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Live Shot-Interrupting Asshole Sues WSVN?

Photo Via: "Lyrikill" Myspace

If you watch South Florida local news on a regular basis, you’ve no doubt seen the live shot-interrupting asshole who goes by the name of “Lyrikill.” Well, according to a NewsBlues.com tipster, WSVN is allegedly being sued by the music legend for alleged “mental distress;” after he claims he was chased by a baseball bat-wielding live truck operator, after screwing up and interrupting a report by Dianne Fernandez. How much is he asking for his severe “mental distress?” A modest 35 thousand dollars. Funny; I always thought you needed brain cells in order to claim “mental distress.”

Check out his MySpace page for multiple videos of him nearly getting his ass kicked by reporters, live-truck operators, and cameramen.

The music superstar… rapper… performer... Errrr, “Lyrikill,”  who prides himself on preforming at local South Florida middle schools, can be seen chasing down and interrupting live shots on your local South Florida station of choice.

Check out one of his forced and free advertisement after the jump.

Good for you, Jen Herrera.

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    • Jen Herrera shouldn’t be doing news. Aside from the fact that she’s got a horrible on-air presence, she shouldn’t have gotten into it with that idiot. The fact that nobody from her team went after the moron compounded the issue.

      • well, that’s the difference between 7 & 10. the 7 crew allegedly went after him with a bat and the 10 crew just stood there and watched.

  1. Okay call me stupid BUT the moron posted a video of him laughing at the incident. I’m sure by now the WSVN legal brass has this saved and his argument just goes up in smoke.

    No need for Help Me Howard this case is soon to be dismissed. He is probably fishing for a settlement.

  2. Somebody’s got to much free time on their hands. A lack of respect is disrepect plain and simple. “All things (that are) permissible are not necessarily beneficial.”

  3. Um…. The guy may be a d*ck, but did I read it correctly? “A baseball bat-wielding live truck operator”? If the guy was being a goof, you call the police.

    Being chased by someone with a baseball bat is the kind of situation that warrants a response of deadly force.

    Hopefully WSVN canned that photog. Get that guy some time in the psychiatrist’s chair. Anger management issues – big time.

    From the blog: “Good for you, Jen Herrera.”? Really? So, if I am irritated by a reporter and photog being on my street and interrupting what I am doing, it would be OK for me to chase them with a bat?

    Maybe there’s more to the story that I missed.

    • Whoever wrote this post, your a sausage-head. Call the police? Riiight! By the time they get to the non-emergency call he’ll be long gone an the 15-second liveshot will be off the air. The article didn’t say the truck-op hit him. WSVN has a right to protect their brand because they serve the public. Think of it as a celeb bodygaurd..

    • Jen Herrera’s photog did not chase the douche with a bat. That was Channel 7’s photog in a different situation. We’re cheering on Jen for simply telling that dickwad off.


  4. DidIMissSomething? Just check out the videos. Your getting little bits and pieces and posting based upon that.

  5. From what I heard the cameraman was laughing. Even if the news crews called the cops, what will they do? Public sidewalk, same arguement the news uses.

    As for the lawsuit, it’s DOA. His lawyer only filed it to defraud the court system.

    WSVN won’t even consider settling the case, not worth their time. I hope the defense side presents this video in court, as well as the other videos (if they have been posted).

    The fact that a WSVN employee chased him with a bat was a bit much, but he had it coming. He knew the risks of doing it, refer to the end of the video when he and his crew ran.

    To end this, he can’t rap, he’s desperate for money.

  6. I bet he cannot even define mental distress. I saw his MySpace page and the last comment was posted on Jan 18. He’s popular haha.

  7. Was not the Reporter being harrassed by a stranger? Was not the intent and full context of such harrassment not known? Provocation is very evident and persistent and concern for safety warranted. I suggest having a security kit/plan in the news van that would lead to a restraining order for such – ah, what’s the techincal term – “Shitheads”.

  8. I am GAGGINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG over the sickening extravaganza of this whole messsssssssssssssssssss


    • EW you are getting to be SO annoying. Both of you. I’ve asked you both before to stop taking over my posts with pointless, homophobic, and sexually graphic comments. It’s old, immature, and un-needed. Stop.


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