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The new newxplex is live


7News has debuted the redone newsplex at 5pm.
HD screencaps and video coming very soon. Im recording the show right now.

I think the new plex looks much more grand than before, albeit not as bright shining blue.

update 5:09pm:
– the new anchor desk has a glass or acrilic top and it’s very shiny. Looks bigger too. There’s a 7 logo in the front, lit from behind.
– Where the big 7 with the flag was, now there’s a huge projection screen with what I assume will be video on it
– The repeating 7News railing has been replaced with a large blue rail. In the middle of it says 7news. On the right looking at the anchors and above the news desk it says 7news desk.
– Where the maps were on the 2nd floor now there’s a big 7 logo on a red background, illuminated from behind.
– The supporting columns on the second floor that were on each side of the flag draped 7News are now wrapped with what looks like a silver metal-looking sheet with round holes in it.

Update 5:29pm – the anchor desk has a glass top indeed, and there’s a faded 7 logo underneath or it’s etched on the glass itself

5:37pm Im scrolling thru the video and noticed, when there was a “News Alert” they showed a two-shot of the anchors and behind them the projector screen showed the “News Alert” graphic.

Photos: Anchor desk two-shot, Suddenly a new plex 🙂

9/5 update: Expect more changes – news desk will be tweaked, new weather set and more.

Video: Jibcam sweep at the 6:30pm close 7.9MB WMV video – I think the new railing and projector are two of my favorite. Looks very nice even though there’s still more to be done. I think if they wrap that metallic looking sheet on each side of the projector around the red metal rails on the 2nd floor it would look even better

9/6 update:
7 tweaked the logo on the front of the anchor desk. Now it doesn’t look like “tinfoil” 🙂


  1. Yeah I think the new look looks great! But my God, I can’t watch the news anymore. It’s so horrible about all the stuff happening because of Katrina. That guy from meet the press this morning that they just showed… wow. It’s so sad.

  2. im diggin the projector. After I learned they’re duping WHDH’s set I kinda hoped they put something like this up there and I’m glad they did

  3. Admin, I’ve got some clips and screen shots if you want them??
    Give me an e-mail address and I’ll send them over. I can make them whichever filetype you’d like.


  4. I don’t know about you guys but i was hoping it would take longer to re-do the Plex, i wanted to see something like MSNBC,CNN & Sky News together but for me it looks nothing but cheap, i mean what the hell its that 7 logo in the middle of the anchor desk? it looks like it was made out of foil paper they should change it 4real w/ something like WHDH has, and that big ass blue rail thing, at least they should’ve put some plasma tvs over there it looks so empty or maybe a modern news sticker, and the newswall its so 90’s (Sky News newswall please!) and uh…something is missing…Graphics and Music Package, it kinda reminds me when TVJ’s moved to Miramar; god were they desperate? they didn’t even noticed the uglyness of their big ass newsroom. what, SVN didn’t have enough money to create something better? oh no wait they wasted in the big projection screen, did they noticed ABC World News Tonight’s Movie theater? probably not…! god i’m socked i have my Tivo paused and i can barely see the plex yuck…! and the news development of the shooting i think Charles was Blinded he could’t see the prompter. will someone e-mail SVN and use a more polite vocabulary than me and please, please, PLEASE! tell them to change it. Thanks for reading.

  5. Wow… Frank, I think that 7 has always had the nicest looking studio than any of the other SFL stations… And I’m sure there will be lots of disagreements with that but its just my opinion.

  6. from the information I got early on in the planning process, they were goint to alter the plex, a lot. Apparently they decided not to.

    Drastically alterting the studio which unlike other station’s sets is used 24/7 by staff would be difficult there’s a lot of people working there. Couple that with having to be on the air for 9 hours a day and they’ll need a whole new set just to be able to run things. Not cool.

    I do agree the logo on the front of the anchor desk is strange, but don’t be surprised if there’s a plasma screen in a few months.

  7. Guys, i completely respect every of your opinions and i opologize if you don’t like what i wrote or think, but as Laura says i hope they’re not done yet and they should do something.

  8. Very similar to WHDH. I wouldn’t be suprised if there is a plasma in front of the desk in the coming months. Plex looks similar to WHDH, especially with 7 NEWS between the anchors. They haven’t even touched the newsdesk yet. Are they going to redo the newsdesk? Not a huge fan of the 7 logos up to. They might look better with a blue backgound instead of red. All in all nice job.

  9. I believe they’re not done yet.
    I may be wrong but the satellite center, newsdesk, weather center and that place near the anchor desk they used yesterday with the big screen are also going to get a face lift.

    The previous redo of the newsplex was also done in pieces. First was the view you see with the anchors. Then they changed the newsdesk, then the satellite center

  10. they didn’t do any jib shots at all, except when tossing to Joel Brown who was at the sat center and even then they were tight

  11. Admin- In case you didn’t see my post like 10 posts up lol…

    Do you want me to send you the pics and video that I have??
    Just give me your email or something… if you want them

    If not, just let me know and I’ll stop bugging you 🙂

  12. oh i thought you were talking to someone else.
    That’s okay I have the video, just trying to convert it right now

  13. Kay, just thought I’d offer cuz I had it ready. I don’t have a site like this or anything I just like to capture stuff like that off of the news… Thats why I love your site so much!

  14. as soon as I figure out why the software is giving me attitude I’ll have a video too.

    thanks for the though 🙂

  15. I have to agree with Dean, I’m only sorry I haven’t been around in a while. You do really good work admin. Lots of good info for news whores like me. 😉

    Hey Dean, you can send them to me if you want. NOT that I’m trying to take anything away from the site 🙂 just for my own personal reference!

  16. Wow! It looks great! Kinda looks exactly like it’s HDH counterpart! And the video monitor in the center is a great addition. I was hoping they would use the top bacony a lot more, but how they got it now, it’ll be less likely I think.

  17. The anchor desk looks really, reallly cheap. You can see so many imperfections in it just in that photo. Guess SVN isn’t going to be going HD anytime soon. Compare it to the Boston desk, wow. They should have just gotten the previous Boston desk. SOO much nicer.

  18. that set looks so thrown together. and that 7 on the front of the anchor desk looks like tin-foil. is svn going backwards in time? the old set looked more futuristic than this cheap rendition.

  19. those caps are from the WSVN-D 7.1, Channel 213 on Comcast in Soth Florida. The feed is 1280×720 with the grey bars, 60fps, 15Mbps. Few months ago when they had black bars on the D feed, there were small gaps on the sides and you could see the D feed was widescreen but then they changed to grey bars and I think now they’re either 4:3 or an upconverted analog signal.



    No, we aren’t hating, we simply aren’t blinded by SVN and don’t see every single thing they do as good. This set was cheap, and it shows. And if they are going to be using shots like the one that shows the front of the desk, they might consider moving the huge trash can out of the way. Also, perhaps they should think about painting the floor black, and move that bunch of wadded up fabric into that huge unsightly trash can.

  22. I don’t think anyone is hating, nor do I think that the set is cheap. I’m SURE that they can’t be done with it yet. Just wait a few days…

  23. All in all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I hope they are not done yet, but it looks like SVN took a step backwards in time. The old plex looked more futuristic, like mentioned above. I like the glass ontop of the anchors desk with the engraved 7Logo. The Blue rail simulates a news ticker (wouldn’t it be cool for it to be a real news ticker?). The screens ontop are OK, I guess they can change gfx and logos. I just hope they either complete the plex or change it the next few months.

  24. That’s almost exactly what i just said last night (the plex looks really cheap), we’re not hating in fact i’m a huge fan of SVN but this time i don’t have to love them because of what they did, i mean were’s the art work? don’t forget SVN inspires art Deco in its Plex, i think all of it gone 4real, i mentioned last night about the blue rail thing; maybe they should consider more plasma screens or a nice modern news sticker like the one NBC Nightly news uses on top of one of the projection screens that shows the date (just saying), but what got me shocked was that ”F……” ugly, nasty and everthing not nice; 7 logo on the bottom of the anchor desk, some people over here agree w/ me, who did that? were does it come from>? and that old boring newswall, (again; Sky News newswall please!), for now, what i like its the glass on top of the anchor desk and the projection screen, and one more thing why SVN uses a big glass wall behind the anchors? have you guys noticed it?

  25. woo guys I leave you for a few hours and you go pulling your panties.

    Glass wall: it’s always been there, you just didn’t notice it was there with the previous design. Obviously it’s for isolating sound from the studio.

    Plex: its not finished yet. It will be by the time November sweeps rolls in. My guess is they did the main thing first to get it out of the way and not be so miserable to be on the air.

  26. no
    but their studio is longer so they don’t have people sitting right behind the anchors, which happens often on SVN. And even with the glass, when I watch them on DTV I can still hear phones rining in the background and people talking

  27. The idea is nice but looks really incomplete and somewhat cheap. I too was hoping they will be using the balcony a lot more. I hate the bottom part of the anchor desk. That looks the cheapest. However, i like the logo engraved on the top. I was hoping they would copy the stand up area to ressemble the one in Boston and do away with the current satellite center. It is not attractive. I think thought that they can pull it together when it is finally finished. I love the the screen above the anchors. I was also hoping they would incorperate or make all the other set visible in the plex. Like the sports section, stand up area and maybe weather. BTW, i really hope the will also be changing the sports set. I think it the is the ugliest in America.

  28. Are we talking about the Sports XTra set, or the nasty background they key in when they do the sportscast? As far as the nasty background goes, I absolutely hate it. I think they should just do the sportscast from the Sports XTra set. At least it would be an improvement to what they have now. As far as changing the sports xtra set goes (which is what I think everyone is talking about) I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon. If you recall that changed a couple of years ago before the Deco set (and personally, I like it). I’m dying to see what’s going on with the weather set, considering we haven’t seen it in 4 months. Regarding the new screen up in the newsplex, I think they need to change what they put on it a bit more often. It spends almost all it’s time saying “The News Station”. When they’re getting ready to do a tease, it should at least say “Coming Up…” “Next…” or something to that extent. I know they showed a news alert on there once, but if they made an investment to put that in there, they should at least use it to the full extent, IMO. And I don’t like the crinkled-aluminum-foil 7 either.

    I’ve also noticed that they’ve yet to sweep across the newsplex with the jib…

  29. I stand corrected. At the end of 7News @ 6:30, they did do a nice jib shot across the new newsplex, putting emphasis on the sign that said “7 satellite center”.

  30. it’s not finished yet. there will be tweaks and additions to come.

    They sweeped the plex with the jib at the 6:30pm ‘cast close.

  31. Admin…is there anyway you can post a picture of the plex from the jib shot? If you could that would be awsome.

  32. I was talking about the daily sports set. Ugly!!! But damn, the WHDH set is so nice. I wish WSVN had used the same anchor desk like WHDHs.

  33. Jamboii, how nice of you to refer to their nasty background as an actual set. Well, in theory, I suppose you CAN refer to it as a virtual set, but in any sense it’s just horrendous.

  34. Looks like they changed the “7” on the front of the desk. MUCH BETTER!!
    Got to do something abouth that monitor wall.

  35. Part of the reason I like the news on HDH is because you can hear the phones, you can hear people working. There is natural sound, not just a silent studio. I really think it adds energy. If you don’t think so, get used to watching a newscast done on a set like that, and then watch the station move to a studio set and watch the energy fall away. It happened at a station I worked at elsewhere in the country. Our anchors all loved anchoring in the “plex” as we also called it, and really missed the energy boost it gave them when we switched to the new set.

  36. Don’t mind the monitor wall the way it is at all. However I would like to see pics/video of the new 7 on the front of the desk if there really is one.

  37. from what i understand, this is far from over.

    still to come: (and i think, in this order)
    — totally NEW newsdesk which will resemble (but not totally), WHDH’s
    — NEW satellite center (they’re keeping, though fixing-up the “feedbay” which are those monitors and tape decks behind the counter where they do “satellite stories, but re-doing the part on the other side of the little wall)
    — new stand-up set (next to the anchor desk)
    — new weather set (they havent even started working on this one, the old one is still there, but dark)

    it’s gonna take some time, instead of hiring a set-building company like normal stations, they’re building it using a staff of about 4 people (who all have other duties within the station)…

  38. Hmm. Maybe that’s why it looks so CHEAP! I mean, it looks really good for four people who don’t normally do this kind of thing, but as far as sets go, especially the desk, it’s just not up to par.

  39. WHDH also builds most of their sets in house. Their new anchor desk was built in the basement, as with some of the smaller sets. They have stencils of 7 logos they use. WHDH does not have a glass wall either. You can easily hear phones, people talking, and even police scanners in the background. The one thing WSVN lacks is a working second floor. It alows for more going on in the set. The balcony has sports and health offices, and the weather center is on the second floor.

  40. I really think that if they added stuff to the balcony, it would detract from the rest of it. Seeing the studio behind them is JUST enough to make it look alive.

    I think it looks great, can’t wait to see it when it’s completely finished.

  41. AMEN….no one can deny that the new SVN set looks cleaner, bolder and fancier. The anchors simply look better under the new lighting, new background and there’s only more to come

  42. I am really glad glad they’re redoing the stand-up section. It was starting to get on my nerves. I really like the one they have in Boston. I still am not digging the logo on the anchor desk, neither I am the anchor desk itself. I love the WHDH anchor desk. I dont ever remember seeing WHDH’s newsdesk. Like i said in an earlier post, I like the idea it’s just not very smooth. I am thinking though that it will all come together in the end. I hope WTVJ will follow in WSVN’s footsteps. Damn that studio looks old and tired like Segretto.

  43. Along with the revision of the set which is looking good to me, they need to do a demolition of the anchors in the morning. How about removing Loresca and Cruz! Then they would be the best!

  44. i can’t wait to hear the impending attack on “the truth” for suggesting the removal of elita loresca… 😀

  45. Let’s not forget as posted earlier, with the 9 or so hours of live news, not counting when “events happen”, it would be extremely difficult for a station to make their set unavailable so that all the changes could air at once. not to mention, a viewer might get too wrapped into the set and changes and lose interest in the show.

    By debuting the new set in stages, the station is also doing soft opening like experiences. It gives them a chance to test for real whether this or that part of a set works or need development.

    Give em time. I am sure they will continue to amaze, to amuse, and to develope.

  46. btw,

    When WWSB in Sarasota last year changed their format from ABC 40 to ABC 7, with set and graphics overhaul, their anchors were in the front lobby for a week during renovation.

  47. I love the new set. Its one of the best around. And i would like to see Cruz Ancor the 4 o’clock news cast when they get it. She is a great anchor and would fit right in on the Night Team

  48. Give me a break. Must be a Cruz fanboy. Adding her to the team rather than firing her overall would detract from the new set! That is just what we need, add Cruz and Loresca to the evening newscast and bring it down. Wake up!

  49. Just FYI, the 7 wasn’t tinfoil: although I admit it did look like it. That effect needs to be reserved for bigger pieces of material, otherwise it does look cheap, as it does in this case. Actually you take sheet metal (in some cases stainless steel–but that would be stupid and expensive to use in this case) and you buff it with a coarse Dremel tool, or in some cases a circular sander to get that effect.

  50. are the three piece that run along the desk metal? or just wood painted too like like it?

    On the rendering of the plex, they had some awesome looking 7’s for where the two circle 7 go with red background. But instead they used a a flat rendering.

  51. the metal pieces actually are metal…i’ve touched it…kinda like alluminum…very cheap feeling (hollow, flimsy)

  52. duh, not tin-foil…and thanks for the brushed metal lesson (cue the sarcasm)…it stills looks like crap, though. it’s sad, actually.


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