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Promo: Local10 your news desitantion


Woosh, I got chair burn watching this.

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I think it’s rather fast paced, almost too fast. But I do like the transition effects on the logo, and the news van artwork seen briefly in the video. What do you think? Comment below.


  1. It rocks. Laurie is helping Local 10 out without a doubt. I think the 11 show is not far from number 1, give it some time. but they are def doing a hellvua lot better with her. I hope soon enough 10 is number one atleast in her time slots but she is a one if not the most respected anchor in south floria. move over ‘for & ‘svn, here comes ‘plg.
    speaking of ‘plg, why isnt kristie in the main one but matt lorch is? n e ideas

  2. Yea, well I meant both at 6 & 11. I think the 11pm was in 4th, but correct me if im wrong. Anyways, i think its got a way to go but its got huge potential

  3. well he does anchor a lot on 10 so nothing shocking 🙂
    Kristy does have like 2-3 promos running all about her, one with Matt the other about her spending more time with her kids.

    I do wonder if they’ll keep her once WPLG drops the 5 and 5:30pm news

  4. I still think its a bad idea dropping that 5 and 3:30 newscast. Luarie is definitely helping the station. I am thinking you will probably only see Kristie midday. There will be no need for her in the evenings. She has been left out of a lot of the promos. I think she should have definitely been in this one.
    With all that said, i like the promo. Kinda acient WSVN. I dont know what the hell they’ve been doing over WSVN since of late. It is really going down and its only a pity because i love that station. Biut i think Dwight and Laurie are the best male and female anchor in south florida. Rob and Maggie seem so distant from each other like they’re are just there to read the prompter. Belkys and Criag, Belkys need to go back to Deco Drive. It suits here more. Jackie, Julia and Tony are just damn boring. Dwight and Laurie, best duo.


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