new on-air look. And, for the record, I was NOT really expecting new digs. These days, you have to cut costs anyway. But, still, would be nice to see what their take on the new O&O look is.

  2. Remember, as far as new digs, we may not get a set but we still have the best facility with the best equipment in South Florida. Even though WPLG is getting a new building, they arefar behind NBC when it coms to technology.

  3. True. Atleast they’re getting something! They just spent a good $20,000,000 on that HD/Automation Transition, if not more. I’m sure that in the near future, we can expect a new set. Probably next year, later on this year. Who knows?

    And, WPLG won’t be getting all that new technology, b/c PLG’s ND said that they can’t even afford their new fleet of live trucks/sat trucks, because of the new building and the new equipment they’re getting. They’re gonna be HD when they move into the new building, right?

  4. ok people? ok? get over it ok?


    so we’ll have to look at all that brown wood, if it’s even wood…


    at least they’re hiring people

    • I’m bitchy? HA! This, folks, is what happens when you blog while being overtired:

      7/27/04 — admin
      If any of you read this, and I know you do k? so don’t just sit there and pretend you don’t I have evidence, be so nice please and send me a good shot of the newsroom, preferably larger size, something like 800 pixels long, just no flashing or any stuff like these as I plan to use it publically unless you want to be the talk of the town.”

      Sorry, had to 😛

  5. Well, when I went to TVJ, and Bob Mayer was showing me the different sets, the stuff was like… peeling off. Quite weird. Also, TVJ and FOR were at my school today covering the Football Signing stuff, I went in there just to see the crews, TVJ’s mic flags are weird… That’s all I got!

    • The set is actually in decent shape for its age and the use. It gets pretty beat up with all of the in-studio appearances for South Florida Today (plus Buenos Dias, the Telemundo morning show that uses it for some segments). But the beauty of TV is that it may look bad in person, but it looks fine (sometimes great) on TV. If TVJ had to put their money in one place or another, I would rather see them put it into talent than a set. Look at WSVN – their priorities are clearly reversed – crazy new set, but poorly paid talentless (for the most part) talent.

  6. I don’t know I wouldn’t call most of 7’s talent talentless …

    and 7’s set and building from what I’m told is on its last leg the studio keeps changing but parts we don’t see aren’t so goodloockign apparently unless my info is old and they’ve fixed it after the recent re-do.

    • Fair enough – if you put some of 7’s current talent against the other stations, most are not much worse or better… I guess the real problem is that there is that the bar is set pretty low for South Florida TV reporters these days.

      Your post also reminds me that Laurie Jennings and Julia Yarbough (two of the most talented in this market in my opinion) were on WSVN back in the day.

  7. 7 is a simple formula…the good ones move upward, and the lame ones anchor at 6 and 10 (Belkis) They won’t put a dime into their studios because as soon as the real estate market clears up, they will be bulldozed for condos (Sanchez Towers?). 7 will move west as 4 and 6 and 10 have already.

    • Belkys and Craig are actually the main anchors – featured on the Web site and on 11 p.m., too… just sayin’


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