1. I can tell you who the hottess anchor is in town.. that please goes to Lynn.. And christine is up there also. But the hottest report.. The New chick from SVN.

  2. Hey guys, I have to say, as you probably know I’m from Boston but we just got Matt Lorch up here at our 7News… He’s not bad! His voice annoys me (he overprojects everything like a radio DJ!), but he’s a solid guy. He’s actually been filling in for lead anchor Randy Price over the past few days and has been doing a fantastic job.

    Oh, and to keep things on topic: Elita Loresca gets my vote for hottest babe.. ya I know you said news babe.. but still… 😉

    Happy Labor Day guys and gals!

  3. What do you guys think of Ashley White (weekend traffic reporter on Local 10)? First of all, who need s traffic reporter on weekends? The other local stations have managed to live without one, if there happens to be a major traffic tie-up for some reason, one of the anchors can give it a quick mention. Also, she’s attractive enough (better looking than Megan or Jen), but she comes across as a total twinkie.

  4. I would defenitely agree with Ashley White. Wish we saw more of her and I really don’t think she is a twinkie, just don’t see her all that much (only weekend mornings that I know of) to make a true analysis.

    Good luck Ashley…

  5. I didnt even know they were doing traffic on the weekends, thats rediculous. What a waste of $. Good oppurtunity for this Ashley White person though.

  6. whatever happen to maria genero….south flas first tv babe…were you all thinking ann bishop??now really??

  7. Ashley White has the job on PLG partly cause she is engaged to Trent Aric the weather guy……She really isn’t all that great even with weather……I vote for Jen Herreera.

  8. When NBC 6 goes into their Decision ’06 segments, the theme music is an awful like the opening theme 7 News used in the 80s.

  9. Steve – I guess Ashley wouldn’t be “all that great with weather” – SHE IS A TRAFFIC GIRL!!! Much prettier than Jen or Megan at 10, though. Plus Jen looks like a man with implants and I am not the first to say that on this website.

  10. What’s the matter with you South Florida women, you have one of the nations sexiest reporters/anchors at your fingertips and he gets 1 comment from “A Joel Connable Fan”. This woman knows he’s the Hottest babe (no problem here with the “babe” terminology), I just call ’em as I see’em. Coast to Coast and even in the Midwest! He’s the one!!

  11. It, Atlanta I am happy to see that someone else thinks Joel the the Hottest Babe from Coast to Coast! Joel is the reason why I watch NBC6. I am so happy to have him here in South Florida.

    P.S. I’m not a “woman”! I a MALE admirer of Joel Connable.

  12. Hey have some fun.Check out my local stations in Alabama. waff.com and whnt.com. Check out the faces and then you will appreciate the hoties in Miami.Also, for a good laugh click on some of the on demand video of newscasts and see the people in the news here.Its so embarrassing!!

  13. You have to admit. Joel Connable has some great eyes, great hair and great suits, He also has one of the most normal deliveries I’ve ever seen or heard. I think Joel is not your typical news anchor. He’s fun.

  14. I’m trying to remember the name of this production company that produces really nice 3D graphics packages for news stations. I saw the link here on this blog by someone’s comment and I’ve been looking for it for months. Anyone know!? Thanks! 😀

  15. Re: Maria Genero, apparently she was last working at a station in Buffalo NY, but currently she is nowhere to be found. I remember her filling in on the CBS Morning show back in the late 80s/early 90s, then saw her on her regular gig at then-WCIX when I visited here in April 93.

  16. I dont know if you guys happened to of caught this during T.S Ernesto when Jeb Bush was making the live address, they went to a live shot of Duval Street in Key West. Then all of a sudden, you see Former 7 but now CBS 4’s Brian Andrews doing the rodeo and jumping up and down from side to side… It was a classic… ahhh… lol

  17. “NBC 6 News in HD?”

    Starting Sept. 13, WNBC in New York City becomes the first NBC O&O station, as well as the first NYC station to broadcast news in HD. Sept. 13 is also the same day that NBC debuts Meredith Vieira as co-host of “Today”, as well as will be debuting the top-rated morning program in HD.

    Link… http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6369114.html

    According to the B&C article. Other NBC O&O stations, including WTVJ “NBC 6” are expected to follow in the coming months. This is indeed is good news for all NBC O&O stations.

    Thought I’d share this story with you.

  18. I e-mailed WTVJ regarding the HD news broadcast… and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get this information confirmed. I thought I’d share the B&C article regarding WNBC becoming the 1st NBC O&O station to make the transition to HD.

  19. I agree with all of the Ashly White fans. i think she seems very nice and has a great face. i also agree with jen herrera’s comments i have always said that she has a weird looking face not very femanine att all . i hate the fact that she act like she is so important to the station. And for all of the people dissing Ashly for how she got the jbo Jen Herrera got the job because her father knew someone in the station, it is all about who you know. abd matt lorch has nothing on jen herreras stupid voice. i really dont like her.

  20. Yeah but Jen is definately something better to look at 🙂

    Thanks Elita for the eye candy in FHM by the way 🙂

  21. Re: Jen’s voice–I’ve noticed that when she’s doing her traffic segments, she really has the Valley/sorority girl voice, but when she anchors (like yesterday morning) she tones it down and sounds halfway normal. Makes me wonder why she can’t do that all the time.


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