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100 TV shows on AOL


Does it feel yet like those TV stations are slowly getting more irrelevant by the day? First it was ABC’s shows on iTunes, then we got CBS and NBC shows on demand right after they aired on TV. Now AOL and Warner Brothers are putting 100 TV shows on the web. For free! Ad supported of course. They’ll have four 15-second ads per 30 minutes of content and banner advertising.

If the advertising model works, and we manage to hook up our PCs to the TV this is bound to impact the TV stations, some of which rely heavily on syndicated content. I think it may not completely make them go away, but it will hit them in the pocket book as more advertising is moving online.

Washington Post – AOL to Have Reruns on Demand


  1. This cutting edge venture has a Miami connection- 2C Media. We’re producing the all the viral video, editorial content, and programming it. It’s pretty cool. Look for it very soon! Love FLTV by the way!


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