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The Beeb is coming to America!


The BBC has announced it’s bringing BBC World News to the US starting this July! They have already gone live on Cablevision systems in New York but no word on which other cable and satellite cariers will pick up BBC World News and when.

I for one would like to get them even online, something similar to CNN Pipeline

BBC starts World News broadcasts in US


  1. I would like to see the BBC World on Directv since they dicided not to carry CNN International when CNNfn got off the air, whe need to see more of what’s outside the oceans, we don’t have Sky News because of FOX newschannel, and i think Sky News has an International feed now, and when its ALJAZEERA International coming to the u.s? can’t wait for july now.

  2. Al Jazeera International, and I’m probably wrong, will soon be on Dish Network. I’m not holding my breath for Comcast though they’ll probably come up with some excuse about not including it.

    And yes Sky News almost made it to the US but FOX News killed the deal because they feared it would hurt their ratings.

  3. Dish already carries AL JAZEERA in the Arabic package but i don’t know if they’re going to unplug the feed instead of the International channel. anyway i hope both channels could made it for Directv.

  4. DirecTV from what I read said something like they don’t have any plans to carry AJI in the near future. You can tell who owns them

  5. I have asked DirecTV several times about if/when they will be adding BBC World. I get the usual canned response that says thanks for your email we don’t have plans to do this and don’t know if this will change.

    We REALLY do need the BBC’s international perspective on the news.


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