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WPLG considered Boca Raton for move?


The Sun Sentinel has a story today about the WPLG’s move with a very interesting detail in it.
Pembroke Park town manager Bob Levy told the Sentinel his town competed for WPLG’s new studios with Sunrise, Miramar and … Boca Raton! Whether Boca officials merely tired to sell their town to WPLG and get
them to move or the station really considered Boca is unclear but some
have speculated the move out of Miami-Dade Channel 10 will focus
more on Broward and let the Spanish stations duke it out for Miami coverage.

WSVN and WPLG were on Adelphia cable all the way up to Delray Beach and in some places in West Palm Beach. WSVN was removed not long ago because WFLX owners allegedly complained 7 hogged the ratings and they weren’t getting enough eyeballs at 10pm even with American Idol on. WPLG is still on the dial.

Pembroke Park won as the site of WPLG’s new studios with an offer for 50% property tax discount for 10 years.

SunSentinel – WPLG-TV plans move to Pembroke Park


  1. Technically, Boca Raton is in the West Palm Beach market, so it wouldn’t seem right for a Miami station to be in a city that is basically the borderline of the two markets.

  2. I think its interesting that you guys have a station thats moving. Thats what we need up here in Boston. WBZ is currently at a studio used for WBZ-TV, WSBK-TV (sister station), Oldies 103.3 (CBS owned station) and WBZ news 1030. The WBZ news set is very small (and ugly), they have another news studio that is used for localy produced talk, food, and spots shows.
    When WBZ goes HD they just wont have the room for a good new set, they need to move.

  3. I think it’s best that WPLG is staying here in Miami-Dade/Broward, it’s more of a local station, and it’s really had a lot of history down here, too. So, I think it’s best that they stay down here.


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