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Jill Martin Leaving WFOR


WFOR sportscaster Jill Martin is leaving the station for a job in New York. She will be a sports and entertainment reporter for the Madison Square Garden Network (MSG-NY). Martin will co-anchor a 10pm sports entertainment program weeknights and do celeb interviews during Knicks games halftime.

Miami Herald – WFOR’s Martin to leave for N.Y.


  1. Hate to see Jill go, she was a decent sports reporter, and pretty easy on the eyes as well. Speaking of departures from WFOR (which has been a pretty bus subject lately), it appears that Erin Coakley may have flown the coop as well, I haven’t seen her on the Saturday AM newscast in weeks, and it appears Rob Jones has that gig now. She’s still listed on the WFOR news team page, but that may need updating, as Shannon Hori is not yet listed, and they still have Danielle Knox there (though I guess it isn’t official yet that she isn’t returning from maternity leave?) If Erin is indeed gone, this means WFOR as an all-male weather team, while the other 3 major stations here have at least 2 women on their weather staffs.

  2. Jill might be one of the mosy knowledgable female sportscasters out there. You don’t get smatched up to do MSG knowing your stuff. Good for her. That’s “A” game league so her game needs to be stepped up even more! I’m sure she won’t disappoint.

  3. Time flys. We get older, and where are our lives going? The 1990s were a great era. I miss it! As for CBS4, I still remember the days of Kambrel Marshall and Barbara Sloan. Ned Smith and Steve Shapiro in Sports! I forget who did weather!!

  4. Arent all the sportscasters reasonably knowledgeable? Jill had enough time in the job to become knowledgeable!! Except she said Dan Marino is the only reason why we mention MArk Clayton and Mark Duper. Thats a bunch of crap, to say it was Marino that made them decent. Thats such an unfair slam on Duper and CLayton!!! …CBS4 sports leaves something to be desired. Jim Berry needs to stop pandering to the urban blacks and hispanics with his stupid raps!! I remember years back they had female sportscaster Chris Gamble! She didnt have a chance. Sunday night sports-wrap they had her between Bokamper and Zagacki!! She could not get a word it!!!! She said her expertise was hockey!!! Why didnt Berry have the brains to give Chris Gamble a Hockey show?


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