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Elita Loresca Just Spotted at out of town station


A regular tipster says Elita Loresca was just spotted at NBC10 in Philly. There are indications she will leave WSVN when her contract ends. Vivan Gonzalez was filling in today.

There’s talk Jonathan Novack is also leaving which if true can’t be good for 7 with hurricane season just around the corner.


  1. well i hope they both or one of them come up here at whdh here in boston. well elita is in philly and jonathan, i would like him to come to whdh since they are short staffed

  2. It is rumored that Jonathan was demoted and indeed Vivian Gonzalez replaced him on the Saturday Edition.

    It would be nice to see Vivian replace Elita, when her contact expires, which should be soon. Who better than Vivian Gonzalez, a Miami, Florida native to deliver our weather?

    Channel 7 has a great weather team, aside from the new addition of Vivian, there’s Phil and Brent who are awesome.Therefore, as hurricane season approaches, we have nothing to worry about.

  3. I saw Vivian this morning on Today in Florida and did quite well, refreshing, young and talented, that’s what WSVN is all about. Let’s see what transpires this summer with Vivian, Elita, Jonathan, should be interesting but Vivian will probably be getting more air time?

    I wonder when Robbin Simmons starts??? anchoring the weekend news!

  4. I dunno about Phil. Every time I see him I immediately think of Ricky Ricardo. I keep waiting to hear “Lucy, I’m home!”.

  5. Joe- LMAO! He kinda reminds me of Count Dracula with the black slicked back hair. But I do like him! He very competant.

    Michael- About Johnny boy, don’t know the exact scoop but I believe there were personality conflicts. Too bad, he was pretty good, very thorough and spoke clearly.

  6. I actually like Elita shes perfect for the morning, but i also liked Vivian, Jonathan was also good so this is a real tuffy for me.

    MiamiFan-Robbin Simmons started today, Im watching her right now with charles bili.

  7. As far as Mr. Novack goes, I never liked when he would talk back to the crew everytime his graphic would freeze on him. His personality is quite annoying. So who knows why he is actually being demoted. I could definitely see personality conflicts there at the news station. I remember Tom Johnston and I liked him more than Jonathan…Whatever happened to him? It is also a very competitive field being on TV. Also, maybe Elita Loresca might feel a bit intimidated that she no longer is the only female in that department and that is why she is looking elsewhere. I do think it is time for fresh faces in that department. Although I love Brent and Phil, I think Vivian is a good addition.

  8. what a shame if elita left. she is the hottest thing on tv and she isn’t wooden. she doesn’t talk as fast as speedy gonzolaz and she always is pleasant. maybe we can get dominica davies

  9. Well this is for sure, SVN is going to have to find a replacement that is up to standards. They know that a core audience looks at them only for the hot weather chick… No drop off from Jackie Johnson to Elita… now if they are #2 in the mornings its because of Elita and her “twins”. To be honest I thought he’d be at WSVN for awhile especially since she did the whole Maxim thing. I have a friend who is a GM and told me that would NEVER fly on any station other than FOX and Sunbeam.

    If she leaves, she and her girls will be missed, but never forgotten… how can you ever forget Elita! 🙂

    Da Commish of WSVN Chicks Board!

  10. LOL! I think her “twins” are not real. And I agree with you Miamilycan…that the station must not have been too excited about that shoot. I do think that natural people are more appealing. Just my opinion. I think Elita is just all about the looks but she is no meteorologist.

  11. Hey Joe,

    So whats so bad about Phil reminding you of Desi Arnaz.
    He had incredible foresight, developing the three camera shoot for a sitcom. He did plenty to deliver a positive image for the Cuban community. I think Phil is doing the same.

  12. ea, I think Desi was great. It’s just that I can’t help but think of Desi whenever I see Phil. It’s what TV’s all about. 😉

  13. I’ve always enjoyed having my morning coffee while watching Elita. On top of looking great, she seems knowledgeable and very polished. She will be missed.

  14. Yeah everyone will miss Elita, but hopefully with the internet we can still see her everyday, and probably at a much better quality that what WSVN.com has online (which is garbage).

    I’d luv to see her and the “twins” in HighDef!

  15. Yeah everyone will miss Elita, but hopefully with the internet we can still see her everyday, and probably at a much better quality that what WSVN.com has online (which is garbage).

    I’d luv to see her and the “twins” in HighDef!

    Da Commish of WSVN Chicks Board

  16. I happen to know many people who will be very happy once Elita finally leaves, whether it is back to California, Philly or anywhere else. Her “twins” are nothing but a pair of saline filled bags, which can be attainable by anyone. It’s time for a new, young and energetic face to step up to the morning show. Vivian Gonzalez did a great job filling in for Elita the last few days, perhaps she could be an option when Elita leaves, afterall, her contract should be up pretty soon.

  17. By the way, Novack’s contract has already expired. The station is doing him a favor by keeping him around. Sources advised me that he was in a frezy Monday morning when he arrived at the station only to find out that he would not be filling in for Elita, rather Vivian Gonzalez, would be the one filling in. Therefore, he stormed out of the station that day, and called out sick on the following day, leaving Vivian alone on both days to not only report the weather, but produce the weather segments as well. Not cool Novack, very selfish on your behalf!

    Ms. Gonzalez,if you’re reading this, you did a great job without him! He’s so full of envy, he would have be capable of messing up your graphics.

  18. Doesn’t anyone care anymore about whether anyone is knowledgeable enough for their position? We used to get the weather from Meteorologists, not boobs. As much as I enjoy getting the weather reports from Elita, I would trust Phil, Brent or Jonathan alot more during hurricane season. The weather girls on SVN are just reading the weather, not necessarily understanding it.

  19. I can’t agree with you more. This market is getting ridiculous!! This isn’t American Idol or Who wants to be a meteorologist? It is a top 20 market that should have credible people who.. gasp.. may have had a job or two before this. I am sure Vivian is a sweet girl. But to even think about having her during a hurricane. She just isn’t ready. That’s why those guys over at 10 are so happy about Max. You need a strong team. It’s not about boobs and pretty smiles. That won’t help me during a category 3 storm.

  20. ok, are you guys serious… ITS ALL ABOUT THE BOOBS!!!! Period! Ok,ok, ok when its a serious hurricane on the way I dont want to see or hear Elita unless she’s blowing away down a peer like the other crazy reporters who go outside during a Cat(4).

    I hear you ABC123, and your right anyone can get fake t*ts. Lets do a role call… Ummm Elita, Diana, Lynn… etc. 5K-10K gets you a great rack. But if you want to stay on the air in sunny south Florida you better get some sexy reporters and newscasters because viewers like ME………………. only care about the cup size 🙂

    Sexiest I know… but I’m keeping it real!

    Da Commish of WSVN Chicks Board

  21. Seriously, why not just pick up a copy of Maxim? I may be old fashioned, but I watch the news and weather to be informed. A good percent of the audience is female and I can’t believe that they are looking at anyone’s boobs. I’d much rather hear someone who is intelligent enough to know what they are talking about. Of course if they’re good looking, than that’s a bonus. Nothing wrong with Novack’s looks, but he also has the credentials to go along with it. Years ago the news was dominated by men. It seems that it’s not enough that they allowed females in, but now they have to be sexy females on top of that. How sexist.

  22. I think that bjones & jillame are on point, althouth I don’t think that it’s a question of letting women into the newsroom. I’d rather hear from a trained professional who has earned her chops than some blowed dried pretty boy (e.g. Lonnie Quinn). The bigger issue is that station GM’s want their male talent to look & act like professional journalists (whether they are or not is another question) while their female talent seem to be encouraged to look & act like they just popped out of Maxim or FHM.

    There is nothing wrong with having attractive people on TV, after all it is a visual medium. I don’t think a lot of people want a steady diet of Candy Crowley types from CNN. On the other hand, the defining characteristic of the on air talent shouldn’t be how large her breasts are, or how short her skirt is.

  23. Jillame and TVNewsGuy, I am sure you both are in the industry, so I really respect what you have to say. I’m actually a huge joker and don’t mean to say “sexiest” things.. I’m just that guys who watched BORAT and PORKYS and cracked up. Hey what can i say, I still have that little boy in me :). That being said, some of us who are “the consumers” and we also enjoy the hard hitting news. I watch the evening national news and expect seriousness. I expect to be educated as to what’s happening around me. Recently (about a month or two ago) NBC Weekend Today news reporter Lisa Daniels (whom I did respect) came on and did an segment with Campbell Brown where she allowed her bra to be seen thru her top as a “what not to wear to work” piece. Now, Lisa has very large breasts (she’s actually pregnant now) but believe it or not, I was taken back because she’s on national news and I didn’t find that sexy or appropriate. “Wow” I cant believe I said that. 🙂

    Local news is different. We (people like myself) like to hear what our local anchors have to say (Oh I walked my Dog, or It was crowded at the mall yesterday etc… If someone is tuning in to hear the “Metrologist version of what happened today in weather… Weather 101” than GOD Bless em, they should be watching the Weather Channel not WSVN. It takes 10 seconds to say. Today it’s gonna rain and be 80 degrees, or tomorrow it will be sunny. That’s all I care about…again as a consumer.

    I watch Elita, just for her body as I did Jackie Johnson (heck I still watch Jackie by way of the internet). Elita is a life sized Brat Doll as my daughter said when she saw her on TV 🙂 So that’s that. That’s the way its going with the local weather girls…I mean Fox Sports has Jillian doing the weather before the games for 1 REASON… her outfits and cup action… nothing else.

    I respect both of you and your opinion, and I can only imagine it must be difficult when you go to school and go through the ropes and someone with a cute face and boob job get alot of Pub(Maxim). It sucks I’m sure… just like when an Athlete with no training gets a TV job on Sundays all because he was a player… what about the trained sports reporter from college…

    I hope you respect my opinion as I do yours… I guess those DD’s just have me hypnotized 🙂 lol

    Nuff said. Have a great weekend and I’m still hoping Elita doesn’t go anywhere! Renew that contract SVN!

    Da Commish

  24. Hi Miamilicam;

    I suspect that at the end of the day most people watch the local news for the same reason that they watch the national news; in order to be informed. There has been a general dumbing down of the news, both nationally & locally for some time. Putting aside any percieved idealogical bent, FNC is a perfect example. They are famous for their snazzy graphics which the other networks have adopted, some to excess (try watching Sports Center) & blonds in mini skirts. Don’t think that those low angle shots are accidental. The story on NBC which you brought up is another example. Who gave the green light to that story, & why do you think it was Lisa & not Cambell doing the story? Might it be the difference in cup sizes & Cambell’s desire to retain some cred with her contract coming up?

    To some extent local news is like the worst of the national news on steroids.

  25. Dear Miamilicam,

    Loved your humble reply. I actually also have a warped sense of humor,love Borat also, except when it comes to really serious subjects. No, I am not in the business, however, I am into literature and a friend of mine was in the English Dept. at Newhouse when Novack was a student at Syracuse. She especially remembers him for receiving a Hearst award. No small feat. Obviously, he is not only good on camera but he knows his stuff. Tropical storms are about to hit Florida and what does Gonzales know about weather? She’s a graphics person. It’s gonna be either Phil or Brent once Elita and Jonathan are gone. I think they better get their ducks in a row or alot of us are watching the other stations.

  26. Jilame, I respect your view on SVN weather anchors. However, you’d be pretty surprise on the wealth of knowledge Gonzalez possess. For such a young and new face behind the camera, she actually knows her stuff, probably far better than Elita, making her (Elita) look “dumb”. It’s a good thing she’s got those fake boobs to carry her through, cause her knowledge on weather and graphics alone wouldn’t have gotten her this far.

  27. I couldn’t agree more with you DM…whoever you are. Either way WSVN has done a great job reporting throughout these past 2 hurricane seasons. Since Phil came in. Didn’t like SVN win the #1 hurricane coverage? Anyway, keep up the good job. I know you guys in the weather office work real hard especially during hurricane season. FYI..weather producers create the graphics and make the forecasts for the anchors. I would say that Phil, Brent, and Gonzalez are well rounded and they can do it all. You go SVN weather office.

  28. Yeah, maybe not DM. But those DoubleD’s are sure good to look at especially today cause they must have turned up the AC cause Ms.Loresca was pooooooooking thru 🙂

    Proving, its not what you do to show the weather…. Its how cold the studio is 🙂 LOL

    Da Commish

  29. Dear Miamit.ycan,

    First of all, it was Vivian, not Elita showing her headlights tbis morning. So nice of you to notice. I, on the other hand, really missed seeing Jonathan give the first report of hurricane season. There is actually a tropical storm here and I, for one, would have liked to hear about it from a meteorologist rather than a set of headlights. Vivian may be very smart and charismatic, but she is not a professional meteorologist. She is a geography major. I liked you better when you were humble.

  30. First of all, whether you like me or not honey, I don’t really care! You are very defensive about Johnny boy… I guess the attack hit close to home. You have the audacity to talk about professionalism??? Why don’t you ask Johnny boy how he blew up like a little high school chick when he found out he wasn’t filling in for Elita on Monday morning? Professionalism, you dare speak of? Why not also ask Johnny boy why he walked out Monday morning and didn’t produce the morning show and then called in sick on Tuesday??? Professional Meteorologist??? HA! He may be a meterologist, but BY FAR, is he professional!

  31. Okay..what is up here? The one who started this morning was Elita. Also, as an FYI…Elita is a journalist major not a meterologist. But I guess people like the looks. As far as Gonzalez, a geography major and also studying to be a meterologist. She has better credentials than Elita from my point of view and as per my sources.

  32. Hey guys,
    From what I heard in the shop, he was actually already sick when he came in Monday. When he heard he wasn’t on-air, he just went home sick. No one even saw him in the “Plex”…he just headed out. That actually sounds more reasonable anyway…from what I know of him, he’s low-key. Just what I heard…but facts always get twisted. Don’t know about the rest!

  33. ARTQT,

    My understanding is that Elita has been studying for her meteorology degree for the past two years. I don’t think that Philly is only interested in her “boobs”. As said before, she is concise and fluent and I would rather “listen” to her do the weather than Vivian any day, and it has nothing to do with her anatomy. I just think that being in front of the camera is a very different thing than being behind it and it takes alot of experience. I, in particular, have nothing against Vivian except that I think her delivery is choppy and if it were between her and Elita, I would rather listen to Elita. High I.Q is not based on boob size. I feel that a group of high school students are writing into this web site lately. I have read it for a long time but have only felt compelled to enter my views recently because I am so dissapointed in the turn of events. There is always going to be alot of back stabbing in this industry because there is so much jealousy. Regarding Novack storming out of the station, I would be more concerned about who is spreading these stories than if they are true. If it is truly someone at the station, than shame on you. Alot goes on in the background at any T.V., radio station and there should be a certain amount of confidence exhibited. Personalities and temperments flare up in all sorts of professions (try working in a hospital) and unless someone has a personal vendetta against someone, what happens at work should stay at work. If Novack stormed out of the station (and I am sure this is exagerated), it should be between him and the powers that be, because no one knows what really happened except them. People only know what they perceive. (And I resent being called “honey” by the way). I’ve been in a people oriented business for too many years to listen to gossip among talents. Only a fraction of what you hear is true. Living in this area, my concern is that my local t.v. stations bring in the best and brightest talent to deliver the news and weather, and if they should already posess this talent, then they should have the smarts to cultivate it and keep it because the audience has already established a relationship with these people. Other stations reward their popular people finacially. That’s why they keep them. Sunbeam has a huge turnover in order to save the almighty buck. By the way, I have no vested interest in anyone at WSVN, I just have always enjoyed watching the talent there and seeing them grow. I hate when they leave. Elita has been a great part of my morning and I feel I’ve watched Jonathan establish himself professionaly. I like them both and will hate to see them leave.

  34. Jillame- It’s pretty ironic how you make implications that I am writing as if I am Gonzalez, when your comments about Novack seem as though you are CLOSELY affiliated with him. As far as your comment about the high school blog, is that your method of retaliation for my description of Jonathan’s immature and unprofessional behavior at the station recently? When you are in a position where you are in the public’s eye, flaring tempers should be controlled as you can rest assure that the drama will get around. Afterall, isn’t that what SVN is all about…Entertainment News?

    You appear to take the comments posted on this blog quite personal. Get over it! It’s like the old saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen!” People are entitled to their opinions, afterall, it is part of our constitutional rights.

  35. As I started writing this, it reminded me of an old Spike Lee Movie, when Samuel Jackson’s character was “Senior Love Daddy” at We Love Radio… He was spraying water and saying, “We all need to chill”! 🙂 That being said, I respect everyones opinion on this board…the question is do others??? Opinion’s are just that, opinions from other people (their thoughts etc). Ok, for the record, I’m not in high school, actually I’m a 39yr old, MBA who runs his own business. I just happen to like “plastic chicks” 🙂 Now, I catch flack because of that from family and friends but hey… whatcha gonna do 🙂

    Ok,…. so everyone has an opinion Jillame. If you know Novak than I hope he does well in his next assignment. This is South Florida and unfortunately the women down here get the ratings. Jackie Johnson came from the KUNTRY… and made it big in Miami. Based on what??? weathercast??? Dont think so, remember they did a series on “The Simple Life” with Shireen Sandoval. Ok…lemme think back, 2 girls go to the country and parade around in tight tops.. RATINGS. lol

    I’m sorry its this way, yes its very sexist, but its what guys wanna see. If I had a quater for every guy I heard at my water cooler talking about Elita or Jackie, I’d sell my business and retire..

    but thats the thoughts of just one guy who blogs on this site, and this is the Senior Love Daddy signing off…

    Da Commish

  36. DM and Miamilycan,

    I have no vested interest in Novack or Elita or anyone else for that matter at SVN. I guess I just always root for the underdog. This whole line of conversation began with someone spotting Elita in Philly. So, is she leaving? Haven’t heard any more about that since. I will say that boob conversation really brought up the heat in these discussions. Let’s get back to basics. Who’s staying, who’s going?

  37. Anyone know what happened to Shireen Sandoval? Is she out of the business or doing some entertainment stuff elsewhere?

  38. Last I heard she was in New York City. Married and moved there with her husband. I thought she was getting out of the business altogether…

  39. Geez…..you people act like there’s actually news on at SVN. It’s nothing but a blood n guts. chicken little “The sky is falling” poor excuse for news.

    Get real, the only socially redeeming value that they put out is those great tits, every weekday AM to get our hearts started.

    IMHO, Elita is the ONLY one that REALLY is a professional eye candy there. The others are just big titty news readers. Remember she has a degree in journalism and is completing her Masters program.

    Personally, I’m not going to miss her one bit because I enjoy pirate TV. So. you all can eat your hearts out or come on down to Costa Rica to watch her every morning, ;-)) C’ya….


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