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Raise the bar on them local news


KOCO, Oklahoma City ABC affiliate are raising the bar for local news stations across the country and proving that makeover shows aren’t only for FOX. The station is promoting a segment called “Oklahoma’s Ultimate Makeover” where a lucky woman gets to have a complete makeover, including “thousands of dollars of plastic surgery”. I’m not sure but I think this would be running during the November sweeps, of course. Which leaves me wondering how they get to squeeze everything into just a couple of minutes. Or they’re probably doing it the whole month, slooowly unveiling the made over person during the course of the whole month.

I suppose the quest for eyeballs will take us into new heights, or lows depending on your view. Pretty soon we’d have to call them local entertainment stations. How long before someone does “Fear Factor” on the local level and you get to see your neighbors eat cockroaches instead of killing them with raid? Hmmm….

KOCO online – Oklahoma’s Ultimate Makeover



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