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Paul Deanno: One Month Left



WTVJ’s chief meteorologist apparently has little over a month left in the Sunshine State. Two months ago, SFLTV was the first to report he was leaving, and heading to the Pacific Northwest. He wouldn’t (and still wont) say where, though.  Portland is a possibility, as is Seattle. He has family in Oregon and Washington.

While location of his move is still tightly sealed (working on fixing that), I was able to uncover a date. His last day will most be likely May 15th.  I’ve had one contradicting tip of a slightly later date, but most tips are saying the fifteenth will be his last day. This is just short of the hurricane season start day, June 1st.

From what I’m told, his replacement has not been chosen yet. Ryan Phillips and John Gerard both tested for the spot last month. But, Yvette Miley, the NBC6 news director is said to want someone young, fresh, and hip… possibly Hispanic or African American. This “new” chief meteorologist may even be doing an on-air test of his own in the coming weeks, though I’m still checking on that.


  1. hm I doubt it would be seattle. at least not as a chief met if I had to guess.

    KING, KOMO and KIRO all have their main weather people. The FOX affiliate too.

    If I had to guess it would be a station in Portland, OR.

    And young chief met in hurricane alley? Only if he licked his chops around these parts like Trent Aric did otherwise way to outdo even channel 7!

    NBC is so cheap. I think they probably can’t wait to get rid of TVJ

    • If by downer you mean he doesn’t get excited every time a tropical depression forms, then yep Paul’s a downer!

      Other than that, I really like his presentation. South Florida’s loss. Somewhere’s gain! Won’t miss him talking about his Philadelphia sports teams all the time. Dude you live in Florida, not Philly anymore.

      Really hoping NBC6’s hurricane coverage doesn’t change. They need to hire from within: John or Ryan. I can’t watch any other station in town in the summer b/c they cry WOLF all the time. Some new young guy won’t have any idea what hit him if this summer turns out to be busy.

  2. I agree with Andy we need somebody with experience. John Gerard handled the busy 2004 season for WTVJ when Roland Steadham left and WTVJ had no chief meteorolist until the end of the hurricane season. John has been in South Florida for many years and has experienced many hurricane seasons first hand. My vote is for John!


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