Formaly Announced: Bryan Norcross Leaves Chief Met Job at CBS4


Tipster says CBS4 has formally announced that CBS4 Bryan Norcross is stepping down as chief meteorologist but will continue to work at CBS4 as hurricane specialist and be the primary meteorologist during hurricane coverage. David Bernard is taking the chief meteorologist job and will now be seen doing all the weather segments on CBS4 News


  1. dont sing it yet! Wait till the Grand Bully herself Angela Rae and that UPN 33 News Amateur Hour, whoops, i mean, joke, err, news at 10 goes bye bye! Then all of WFOR will celebrate.

  2. i take it you dont like brian norcross…just curious why because when i was down there i didnt mind him but then agian i dont live there and see him all the time

  3. The UPN primetime shows are leaving, but I think all the newscasts are staying where they are now. The station will run “My Network” program during primetime in the fall.

  4. The joke of a newscasts are staying. I don’t see the amateur hour staying on for long when MyTV comes on. Who wants to see Jennifer Klarman, err, Sucky-ago playing tv news anchor. Maggie, Elliot, Rob and Joy beats her talent by a mile!

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