1. What a kick in the teeth for Tom Johnston..it was ok when this guy was working 7 days a week busting his butt and this is the reward he gets? Obviously Sunbeam doesn’t care…and personally I hope Tom Johnston finds another position with a station that rewards hard work and dedication..I for one think that WSVN7 sucks

  2. I agree with Sean………the guy has put in more then enough time.has a great rapport with the anchors and has done an outstanding job. Guess the days of rewarding hard work and dedication don’t exist in the news market anymore.

  3. Is anyone surprised? This happens all the time in the corporate world. I’m sure that Mr. Johnston was compensated nicely for his additional duties. You must realize the SVN is looking to grow their hispanic audience with this move. They are in a cut throat battle with FOR in the ratings battle.

  4. Tom may not have the requirements needed for chief met, the job posting was on their site for a long time, and maybe he doesnt want it either, maybe he doesnt want to be on air everynight til 1130 or later during sports seasons……

    MAYBE HE IS HAPPY, and yes he was paid very well for this….

  5. I believe it was mentioned by an insider here somwhere on the site that Tom did apply for the job. He has had experience as a chief met in Arizona.

  6. I think when you get to this level in the media business, your on a different playing field. Just because you were an anchor at some small market station in Anywhere, USA doesn’t mean you are skilled enough to be an anchor in New York, Chicago, or Miami.

  7. Maybe, just maybe, WSVN didn’t want Johnston for the gig. There could be other issues at work here which caused them to back off. Dirty little secrets, perhaps? Who knows?

    Is there any truth to the rumor that he’s really short?


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