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WTVJ’s New Graphics – This Week


Tipsters have alerted me that this Tuesday or Wednesday, NBC6 will see their new graphics and music go live. From what I’ve been told,  they’re going to be flashy with palm trees, most likely like KNBC’s graphics. See below after the jump. -Will NBC6 see a new logo? Updates below!

(That’s the best video we could find…)

Though I’ve been told that the developing news opens are strange looking and noisy. We’ll see, this week! I would expect the graphics and music to launch Tuesday, to go along with the news site (which also launches Tuesday). Can’t wait!

Update: So I’ve been told more about the new graphics. The KNBC graphics shown above are exactly like the new WTVJ graphics. Additionally, NBC6 will get a much needed logo update! From what I’ve been told, it looks a tad cartonny. I have also been told that they have ditched the rectangle, and the letters were standing alone. Overall, the new logo isn’t going to be a drastic change.

Update: Just was told that all of the NBCMiami.com staff will be in place starting Monday.

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    • Are you kidding?? I hope not, WPTVs theme hardly fits WPTV, let alone WTVJ. I dont see why WTVJ wouldnt continue to use its current v/o. He did their v/os all through the 1980s, and I think he is doing fine now.

  1. Does any one know if WTVJ will at least change the background to go with the new nbc6 updated logo? Remember when WTVJ had a 10pm newscast on channel 39 they would change the background. At least upgrade that if we are not getting a complete new WTVJ set.

  2. Graham, so we will have to wait another year for WTVJ to get a complete new set? Also, can they just change the background for the new nbc6 logo like the 10pm newscast on channel 39?

    • I asked about that when i was there and they said they werent going to do that. One thing, however, that i am not sure of is whether they will continue to use the 6, or if they will do what NBC 11 in San Francisco did and just call themselves NBC with the Are (ie, NBC Bay Area, NBC Miami). If that’s the case, they will probably change the 6 logo in the background to be more representative of NBC Miami. It was also my understanding that when and if they do get a new set, it would be reversed to have the newsroom in the background similar to WNBC, with all the studio equipment in the spot of the current set.

      • They’re keeping NBC6 and the “6” logo. The only O&O station that re-branded like that was KNTV. Everything is going to be exactly the same on set. Even at the end of the year, there’s no guarantee that they will see a new set. It’s all going to depend on the economy, and most importantly, how NBC6 is doing. If they fall back to last place at every newscast, then why would NBC invest money in them? Remember, WTVJ is still up for sale.

        • Ratings Fall back….I didn’t realize they fell forward. The only thing I remember seeing was that WPLGs ratings had decreased this year significantly and WFOR gained. How long that will last, I don’t know. It is still “technically” for sale, but that could be years and years before it actually does sell, if at all. Amazing though how becoming an O&O essentially led to their demise as a TV station. Now NBC just wants to ditch South FL and give up all together, and yet hang on to WVIT, somethings I just dont understand.

          • They’ve been ahead in some areas lately… From what I’ve been told, WTVJ is for sale, yes… But if they can improve, NBC was considering keeping them O&O.

  3. I had at one time heard that NBC had considered selling all its O&Os except LA, Chicago, and New York (none of which rate well). But, I think that might have been steam blowing off the executives when the economy started going down hill fast. A move like would seriously put them behind CBS and ABC. ABC, however, owns stations in some really weird places.

  4. the same intro with the palm trees. I hope they are atleast Palm trees that grow in FL. The ones in the KNBC intro are native to California.

  5. It’s true.. The intro’s DO have the palm trees. The coconuts from the trees then morph into the anchor’s faces. They had to find a REALLY big one for Joe Rose’s head… but they did.


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