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New WTVJ On-Air Logo?


wtvj_logovia the NBCMiami site – Is that the new on-air logo? They’re using it on parts of NBCMiami.com. Something tells me that the on-air version is going to look a tad different.  Thoughts?

/thanks to our tipsters for sending it in/


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  1. I doubt it, but it’s still possible. When KNBC went HD, they just put HD below the peacock logo along with the 4. The online logo has the peacock logo and LA as the website is NBCLA.com.

    I bet you NBC let the stations decide whether to change the logo or not.

      • If that is the case why aren’t all the stations called “NBC (insert city name)? Wasn’t that the whole goal of this new branding. I only know of KNTV using NBC Bay Area.

        I am not saying I am right and you are wrong, just things I have noticed about the new NBC O&O sites.

        • As a matter of fact, KNSD is still called 7/39 because it has been well known since they advertised themselves as such in the early 90s, unlike the swallowing up of “The San Jose News Channel”.

  2. Not sure if it’s a bad graphic or if it’s intentional, but the “6” in the logo is leaning slightly to the left. Looks sort of cartoonish.

  3. that is their new logo. look for the six to sit back up straight, and also maybe porky pig will stick his head through the hole in the six and say “that’s all folks!”

  4. the 6 is leaning because he stands there all day, but GE cut his benefits.
    So now he’s tired and doesn’t care about standing straight anymore.

    GE cutbacks took away his red box, so now the 6 doesn’t have a home and is out in the cold

    that’s why it’s a sad looking logo


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