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She Fell… And they won’t help her get up!


KTRK’s very own Melanie Lawson was anchoring a newscast when what she least thought would happen, happened. As she appeared to be reaching over the anchor desk to pinch the meterologist on St. Patrick’s Day for not wearing green, she seemed to of slipped off her chair, and fell! Mind you, none of the other anchors bothered to get up and help her up, but just stare at her. As bad as this sounds,  it’s actually kinda’ funny! Be the judge yourself! Funny? or Mean?

KTRK is an ABC affiliate in Houston, Texas, which is the same affiliate former WSVNer Sharron Melton works at as a co-anchor on the AM newscast.

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  1. Their vo is Ed O’Brien. He’s not bad, but once they do have to replace him, how about David Kaye from WPTV. He would be good.


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