1. They should have promoted Pamela Wright or better yet…HUNK Jeff Taylor to this position. Even though David Bernard is good looking, Jeff Taylor would have been a better choice for weather…and looks!

  2. We all go by looks John. Heterosexual males will delight in seeing the big boobs weather girl who has only a broadcasting degree but took a weather class one semester. Girls will be drawn to the tall handsome weatherman. Does he or she look good in front of the camera? That is a question that general managers consider. It not on the application form but it is a common thought. I think this guy is handsome and I look forward to see him.
    I for one do care for his credentials and I will be first to critque him if he sucks but until then I can only anticipate that cute little smile.

  3. Actually, the post said “I’ve watched this guy forecast in New Orleans”, which doesn’t mean the poster still lives there. I worked with David when I lived in New Orleans. Not only is he a kick-butt on air meteorologist, but he’s also a great guy.

    And no, I’m not David. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.


  4. i’ve never actually lived in new orleans, just been there many times over the past 6 years. David and John Gumm (one of the other mets at WWL) are 2 of the better mets that i’ve ever seen. David does not ALWAYS work mornings, occasionally john will take the mornings for a week and David will do weekends or evenings, or something like that. but i’ve had the opportunity to watch both of them alot. they’re both very good on-air mets. i’ve also followed the WWL weather forum on their website, especially during the past 2 hurricane seasons, and if you saw the discussions and interactions with the viewers that those 2 guys have on the weather forum, you’d be like dam, they know their shit. i’m talking 5-8+ paragraph hurricane forecast discussions that these guys have typed up at 2 in the morning after getting home from work. all that just so the viewers that check out the forum can have an extremely detailed idea of whats going on.

  5. To all in Florida – David will be missed by many here in New Orleans. I rarely watch the weather unless it’s with David – especially after hurricane season last year. He handled himself with the utmost composure which helped several of us in the direct path of hurricanes stay calm as well. And as noted in several other comments, not a bad thing to be looking at when it’s 6:00am!!!!

    David – if you read this, let me be one to say that here in New Orleans, we will miss you very much!!!

  6. David Bernard will be sadly missed in N.O. He is a great met. He and the co-hosts of the morning news had a great chemistry. It will take a lot to fill his shoes. Best of luck David! You will be missed.

  7. Get a grip folks. I visit N.O. frequently and recently at a dinner party everyone–male, female, gay(?), straight–all lamented Bernard’s departure. No one cared that South Fla’s most famous met. was gay when he was helping us survive Andrew. For those who fear that watching a weatherman some consider “hot” will impugn their masculinity, surf the channels until you find a suitable weatherbabe. Bernard will prove a valuable resource to our community.

  8. I live in the New Orleans area.. David is well respected in the community..also quite popular..He’s on the morning news with two other popular anchors..That time spot always beats out any other morning news shows…We all suspect that he was scooped up in Miami because of his calm and accurate reporting of a hurrican last season which he won awards for……We wish him good luck but he will be sorely missed…

  9. A shame CBS 4 dosn’t look in their own backyard and promote Jeff Taylor to that position. Taylor is also good looking and very knowledable and has “presence” on TV. One guy CBS4 should dump is Brian Norcross who absolutly salivates when a storm is in the pike!

  10. Rich . . . it’s BRYAN (with a Y) Norcross, and he’s considered to be one of the utmost experts on Hurricanes in the country, and is the utmost expert when it comes to those who have the ability to communicate effectively on camera. Dump him? I thihnk you’re nuts. When his contract comes up for review, they’ll be moving mountains to keep him.

  11. I always wonder if both David Bernard and Jill Hezeau an item?
    Thay seem extremely attracted to each other on air and it does not look mutual.
    They make a GREAT COUPLE….

  12. David Bernard’s sexual choice has nothing to do with how he forcasts the weather. He is going to be missed by many in the city when he leaves. South Florida should consider themselves very lucky to have him as a weather man.
    David, Good Luck if you are reading this. New Orleans will be happy to always have you back!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I will truly miss him in the morning broadcasts. He was not only a great meteorologist, but David was so charismatic. The Paulsen vs. Bernard sessions were especially entertaining. You guys are extremely lucky to have him. I wonder if we’re getting a replacement soon…that should be interesting…

  14. i think ya’ll are very ucky to be getting david bernard
    now me and my husben don’t know who we’ll be watching for
    the weather brodcast we only watched in the morning
    mostly because david forcast was the most accurate
    here in the deep south of louisisana david bernard
    will be missed

    david if you read this good luck and we will always welcome you back home in louisisana

  15. David is the best at his job, and I already miss him. Waking up to WWL isn’t the same anymore. Miami you are lucky to have him, and you better RESPECT him.

  16. I’m watching the morning show right now and it just isn’t the same. John Gumm is a nice enough guy, but he’s no David Bernard. Maybe he won’t be happy in Miami and he will come back home. We can only hope!

  17. Yeah, John is a really good weather guy and I really like him, but he seems to be more serious and not as willing to joke around as have as much fun as David was. And you’re right, the show just isn’t the same. But as much as I love David and miss him, I honestly didn’t really like him that much at first when he took Don Westbrook’s place! But he really grew on me over the years! Maybe John will do the same, who knows. Anyway, good luck David and good luck in Miami! If you decide you don’t like it there we’ll gladly take you back in a heartbeat!!

  18. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing David for a few years now. He was the most respected and watched meteorolgist here in New Orleans(one of the hardest cities to forecast in the U.S.)Not only does David dedicate time and money to charities, he has a genuine care and loyalty to his community. David has an incredible personality-on and off the air. He greets everyone with a smile and loves to engage people in conversation. Not only is he a skilled meteorolgist(which we all know can be a thankless job at times), he is an amazing human being. As far as New Orleanians are concerned, WFOR and Miami have received an incredible gift-please treat him as such.
    Lots of Love David
    Don’t Let Miami Bite You Too Hard!
    Julie- NOAC

  19. David Bernard developed, in our estimate, into a big – league wether person while in New Orleans. Not only was his meteorlogical prowess evident at times of weather stess, but his on-air charm and charisma really grew on a very diverse city. Important note: He’s really funny! New Orleans’ loss is Miami’s big-time gain.

    We miss you David, all ready! Congratulations to David & Miami!


  21. David we need you. Where’s Rita going? You were the best thing we had (and the most fun). COME BACK. Or at least help these guys figure it out. You saw what they did with Katrina.


  23. David – After living in a shelter for 3 weeks and a hospital for 4 days – I missed hearing your calm voice. There’s not much left of New Orleans, but we sure would like you to come back. Sadly missed.

  24. Dear New Orleanians:

    I am very touched by all of your kind words. I was in New Orleans covering the storm for WFOR the week after it hit, and I never thought that would be my “homecoming”.

    I have so many friends who have been devastated by this storm. Many of them are in Miami, so that has helped in so far as being able to help them.

    One night I went into a Pollo Tropical (local fast food) and outside there was a van from Lakeside Toyota. When I went inside the family saw me and came to greet me. It was very touching. They didn’t have anything. I did manage to give them some money to go to Walmart and get some additonal clothes.

    There is so much to do in New Orleans. It will take a long, long time. Just ask anyone in south Miami-Dade after Andrew. It was a 5 to 10 year process and they didn’t have flooding.

    However, eventually New Orleans will come back. It will be a different place, but with a similar spirit.

    I am so proud of WWL. Their work has been amazing. I have mostly stayed in contact with Eric Paulsen and Lee Zurik. I am very proud of that whole newsroom, and their work has been recognized at my current station and all across the country because of the internet.

    This is going to be a real challenge. However, I know you guys can do it. It is very frustrating to see the local leaders and their reactions. The city of New Orleans never took this seriously. They had incompetent emergency management and cronies running Homeland Security. I personally begged the mayor when he came into office to hire professionals to run both with real emergency management experience. They never did. I personally begged the Governor at Xavier University, last year, after Ivan to develop an effective statewide plan centered in Baton Rouge. Nothing happened…except they barely cobbled together a better evacuation plan.

    That’s all in the past now. You hate to learn from mistakes, but it looks like this time it was the only way.

    Keep in touch, and I’m amazed everyone found this site!

    As for me, I’m very happy in South Florida. Everyone has been welcoming, and the station is run top notch.

    Take care


  25. David, The last six months have been mindboggling. Wish you had been on t.v. to calm us all down. Wish you the best on your new assignment. All of N.O. stations have had changes and in a way you can’t blame the exodus. My daughter, husband and two week old baby lost their Lakeview home. They are now living here in Lafourche Parish but they can’t wait to go back to the city. Yes life is quite different here. I dread their return to the city. Though they will not return to Lakeview, where is really safe?? Jan Of Lafourche

  26. David, here it is 2 years later. I’ve just found you, on CBS4. I’m here visiting my 88 year old mom, who lives up in Broward, but I’m from San Francisco, and I can tell you, you are head & shoulders better than any weather person we have in SF. Pleased to read you actually read this site, and glad I found it. Keep up the good work.


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