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MSNBC’s New Digs Debut


200 miles of cable and 300 hd monitors later MSNBC’s new digs hit the air at 6am this morning.
If anything it looks different. First things that come to mind – chill, modern – something you’d see in Europe.
And a bit gimmicky – the walls have lights behind them that change color – for example during breaking news they turn red from yellow.

One minus – a lot of background noise from the newsroom! Even Joe noted he’d like to hear Micah delivering the news not the newsroom conference call!

But at least we get to see her hot legs every once in a while, ha!

For the daytime gets a nice shiny, ultra modern anchor desk – first oriented to use the newsroom as back drop then later turned around so that one of the large projection screens is the backdrop.

They had the steadycam go into the newsroom and there were parts that looked very cramped. At least in comparison to MSNBC’s previous studio that had large sprawling round desks.

Screenshots after the jump


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