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New face on Local10


This is why Gina Canceliere was dumped. A new addition to the Local10 morning news is Megan Glaros coming from Sinclair’s pathetic excuse for news called News Central.
She’ll be weatherguessing in the morning and noon newscasts and also co-host “Sports Jam Live”

Click for her Local10 bio

Her News Central bio

Megan Glaros joined News Central in January of 2003. She is originally from Dyer, Indiana, a suburb of Chicago. Megan attended Indiana University where she graduated with a double major in journalism and atmospheric sciences. During college she interned with Tom Skilling at WGN-TV in Chicago and at WRTV in Indianapolis. Megan then went on to work as a morning co-host and weather
anchor at WTAP in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Before beginning her career Megan was a very busy person. She performed and studied with dance companies in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. She was also chosen as one of thirty Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders. Her first on-camera experience began at the age of fourteen when she started her modeling career with a national agency in Chicago. Megan loved dancing and modeling but it just wasn’t enough! She is very happy and excited to be working in the field of broadcast meteorology.

Megan still enjoys taking and teaching dance classes. She is also a certified Pilates instructor. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her big Greek family.


  1. From Sinclair, huh? Not only has Boylan (a former Rupert Murdoch lieutenant) screwed up the station beyond repair, now he might make it right-wing. Sad.

  2. I agree with Jeff……more weather people with no credentials……Gina did a quality job i thought..they also canned Dave Damian..now he is teaching school……at least kids will get a quality lesson on meterology.

  3. Hey Guys and Gals, I just wanted to say that i come from one of the areas that Megan Glaros worked at and as a weather person she did a really nice job. Granted she is a little slow when she is in a new area but, once she gets used to Florida and things she will be just fine. I sure do miss her up north here.

  4. She is VERY good looking. I really couldn’t care less if she can teach a meteorology class. A 99% of a TV meteorologist’s job (in So. Fla.) is telling me chance of rain. She does that just fine, and she’s really easy on my eyes in the morning–has a nice voice and demeanor too. Go Megan!

  5. I love Megan. She is definately the best in the morning. Most of the guys in my department watch her in the morning.

  6. Dayton, Ohio was in Megan’s region too! She built a following and even had a fan club going! We miss her in Dayton! That smile can’t be beat! And believe it or not, she knows and loves her sports! She is perfect!

  7. Spare us! I thought Don Noe was above this. I suspect some local 10 administrator wants something cute to look at and interact with! Gina was qualified and perfect-but not a cutie pie! Megan’s claim to fame and only writings are on the web are on “cheerleading”. Give me a break! How some writings about something related to hurricanes, meteorology or something similar. Instead, wplg’s weather girl advises other “girls” on the web that hot pants are a good bet…something that shows off your legs. “Judges expect to see something that accentuates your body; hot pants or tight jazz pants with a sports bra are always safe bets…”
    http://www.dancespirit.com/backissues/feb03/pom.shtmlbecause, ”

    Wow, I feel confident now when she advises us on how to respond to a weather emergency. She has written so much on the subject and she is so well-read on that subject! BRING BACK A QUALIFIED WOMAN-Come back Gina. Send this woman to where Jackie Johnson went-to T. & A. land! Megan you may be a sweet person, but go back to cheerleading or concentrate your efforts and writings on the subject of meteorology!

  8. Look Megan’s just eye candy…when she does the sports thing before MNF she has nothing to talk about. But she’s blonde, has a great rack and nice smile….with no stomach(flat). That’s all guys wanna see…

    As far as expecting her 2 win an emmy or something forgetaboutit!

  9. She is going down hill, she has put on weight and is now wearing the typical tops of women that are relying on sex appeal and not talent. Did you see the horrible top she was wearing today.

  10. Hey listen you are all intimidated because she is a beautiful and smart woman with an excellent personality. How about we stop judging people in America based on their looks, and quit being so shallow. You are so jealous of her monsterous SUCCESS. I know her personally, and I know she isn’t what everyone on this blog attempts to characterize her. You all wish that you had the talent, attractiveness, and success that she has. Perhaps, you should stop demeaning her for her natural talent and charisma. And for once, pat a peer on the back for their ambition and achievement in this world. I thought we had evolved from this romantic paternalism in America and began to see women as equals. In all of your vibrant rhetoric, the only thing that blatantly shines through is your obvious self- consciousness and extreme insecurity.

  11. I wish Megan all the best! I worked with her as a Photog, and Megan was First Class!
    Of course She’s a Knockout, a very intelligent and hard working knockout! Not to mention Her kind and cheerful spirit. Viewers of Local 10 will soon adore Her as much as all the other folks that have worked with Her.
    Greensboro, NC

  12. I googled Megan and came up with this site. Being in the media business I can say that Local 10 did a WONDERFUL job by picking up this gem. I wake up every morning and turn directly to channel 10 to catch a glimpse of this stunning creature. Before Megan, I never watched 10 at all, not once, period. There’s way to much competition down here in this market to worry about respected meteorologists and what’s going to happen if there’s a weather emergency. Normally all they do is wait on pronouncements from the National Hurricane Center anyway. So who better to use than Megan as a calming effect during a big storm? Again great Job Local 10, I’ll enjoy while it lasts I’m sure Hollywood will come calling for her eventually.

  13. Unfortunately, most of the people, that have emailed a negative, response about Megan, don’t know anything about talent, but I do ! Megan is very talented and very sweet, in everything she does. She is a genuine professional in her field, that can atlib at any moment. Megan also has her own identity, in specific, a mannerism combined with her own cute words. She is a gem, that no other Tv station saw it coming. Channel 10 has it going when it comes to picking talent! The other young lady Gina, had a bad case of coffeelatis and was uncapable of running a smooth show, too wired!
    Megan is a pleasure to see every morning and a sweet, happy face that brightens my day! Emiliano

  14. I will never understand why Average looking = more compotent

    Megan Glaros is witty, well spoken, concerned and entertaining.

    She dresses well however a body like that will look good in a trash bag. I guess she is wrong for working out. It must take away from the quality of her work because any man that likes women likes Megan?

    Yeah right

    Whats wrong with being Sexy and subtle!?!?!?

    I never even watched 10 before she came on.

    She will get better on sports.

    Good work Megan

  15. Megan was on Baltimore’s Fox 45, out of newscentral’s Hunt Valley, MD, digs, for about 3 months in … 2003?

    We’d like her back, considering the parade of nonentities that followed. Don’t know what chased her away: maybe that occasion with her smiling into the camera & the banner “Very Hot This Weekend” across her weather map.

  16. she never gets the weather right neither do the other weatherguessers ,,oh is going to rain , no rain at all, o wow is going to be sunny it rains that day , weatherguessers suck


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