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MyNetworkTV Hemorrhaging


Newscorp’s MyNetworkTV is losing something like $2 million a week according to the Wall Street Journal! Ouch! And then there’s the dismal ratings, reportedly as low as 0.5 ratings points and 2% share, so naturally Newscorp has started tweaking the programming to try and stop the bleeding.

MediaWeek reports that as of March 8 MNTV is removing some of the soaps and replacing them with martial arts competition on one night and two nights of movies.

/via LostRemote/ WSJ: Newscorp seeks new plot for slumping MyNetwork

MediaWeek: MyNetworkTV Shuffles Schedule ; News Corp. Reports Mixed 2Q; Fox Business Channel May Now Launch in Late Fall


  1. WBFS might’ve been better off Independent. MNTV needs to add more variety or else it wont last a year. A network can’t survive on soaps alone unless it’s on Spanish TV.

  2. Anyone who takes in oxygen can watch that network for 30 seconds and diagnose the problem. The programs are bad. Really bad. And then they throw up a cheap news set behind WFOR talent trying to out 7, Ch7 and your fingers can’t dance fast enough on the remote.


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