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Battle of the AM Anchors!


On August 2, 2010 at 3 AM, while most of us are sleeping, certain news anchors decided to battle it out on Twitter. Similar to the fight seen in the movie, “Anchorman” anchors, meteorologists, and radio personnel all took park in a morning war with WSFL’s Jeff Mielcarz, WSVN’s Julie Durda, and WPOW’s (Power 96.5) Kristin Kelly being the instigators.

It all started when Jeff and Julie were saying their good mornings, Jeff mentioned he went to the Rihanna concert over the weekend, and Julie tweeted back, “thanks for the invite.” Jeff then said, “I thought Kristin Kelly had your back.” Kristin shot back, “Damn straight I have your back! Just tell me who I has to give two tickets to the gun show *kisses arms*.

Then all three of them went around the station and took “war pictures” with other staffers. Julie Durda took a picture with morning anchor Diana Diaz and fill-in anchor Robbin Simmons and other members of production with their fierce faces. SFL’s Jeff Mielcarz took some shots with morning anchors Dave Aizer and Eugene Ramirez, and other members of production. Power 96’s Kristin Kelly went around the Beasly Broadcast Group building and took pictures with Power DJ, DJ Laz, and other staffers. Take a look at images from the “fight” after the jump

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  1. While the hosts fiddled, Rome burned…..

    The weather man no one has ever heard of on a show no one ever watched starts a Twitter battle?

    These pictures must of been taken before the Sentinel told the staff the show was a complete, embarrassing failure with no ratings and that they were fired. The hosts only cared about bringing attention to themselves as this fake Twitter battle demonstrates.

    Maybe if the weatherman worked on his delivery instead of Tweeting he might still have a job.


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