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NBC6’s John Morales On-Air Today


John Morales’ first on-air day was today at 6PM. He wasn’t doing the promos for the 6PM shows; oddly enough Ryan Phillips (the AM weatherman) was doing them. He seemed tense and stiff on-air, perhaps his nerves got the best of him.

Good luck, John!

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  1. Watching him now, I don’t think he fits in… Yet… Doesn’t seem to have the NBC6 Persona as I call it… Not very loose, cracks the occasional joke. Don’t see it, we’ll see, after all… It is his first day (:

    Where’d he come from?

  2. Saw him on the 11pm on Tuesday, and he was just fine. If you didn’t know, you’d never realize he came from a Spanish station. He doesn’t have that slight Latino inflection that Phil Ferro has.

  3. Like watching a new Commodore step onto a sinking ship, regardless of how good he may or not be, the NBC6 ship is sinking fast

      • No, just because the overall content sucks and the ratings for once match what’s on the screen–that’s why it’s a sinking ship. I think the wisest thing I’ve seen is to watch Bob and Pam in the AM and avoid local news the rest of the day.

  4. Was a little scared with him coming from T51, but I really like him. Reminds of the old days, the type of guy that exudes respect.

  5. No male anchors, no helicopter, a newsroom in total dissaray, cutbacks and demotions, Bogart gone, Connable gone, Deanno gone, …yeah that’s my problem a new weatherman makes me think the ship is sinking….Duh..it has nothing to do with John Morales and everything to do with a juggernaut franchise decimated by bad management and the idiots at NBC

  6. I like Morales so far. He seems to be a great communicator, which is a good choice to fill Deanno’s shoes.

    Anyone know if they’re replacing Jennifer Gray? My guess is they won’t with how strapped the station seems to be… and they really don’t need to. A four person weather team (with another weather team in the same building at T-51) is still larger than most stations.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the weekend morning newscast on NBC6 goes away at some point. Then no need to replace Jen.

  7. Just heard in the station that Illyas Kirmani, or however you spell his name, is coming back to WTVJ as news director. He will be the last canon ball to hit the sinking ship and take us under, God help us.


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