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Ann Bishop’s TV Life in 3 Big Boxes



Connie Hicks, former WPLG reporter now teaching broadcast news at Barry University, recently received 3 big boxes at her office full of memorabilia that belonged to legendary WPLG anchor Ann Bishop. The boxes came after Bishiop’s long time companion Helen Buckner, former reporter at Sun-Reporter in Miami Beach, died on October 28 in Texas.

Some of the memorabilia included Bishop’s trademark brown-and-white size 7M saddle shoes. Also dozens of photographs of Ann Bishop with famous people and media types including Pope John Paul II, Charles Gibson, Don Shula, Joan Lunden, Jimmy Cefalo and her former colleague and co-anchor Dwight Lauderdale with moustaches.

The University also received some memorabilia – framed letters from viewers

Miami HeraldThe life of a TV news anchor in 3 big boxes

(photo Don Boyd)


  1. Yes…..it was a very well known fact that she was a lesbian. There was a lot of news after her death concerning her partners rights to anything. Another well known reporter on the radio, Sandy Peyton, was also very close to her. She helped settle the large estate that Ann left.

  2. Actually , Ann Bishop and Sandy Payton were Bisexual. I’ll never forge the threesome we shared one night and the next day., then into the following night.
    Gene Packard


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