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Interviewing The News


Someone interviewed several reporters as a high school freshman and posted the video on YouTube. That must be from around 1997

No idea who the first interviewee is, probably a photog. The reporter with the red jacket is Lynn Gordon formerly of WSVN. Craig Stevens, Jeff Weinsier from WPLG and Martha Sugalski when she worked at WTVJ and is now in Orlando at WESH


  1. Martha is quite a flirt on air.. It was VERY evident to me while in Orlando watching WESH-2. She really flirts big time with Chief Meteorologist, Tony Mainolfi. She does do a great job on air however..

  2. Martha WAS hot NBC 6 should have not let her go I loved me some MARTHA on wb news 10pm

    But I’m sure her and WENDY in Orlando are showing out for the KIDS


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