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WPTV’s Rob Lopicola leaves abruptly after 8 years


Palm Beach Post – Page Two reports that WPTV’s meteorologist Rob Lopicola has left the station abruptly and nobody seems to know why. Personal issues were mentioned but no one knows for sure. Lopicola was a meterologist at WPTV for 8 years.

Meanwhile 5’s chief meteorologist Steve Weagle has been signed for 5 more years

Palm Beach Post
Did Lopicola storm out of channel 5 gig?


  1. Will miss Rob tremendously. What happened? He’s one of the reason’s I watch Channel 5. I’m a transplanted New Englander. Really enjoyed Rob’s detail of NE weather during the winter !

    Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I heard something about personal issues but that was the end of it.

    Whatever he does, I really wish him well.


  2. I just moved to Washington State from West Palm beach Florida. I lived there for five years, and Rob was a constant in my day!
    I loved the storm team, and we watched them on our little battery operated TV all during the hurricaines of 2004. I still keep channel five on my favorites, and I wish Steve well in where ever his journey takes him.

  3. We will all miss Rob…..He was tha main reason we watched 5 news when he was on.Also he was a wonderful addition to the station
    Not to mention that was the only reason we ever watched on the weekends
    He is surely missed.

    Good Luck Rob in your futer endevours.

    Mr.& Mrs Taylor

  4. I have some knowledge as to the reason for Rob’s sudden departure from WPTV Channel 5. Unfortunately I can’t substantiate it other than that a good friend of mine travels in the same social circles as Rob and they evidently have many common friends. From what I understand there was a ‘situation’ between Rob and a co-worker, and there was a meeting and the decision was made that it would be best if they just parted company. I don’t want to say more because I can’t verify anything. That said, I want to make it clear that I was told nothing of any wrong-doing on Rob’s part. It sounded like it was just some messy office politics.

    I miss seeing Rob and wish him the best. I’d like to keep-up with his career – he was the main reason I watched WPTV Channel 5 News.

  5. Having worked with Rob and seeing him out socially, I am surprised they didn’t give him the ax a few years ago. I have witnessed his personal behavior in public places and wondered how long before a scandal hit the street. He seemed a very loose cannon to me and the rumours in the hall didn’t alleviate my concerns.
    I think Scripps was wise to drop him, he seemed like a scandal waiting to happen.
    I did see that he has his own website.

  6. I’m sad to hear that. Its sounds like its what I’ve suspected, but all my information lacked details and was third and fourth hand. Its a shame, because Rob has a great personality on camera – I found that he actually made watching the weather entertaining while being very informative. I wish him the best of luck, and if what I believe is true, I hope he takes some effort to reflect upon and adjust whatever inappropriate behaviour of his that resulted in his termination, because he has the potential for a bright career.

  7. Rob was the main reason I watched the station. Not only did he remind me of my “New York Roots”, but he is an incredible “hunk”

  8. Oh my GOD…. He was just on Channel 9 News in Orlando today. I think that he make watching the news fun and interesting. I wish him the best, and may his attitude change.

  9. I turned Good Morning America this morning and heard Rob’s voice for the local weather! What a great surprise. I have been a fan of his in S. Florida for many years. I moved to N. Central FL 1 year ago and never really enjoyed the weather report here. I am very happy to see him in Central FL! Welcome Rob.

  10. Welcome ROB!
    I couldn’t belive I heard his voice yesterday morning doing the weather! What a suprise.
    We just moved back to Central florida from South Florida where Rob was a local, so we are so happy to have his talent here in Orlando!

  11. We have seen Rob on WFTV twice now and he is great. Very strong on-air personality. Hopefully he satys a long time.

  12. I have seen Rob on WFTV in Orlando and we would be happy to send him back to Palm Beach. He seems nice enough, but his accent leaves something to be desired. He doesn’t know how to maneuver around the graphics too well. He contstantly exits stage left, across the five day forcast graphic. Please come to Orlando, pick him up and take him home.

  13. I agree with “Not Happy”. I too have seen him on WFTV and as hot as the weather is here, he leaves me cold. Don’t worry about picking him up, we’ll be happy to pack him and ship him back. Come back, Arch! We miss you!

  14. Rob was great on the W. Palm station. Whenever I visited my mom in Jensen Beach we watched him. My mom was the one who told me he was gay but neither of us cared because he was so cute and an excellent weatherman! Now he is in Orlando where I live and I think that is fantastic. As far as “NotHappy” is concerned, Rob’s accent is fine. If you don’t like it you must be a hick. Go back to Alabama where you belong!

  15. Yes, Rob had a “reputation”….but, I also got to see the side of him who donated lots of time to his community and fundraising events. He was quite a personality and easy to chat with. Best of luck to him!

  16. I have met Rob on many occasions and seen him out. Here is a man that has donated a significant amount of time to the community, of which I think he was given an award for his work a couple years ago. He has given talks on sensitive issues as suicide prevention for the AFSP and always supported events during his weathercasts such as the AIDS walk and the events for breast cancer research. He’s always been friendly, warm, and from what I have witnessed, engaging. He has a dog he adopted and saved his life, and is pursuing two degrees in college from what I hear. Let’s support those in our community, despite what we may see as imperfections. God Bless

  17. I used to live in Jensen Beach and loved Rob, I am in Orlando now and as much as I loved our traffic reporter, Bob Baxa, Rob is doing a great job, even though I wish he was doing the weather 🙁 It is so good to see him every morning!

  18. Now it all makes sense. He didn’t see comfortable at all doing traffic and it looked like he was just forced to do it until they found a replacement for Bob Baxa. Last week I mentioned to my husband that he seemed to be getting used to the job since he looked less tensed. This weekend he did the weather and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! He was excellent!! Today he is back in traffic, but I’m starting to get used to him. The only thing is that I wish he would wear better fitting suits. They fit him well on the shoulders, but not so well around his waist. When he starts pointing to the map, it looks like the buttons are gonna snap!

  19. Rob was great here in So Florida. He was a great weather man and in person he was the nicest person you’d ever want to me. He kept his private life private. WPTV is know as a Good ol’ Boy network. We lost several females and minority very recently before Rob’s departure. So unfortunately it was going to happen.

  20. Thank goodness it appears Rob has moved on from Orlando. Perhaps he went back to S. Florida (where more than half the population is from the northeast) where people can appreciate that accent. We “true Floridians” prefer to have our weather delivered by someone who does not sound like a thug. Patty, if you like that accent then I guarantee you’re not from Florida. Perhaps you should go back to New Jersey where you belong.

  21. I do not believe some of the absolutely disgusting comments on here. Picking on someones accent , and actually forming an opinion on that basis !! Then mentioning Northeasterners and “true floridians”…as if there is actually a place in Florida where that makes a freeking difference. There are so many people , from everywhere down here, it just shows the lack of intelligence people have, to even suggest such nonsense. I do not know what happened with Rob Lopicola , but for people to make comments on such petty and ignorant issues, shows the true , unfortunate garbage that this society has to offer. By the way , to the fool who said northeasterners can appreciate his accent..I am from Connecticut, and sound nothing like Rob Lopicola. People from different areas , may or may not, have a certain accent, or style of speaking….SO DAMN WHAT !!!! Everyone likes to just rip people apart ..JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN. I find that the people who make these ridiculous comments , are very unhappy, and usually jealous of other people and their lives. For whatever reason Rob Lopicola left , and offered no explaination, it is his business, and I am sure it is nothing worse then what anybody else does. There are so many people in this world that live in glass houses …just totally amazing that integrity is a lost virtue !!!

  22. Interesting to read a 18 months of comments regarding Rob and his departure. How quickly we are willing to trash someone with out any facts.

    I have known Rob personally for over 7 years. He, like all of us have our good and bad days. Most of us are fortunate enough not to be in the public eye.

    Most of us have skeletons and would be very uncomfortable with others “thinking” they know and telling half truths, total lies and made up stories.

    Does Rob have his quirks……and who does not. I have seen him get involved with many charities and offer his time and talents to helps others. He even took sign language in hopes of being able to communicate with the hard of hearing during hurricanes and other severe weather.

    Rob was in Orlando on a temporary basis. He has since landed a full time position at a station out of Florida.

    We should all wish him well and to finish what Patrick said about glass houses…..put the rocks down.

  23. The only “true Floridians” are Indians…we’re ALL IMMAGRANTS…no matter what state you were born in, at some stage of the game, all of our forefathers came from Europe, or the Orient, or even the Middle East. Mexicans of Indian descent can lay a more legitamate claim to being “true Floridians”…after legally emigrating of course.

  24. People have opinions and are allowed to express them. That is what makes this country great. I do not think it is right to attack people for expressing their opinions. People can disagree without attacking anyone. You should all try it.

    I did not know Rob, and I do not know why he left Orlando. I can only wish him the best in his future.

  25. Wow, what a blog! I’m sure Rob is loving all the attention. Good luck to you Rob.

    As for the bloggers, those who are attacking people for voicing their opinions then voicing their OWN opinions (esp. using filthy language) should familiarize themselves with the definition of ‘hypocrite’.

  26. I, too, miss Rob Lopicola. He is a good meteorologist, with a big heart and great personality. My daughter-in-law used to work with him at WPTV in West Palm Beach, but then she moved to Orlando. Well, lo and behold … now they’re working together again !

  27. All I have to say about this whole thing is “WE’AH GOING TO BE HAVIN’ SOME ‘THUNDAHSTO-AHMS”!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA- quirky can be fun.

  28. Does anyone know where Rob went?? Which station is he working at now? We loved him while he was here a short time in Orlando. My husband had the biggest crush on him. Ha!!

  29. Rob was just on wptv news last night..what a shock to hear he is involved in such a scheme taking peoples money. Shannon Cake caught him in front of the building where he is involved in the time shar scheme. He told her he had to go inside the building to find out information for her and said he would be out in 5 minutes. Shannon and the team waited for over an hour and…. to no avail he did not return. WHAT A COWARD! and to treat his friends like that. Must have been a shock to him…must never had thought his own past would interfere with his present SCHEME!!!…looking forward to a follow up…this should be good. HAHAHAHA

  30. Patrick Daly, you seem to be upset because people are offering negative opinions about the voice of a person whose job it is to convey the weather report in a clear, understandable voice. Is it unfair to comment on Tom Brady’s ability to throw a football? When someone pursues a career in broadcasting they are asking others to look at them, and listen to them. They want attention, believe me. And sometimes when you scream for attention some of it is negative.

  31. Jack Palmer,

    You seem to be responding to a comment that is almost 5 years old. (My first name is a merely a coincidence.)

  32. In light of Lopicola’s arrest for allegedly engaging in sex with underage boys – as well as his shady employment with Premier Timeshare Solutions – it is no surprise that he departs quickly from anywhere when the heat is on.

  33. In all honesty, I am not surprised at all about his arrest. I always felt very turned off by him whenever he would be on the news. I’d always change the station. And then I met him. My first time meeting him in person was when he was asked to be the speaker at a Breast Cancer Awareness dinner at Bears Country Club. All he did the entire time he had the microphone was talk about himself! He came off as a narcissist. The actual staff of the Fundraiser apologized to us the next day.
    Then he was one of my neighbors at Jonathan’s Cove in West Palm and was always arrogant. Then there was the way he would carry on at City Place in West Palm. And don’t let me get started about how he acted in the Muvico theater at a showing of Ocean’s 12. What an attention seeker. If you didn’t pay attention to him, he seem to go out of his way to make sure he was noticed. And this was all before his departure from the local news.
    All I can say is that I’m not surprised.


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