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WPLG rumors


– There’s a buzz that Todd Tongen and Gwen Belton are not going to be working at Local10 anymore. Their contracts have not been renewed.
Wendy Corona may be leaving the morning show and/or the station
– Possible expansion of weekend morning newscasts either more time or additional newscasts during the weekend.


  1. Todd and Gwen really dont server any purpose. That damn thing Todd does with the taxi is way too annoying and if I were him, i would have found another a long time ago. I dont think thats what he went to college to do.
    Gwen should know this would happen after she got demoted from being weekend night anchor. Oh well, such is life.

  2. Todd was a terrific feature reporter when they let him go; I think the taxi hampered him. But I’m not surprised at the departures. That station is getting rid of anyone with brains; I’m almost surprised Michael Putney and Rad Berky are still there.

  3. I am almost sure that Todd served as one of the main weather talents-before he was demoted, something to do with Hurricane Andrew. Maybe the powers at that time thought that he had a following and let him start reporting features. And with poor Gwen-a whole lot of substance and no style. From what I was told the news director really adored her, but after almost a decade, Gwen still has yet to carve out a name for herself with the viewers in this market.

  4. Wendy Corona leaving local 10 will be very bad for that station. She is the best South Florida has. Houston will be very lucky to get her and see will be missed very much. It will not be the same

  5. I know some others at wplg that should leave but very bad for wplg about Corona leaving. Good for her, this city is the worst city to live in. Wendy Corona deserves all success that comes her way. She was a professional and she is the best. Good Luck to Wendy and her family!!!!!!

  6. I have been seeing a lot of Todd Tongen lately…reporting and doing fill in for weekend anchors….Does this mean they aare keeping him??? He is doing a pretty decent job as a reporter


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