1. So much for those rumors she was going to NBC10 (?) in Philadelphia. Well, at least the network was correct. I always figured she would return to her roots in Cali. And this makes the 4th consectutive WSVN AM weathergirl to do 3-and-out (and all ended up in L. A., though Amy Murphy detoured elsewhere first). Good luck to Elita. I guess Vivian Gonzalez will shift to weekday mornings and they’ll get some new girl to replace Viv on Saturday AMs.

  2. Say it not so. Some of the best eye candy we have seen. Amy Murphy
    wnet to Phoenix. He then got married and I think her last name became Brook. I don’t seen her at any station in that marketnow

  3. On my way to KNBC’s website to find out if Elita’s weather reports will be on the website… say it ain’t so girl! World-class beauty aside, I enjoyed Elita’s pace in doing the weather and her use of “everyday” language in giving us the info instead of all of that technical jargon others rely on so much. She really is very nice in person, very friendly, always participating in the community. She has a lot of fans, and she will indeed be missed here in Miami.

  4. I happened to see Elita today on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables while on my lunch break–and I must say she is as visually stunning in person as she is on camera. Too bad she’s ditching Miami. Sigh.

  5. noooooooo…..no…noo….after her gift to us in FHM…after how all those outfits got tighter and tighter…she bails on us??? how dare she. And Vivian could be the most wonderful person in the world, but she needs a makeover PRONTO! She wears clothes like 3 sizes too big. I guess I’ll be swithching to telemundo or back to megan glaros.

  6. Well, you know WSVN doesnt pay and im sure she is probably doubling her salary to head out west. NBC is a huuuuuge deal. Everyone even myself didnt think after her FHM pose that she would be taken seriously. Who knew… Shes now a Meterologist with the biggest set of satelittes on the West Coast! LA will love her and now she will take on Jackie in the ratings. My moneys on Elita and those 36DD’s!

    Congrats on the move Ms. Loresca! But I’m not too upset since we will be able to watch u online still.

  7. Weekday mornings will never be the same. She was so much more than the “twins”. Her delivery, her smile, those funky outfits…. she had it all! I have to admit, I never in my whole life felt so bad to see a TV personality move on. She will really be missed. Good luck, Elita!!!!

  8. HA HA HA HA I Live in orange county,
    When I woke up to watch the news I was just struck by love by the weather girl on her first broadcast. Oh my god she was a little nerverse (would not you be?)But I’m gonna tivo the news cast from now on. Sorry Miami, Good luck elita!

  9. i will miss Elita but thank god we still have Jackie Guerrido on Univision here…i dont speak a word of spanish but i understand sexy….good luck Elita u will be missed….and has anyone seen that new girl on cbs4 not a bad distraction in the mornings either…

  10. So what, WSVN just can’t keep these women at that station. Maybe that’s why Bill Kamal was the way he was, there were enough women there to help him out. I blame those people at that station for what he did, you mean they could not help??? You can’t tell me that they did not know what was going on with him!!!!

  11. You are truly a moron Wolfgang. Like WSVN had any control on what Bill Kamal did in his private life? How where they going to help him? By saying OHH Well hes didn’t mean to get caught by the FBI he just needed to go hang out with a 13 year old boy.

  12. Well Michael it seems that you can’t comprehend on what I wrote, you like a lot of youngsters today don’t read the whole word, and read half of word and skip evey other one to make it out to what they want to made it out to be. I am a reporter outside South Florida, so I see this everyday with the newspaper I am with,and you have to sit down and waste time just to get the ponit across, and to get on with the issues.
    I don’t agree with what he did, but the employeess at WSVN knew what kind of person he was, because he did’nt come to WSVN, lily white, and he did have an attitude problem, but I feel that at leat one of the employees could of steered him in the right way. Not just sit there and remain silent, and allow it to go on. They remained silent so they agreed to it. Someone could of done something to help especially a female fellow employee, instead of them being so selfish and with their own agendas. What hapened to good citizebship, and humanism ect? I blame all of the staff at WSVN for this problem wth him!!!! I Say No JOKE With This!!!!

  13. OH Okay SO the people at WSVN knew that he like little boys.. Im so sure They would hired him. WSVN had no IDEA that he like young boys. Thats like somebody saying My parents are to blame because i have a smart ass mouth.. No they are not to blame I choose what i want to do and what i want to say. WSVN had nothing to do with HIS PERSONAL CHOICES and ACTIONS.

  14. Man- watching her made my mornings –

    she was personable and hot to look at –

    the new girl who started today is like invisible compared to Elita

    God – Univision her I come – got to learn Spanish now –

  15. The new girl that started this morning will grow on you men, as the last 3 to 4 did!!! Shawn I know what your talking about, because I felt that I was just looking right through her!!!!

  16. KNBC, Press release: Elita Loresca

    KNBC has named Elita Loresca weather anchor for “Today in LA” and the “Midday Report,” it was announced by Robert Long, KNBC vice president and news director.

    “Today in LA” is KNBC’s popular early morning newscast that airs from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and the “Midday Report” airs from 11 a.m. to noon. Loresca comes to KNBC from WSVN (FOX) in Miami, Fla., where she was the weather anchor on the top-rated morning and noon newscasts since August 2004. Loresca will join KNBC on Monday, Oct. 22 and will begin her weathercasts shortly thereafter.

    Loresca has covered two of the most devastating hurricane seasons in recent history. Starting on her first day at WSVN, Loresca began forecasting the 2004 hurricane season with Hurricane Frances. In 2005, Loresca contributed reports for her station from the National Hurricane Center during hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

    From August 2002 to August 2004, Loresca was the morning and noon weather anchor on KGPE-TV in Fresno, California. Before that, she was the Noon weather anchor and assignment editor for KGET-TV in Bakersfield, California from January 2001 to August 2002.

    Loresca began her career as a news associate at KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, where she was responsible for the assembly of scripts and teleprompter operation during the newscasts. She also assisted the assignment desk.

    Loresca is a graduate of the Broadcast Journalism Program at Cal State Fullerton and earned the Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University. Born in the Philippines, Loresca moved to Southern California when she was 10 months old and grew up in both downtown Los Angeles and Chino.

    Loresca is actively involved as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and The National Alliance to Nurture the Aged and the Youth (NANAY), a non-profit Filipino organization.

  17. LG, what was that all about? That’ old news, and we know all about her BIO. What gives to release this almost a month late!!!

  18. The new girl, Julie is way better than those string of replacements that could not read the prompter.

    She looks good when she wears a skirts with the slit because she has the legs for it but I still miss Elitsa


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