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Almost Final May Sweeps Ratings


Someone posted these on Tvspy
17 out of 20 sweeps days. Thursday the 22nd Tomorrow the 21st is the last day of May sweeps

WPLG 7.2 / 12.3 share
WSVN 5.2 / 8.9 share
WFOR 3.4 / 5.9 share
WTVJ 2.6 / 4.5 share
WPLG 8.1 / 13.2 share – Wheel of Fortune
WSVN 4.6 / 7.6 share – Inside Edition
WFOR 2.5 / 4.1 share – Entertainment Tonight
WTVJ 2.1 / 3.4 share – South Florida Nightly News
Late news 11pm
WPLG 6.4 / 10.1 share
WSVN 5.7 / 8.1 share @10pm
WFOR 4.5 / 7.1 share
WTVJ 4.0 / 6.3 share
WSVN 3.7 / 5.8 share @11pm


  1. I’m not surprised that WPLG came out on top. They’ve been number one for some time. Good for them. I wonder if the numbers will change once Dwight Lauderdale leaves.

  2. Damn! WPLG is kicking ass! WTVJ is pathetic, WFOR is in a downward spiral, and WSVN is holding on strong. BTW Im a WSVN’er. lol

  3. It’s really interesting that broadcast TV is down to only 18% of the HH watching the news at 6P and 11P. The audience just keeps declining.

  4. It’s such a shame to see NBC6 go down like this. Once upon a time WTVJ was the only station in town. Who should be blamed for this? If the buyer rumors are true, this could be the end of NBC in Miami. Sound slike WPLG will air the same news cast on both channels if they buy the rights to NBC6.

  5. It looks like WTVJ will have to change their slogan from “South Florida’s News Leader” to something else. Local 10 could snap that up. Other than that, I just want WTVJ to find a good home. I don’t want Sunbeam (WSVN’s owner) to buy WTVJ. WSVN’s news coverage is too sensationalized for my taste.


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