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Sweeps Results: Good times for WPLG


The Sun Sentinel’s Tom Jicha summarizes the results from the November sweeps and it’s not looking so good for WTVJ.

According to Jicha WTVJ experienced a sharp drop in ratings in the 5pm to 6pm time slot compared to November 2006. Wich hurt their 6pm newscast. The relatively new South Florida Tonight at 7pm “produced only negligible improvement”.

WTVJ has also dropped at 11 p.m. coming in at sixth place, and lost 20% of its sign-on to sign-off viewers.

WFOR and WSVN are the only two stations, english anyway, that duke it out between 5pm and 6pm and 7 came on top.

Not surprisingly WPLG came out way ahead of everyone. Their ratings are so good they beat top Spanish station WLTV at 6 and 11pm. And were 1.1 ratings points ahead of WFOR during prime time.

Sign-on to sign-off WPLG was number one, WFOR and Spanish station WLTV tied for number two, with WSVN a tenth of a ratings point behind them in 3rd place. WTVJ came in fourth.

WBFS/My33 has lost a lot after the switch to MyNetworkTV they barely scratched the ratings. Their 10pm newscast is down to an average of 0.8 ratings points and 0.7 overall. Independent station WAMI beat them by 0.9 ratings points in prime time.

SunSentinel – WPLG dominates sweeps results
SunSentinel – Miami sweeps results

5pm Late News Sign-on to Sign-off Prime Time
WPLG – Dr Phil 7.8 WPLG 7.1 WPLG 3.8 WPLG 7.3
WLTV – News 5.8 WLTV 5.5 WFOR 3.4 WFOR 6.4
WSVN – News 5.1 WFOR 4.8 WLTV 3.4 WLTV 6.1
WSCV – News 4.7 WSVN * 4.5 WSVN 3.3 WSVN 4.5
WFOR – News 3.4 WSCV 4.4 WTVJ 2.4 WTVJ 4.3
WTVJ – Ellen 2.9 WTVJ 4.0 WSCV 2.1 WSCV 4.3
    WJAN * 3.6 WSFL 1.8 WJAN 2.7
    WSFL * 1.8 WJAN 1.0 WSFL 2.3
    WBFS * 0.8 WBFS 0.7 WAMI 1.9
            WBFS 1.0

* 10 p.m.

1 ratings point equals 15,386 homes

sign-on to sign-off is the time between 6am to 2am


  1. WFOR’s numbers have really improved under the new management. PLG’s dominance will soon end once Dwight retires.

  2. WTVJ will never move up if they insist on pushing Jackie Nespral. A nice guy like Segreto, who has lived here forever and knows the lay of the land well, teamed with a solid journalist with investigative credentials (Connable?)would do much better. All the English language stations had better face the fact that Latins watch 23 or 51 for news. They prefer the Spanish language, and they prefer the more advocacy-journalism approach of Telemundo and Univision. All the English stations have, in varying degrees, attempted to develop an audience which isn’t interested in them. So I say stop trying. Go to where your real potential audience is. Jackie is too much of a cheerleader to be an effective signature voice in hard news. They should stop trying to make her one.

  3. Very well written Chuck, I hope for their sake they were reading that. Their new lineup change just blew up in their faces, but I think it has more to do with the fact that old ch 6 fans have turned on them b/c of everyhing they’ve done recently, axing Michael Williams, who would be a great roaming reporter for them. Jackie was ok when she was with Tony, but she sucks by herself and people see too much of her. Im in Orlando now, but the times Ive been down recently its all Jackie!! Ive had enough of her!!! They dont have a noon newscast, wich is plain old stupid since nobody has been watching Ivillage live. The more people see good newscasts the more they will come back. Now they have no news at noon or five and people that like watching the news are forced to go somewhere else for news. I do like their new seven oclock newscast and think that was a smart move, but less people want to watch it b/c jackie is on. Im not trying to be a jackass and say they should fire her, which very well could happen, but would be pointless b/c it would just turn away the small amount of people that do like her. I would love to be like Emmit Brown and travel into the future and watch a ch 6 newscast in 5 years, but at the rate they are going their wont be a ch 6 newscast in 5 years, maybe an 11 pm webcast for 10 minuets????

  4. Gables–

    We can all guess and hope about what could possibly happen in the future. But we don’t have to guess about the here and now. You are right on the money. WPLG is dominant.

  5. Time to blow that place to bits and start over. Jackie needs to go first. When did she ever get ratings anyway? No one knows who any of them are anymore, so losing them won’t be a big deal.

    Then the next thing they need to do is chop off the heads of the brain trust that has been running that place. NBC needs to come down and have security escort the management to the parking lot. They have a habit of promoting GM’s news directors and producers who fail to get the job done. Don Brown, that Escobar guy, all of them failed. They have one of the most beautiful facilities in the country with all the bells and whistles, graphics, this and that..and viewers don’t care.

    What is iVillage anyway? Who floated that one? Toast them.

    Who’s idea was that 10AM show with the ADHD weather guy who wouldn’t shut up? Fire that knuckle head too.

    Here is a novel idea. Get two real men on the anchor desk. Not Deco Drive type men, but newsmen. You can’t put any more high school grads and plastic surgery fanatics on air. The other stations have that covered. Go different.

    If they need help (and they do) they can call me. I could turn that place around easily. When you are swirling around at the bottom of the bowl about to be piped into oblivion, there is no place else to go but up.

    Chuck is right about the Latin community. But I think Spanish language broadcasting should be banned by the FCC. Nothing divides people more and separates them than having two separate cultures who never interact. If you want to speak Spanish, watch novellas and never learn anything about the country in which you live or the people who opened their arms to you, then what was the point in moving here? What people call diversity is a lie and has the opposite effect. When Americans do this in other countries they call us ugly Americans. When Spanish people come here and refuse to engage with us its called diversity.

  6. Telly your comments are ignorant and I am sure that a lot of people will agree with me. Just because spanish language stations are beating some english stations doesn’t mean that the latin community isn’t interested. The fact is that this market has a huge dominance when it comes to spanish language television. Please tune in to your english channels and view how many anchors/ reporters are latinos ie. Eliot Rodriguez, Belkys, Jackie, Charles. Then we have Sandra Pebbles whom was anchor for Univsion weekend edition and now the health reporter. BTW Sandra was also an anchor for NBC6 years ago. SO i do not understand your point on lations not being interested. We are interested in both as a viewer and as a professional. The only one thing that I can agree with you is that NBC6 has to do changes to everything. At the end what counts are the numbers and if their are meeting them it’s because they aren’t appealing to the average viewer not the average LATINO viewer. I do not want to assume but your last name (if it’s for real) sounds hispanic. If it is, i feel sorry for the way that you speak about you own nationality. I can go on but I rather just stick to the subject.

  7. Telly your argument is so flawed it leaks from all sides.
    You need to re-examine your own insecurities and why you make such blanket statements about people.

    What next you ban all sites not in English on the web?

    By your idea CNN International must be banned too because they broadcast all over the world in English, with some exceptions, and that makes the locals pay too much attention to the outside world instead of focusing on what’s happening two spits down the street.

    Some people doesn’t equal all people

  8. I agree Mr. Tellys argument about the spanish stations is quite cruel. I have many spanish speaking friends who like to watch the spanish news only because its just what they are used to, besides the local news reports mostly the same stuff, crime, polotics, weather sports and commercials. But i aggree with most of what tully said about nbc6 – they need change! But i believe he was refering to Lonnie Quinn, he actually brought in decent ratings, they’ve gone down since hes left.

  9. If its Lonnie that Telly speaks of… he’s been gone for almost a year now. I wouldn’t call Ryan Phillips ADHD… and Trina Robinson well… shes not even a guy. Oh and BTW Telly (Aristotelis) Savalas was a Greek American actor… not hispanic.

  10. I hope im not the only one that thinks this, but its time for WBFS to count its losses, dump MyTV and become an independent. Take a tip from Beantown. Boston dosent have a MyTV affiliate and they’re not missing much. BFS faired slightly better when MyTV did air Telenovales. Now I think they’d be better off airing movies from 8pm-10pm.

  11. Admin,

    First of all, thanks for not striking my comments simply because you think them unpopular. If everybody thought the same thing than what would be the point? We all know the importance of free expression. We can agree on that, right?

    Your CNN example is factually flawed. CNN is cable and does use the public airwaves. They don’t fall under FCC regulation. Broadcasting is terrestrial and uses frequencies that “owned” by the American people. Enormous difference. Cable can and does whatever it wants. The CNN argument is not relevant. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own fact checking.

    Are you aware that every nation on the planet regulates its airwaves? Do you know that if an American broadcaster (not cablecast) wanted to broadcast in a foreign nation (Mexico, Latin America, you pick it) that they would be prohibited from doing so? It’s simple, Mexico knows what it is. It is a Spanish speaking nation and knows that if it allowed English or French or Chinese to use their airwaves that that would be detrimental. You can check this out on your own to if you don’t believe me.

    So, by your argument these nations would be bigots and insecure? Well…???

    Your response is reflexive.

    For the others who respond from their emotions, I realize this does not conform to the status quo or what you reflexively believe.

    No one can argue that there are two worlds in almost every major city including Miami. Lack of a common language divides people. The one thing that has historically brought Americans and immigrants from diverse backgrounds together is language and any basic knowledge of human history proves this. Calling me insecure or a bigot or whatever is odd since my argument seeks to bring people together. Your argument continues to institutionalize the barriers.

    I am not insecure. If I was I probably wouldn’t be stand alone with my argument.

    My comments have nothing to do with the popularity of a TV station.

    My screen name is not real. Telly Savalas is a character from a well known TV show from the 70’s. Perhaps, you didn’t know this because of the cultural divide between us. Perhaps you prove my point.

    If you think that you are right and need to point out that everyone “agrees with you” I would argue that you the insecure one. I don’t need a consensus to hold my views. I’ll stand alone with them. Facts don’t need a consensus of people to approve them in order to be true. Reality does not adjust to what most people think. It just is, regardless of what you feel.

    I think the person I was referring to at TVJ with ADHD is no longer there. That is my opinion. If you liked the guy than fine.

  12. It is disheartening to see WFOR’s ratings continue to slip.

    I really thought Tom Doerr and friends would make something happen.
    Now I’m wondering if the big shake-up of anchors and reporters was really the right thing to do. I think he wanted to bring in old friends and create his own comfort zone. It has backfired.

    I worked there when WFOR actually won the 11:00 news in some of the key ratings periods during 2000 to 2006.

    The fact that WPLG is ahead by a substantial margin irritates me.
    They don’t deserve it. I love Dwight and many of their reporters, but their product is NOT consistant. WSVN is still my choice for getting it right.. and keeping me as a loyal viewer.

    I also think WFOR has lost its way, The newscasts lack spark and urgency they once had. At times it is almost unbearable to watch.
    I do not personally know the newbies there. I’m sure they are all great individuals, and very nice, but I don’t see them connecting with the viewers.

    Sadly, WFOR’S glory days are over. Until new management comes in and makes more responsible decisions, WFOR will continue to flounder.

  13. I grew with TVJ and think Segreto is one of the strengths NBC-6 needs a lot of. I’ve read about how bad the 7pm news is, and think anybody else can make a better 7pm news. BTW, am I the only person who actually likes Merv Griffin’s Crosswords? Incidentally, I live in WPB and it is on at 2pm in Fox 29, with back to back episodes.

  14. Just my two cents since I work at WTVJ. The 7pm has been doing pretty well. Ratings have been going up and they only promised advertisers a 2.0 rating and they are getting 3’s and 4’s sometimes. No, they’re not beating the other stations, but it is growing. NBC will never get rid of Jackie. Management loves her. They feel she is the face of NBC6. The other thing management says is they love reporters like Tisha Lewis, Ian Wood, who works on the web, and now reports on weekends. They love this new girl Arlene and Roxanne Vargas is going to be a reporter. These are all people with no experience. Other than Tisha, the others just graduated from college or never worked as television news reporters. But, management loves them because they are cheap and follow orders. NBC is a producer driven station. The bad news is, other than me and one other girl and guy, every producer here has no experince. Our 10pm producer was an intern. Our 7pm producer was a web site designer. Our morning producer was an intern. Most of the managers have no clue what they are doing. They order the producers around, no one has free will and no one is allowed to think for themselves. Over the next few years NBC6 will lose their talent and continue to hire inexperience. New reporters at NBC are etting 40 or 50 thousand when, in the old days, they made over 100 thousand, at least. Our assignment desk sucks and misses stories everyday. It is run by a former secretary with no news experience. As for Toney Segreto – he’s retiring in a year or two. Bye, bye. I think Julia wants to leave, now that she only does a 6pm and 10pm news. Managements wants faced paced national news, gang shootings, mayhem and pretty much whatever they see on 7. You will rarely see creativity on Channel 6. You will rarely see any stories that make you think. Does anyone remember the Channel 6 of yesterday? It was one of the best news stations in the country and kicked everyone’s ass in Miami. They will never bring Michael Williams back. Joel Connable isn’t going to stick around once his contract is up. I think he’ll leave soon too. Producers here think if management wanted to do the right thing, make Jackie slow down and bring more personalisty to the news. Put Joel or Tony with her to bring credibility to the newscast. Get rid of reporters who don’t know how to write and stop covering the gang shootings and stupid stories no one cares about. NBC6 needs a real identity instead of only saying, “We tell South Florida’s story.” What? NBC6 can barely tell a story, never the less cover something that anyone in South Florida wants to see. I guess that was more than two cents.

  15. WOW. Comming from an insider. That is super deep. Tell the brass at GE to go screw themselves (literaly) with a light bulb.

  16. NBC Producer,
    That’s too bad. It confirms what I wrote. Sounds like you should be running the place. It’s amazing how some businesses promote the incompetent and institutionalize stupidity.

    Why would a local news station want to focus on fast paced national news when there are already 3 cable networks that do that 24/7 and and have far more resources?

    You may want to send them a note and tell them that Ch6 can do something CNN and Fox News can’t. It’s called local news and there is enough greed, graft and corruption and more in Miami to fill a newscast.

    There was a guy once who quit college to start a business with his buddies. He had an idea that he took tho one of the largest and richest companies on the planet. The big company rejected his new business idea, told him he didn’t know what he was talking about and sent him away. The guy is Bill Gates and his company Microsoft destroyed IBM in a matters of years. NBC6 looks and sounds like an IBM.

    If its any consolation, they run MSNBC just as poorly.

  17. Damn it Joe, I’m sorry. I’m an older man now and I don’t see and type as well.

    But as I always used to say on my show, “Who loves ya baby?”


  18. WOW….6th!!!! The big wigs at NBC needs to come in and start letting people go from the GM down to the chief photog. Enough is enough!!!!! 6 is 6!!!!

  19. WPLG does not play the Emmy game. the station stopped participating years ago. Emmys are a joke. Interns sit in a room, eat pizza and judge entries.

  20. Check your facts dude, WPLG does submit entries for Emmys and they are not judged by interns (maybe at your station they do)!

  21. All of you flatter yourselves by thinking anyone even gives a crap about local news.Find new jobs,local news is going bye-bye soon to be replaced by “regional” news as is already being done by Telemundo(in Texas).Eventually even that will dissappear.If control rooms are being automated(which will create a bad product)how much do parent corporations really care?I’m thankful for the 20 plus years I”ve had(non-news)and all the great people I have met,but it’s over.Really.


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