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‘Today Show’ Live From Key West


Today Show Logo
Today Show Logo

NBC’s ‘Today Show’ will be live today from Key West as part of their “Today takes a Vacation” series. In addition, Al Roker’s new TV show ‘Wake up with Al’ is broadcasting from the Keys’ as well. The Florida Key’s tourism website says:

“Segments in Key West range from exploring the Florida Keys’ indigenous cuisine to shopping, treasure and even some of the island’s quirkiness. The Keys’ own ‘Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band’ is to entertain with island music.”

Look for Trina Robinson’s catch phrase following Al’s “here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods.”

“Well Al, your neck of the woods is… our neck of the woods!”

Well I’ll be!

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  1. Well isn’t this great! I wonder if they will ever come to Miami again. I have a few of the shows Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley did in Miami in Feb 1989 to welcome and subliminally promote WTVJ. They even visit the NBC 4 Store in Bayside, which existed long ago.

  2. They were here last year gbmiami87. They filmed from the Loews Hotel beachfront, with great segments about the condo boom, Downtown, South Beach Art Deco, the growing foody scene in Miami, Art Basel, the Wynwood arts district, Jungle Island. The whole bunch was down here Meredith, Mat, Al, Ann, and Natalie. I also remember Enrique Iglesias performing. It was February 2008 if im not mistken.

  3. They’ve been here between the visit in 89 and last year too. I remember when Katie Couric was live from Bayside a couple years ago…I was actually visiting Miami back then so I was a happy tourist in the crowd for the taping.


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