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Breaking News: Post Newsweek Backs Out of WTVJ Deal


Updated: 9:30 PM 12/23/2008

Breaking news: Announced late on the WTVJ 6PM news by Joel Connable. The sale of WTVJ, an NBC O&O station, has been called off by Post Newsweek.

In a joint statement issued today:

“The Washington Post company and NBC Local Media today announced that the intended sale of WTVJ to the Washington Post company will not move forward. Given the current economic environment, and the delay in receiving the necessary regulatory approval, the deal has been terminated. The purchase of WTVJ was scheduled to close by the end of 2008.”

This is great news for the folks against the sale of WTVJ, and it’s long history. There is no word yet if NBC will put WTVJ back up on the market, or retain it as an NBC O&O station. Tips have been coming in for about a week now, hinting that Post Newsweek would back out of the sale, thanks to a delayed FCC hearing… and today, it looks like they did. We’ll pass on the info as we receive it.

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Update: In an alleged meeting after the 6PM news, WTVJ’s news director was crying while expressing how poorly NBC handled the sale. She was allegedly angry because NBC didn’t tell WTVJ first, and many people left for other jobs out of state. For those asking about the future of WTVJ, no one knows. Will NBC keep it O&O? Will WTVJ be the newest content center?… or will NBC sell WTVJ to one of the other bidders. We’re back to the “wait and see” game.

Update: WTVJ was apparently kept out in the dark as well. Allegedly finding out about PN backing out from the wires, and from businessjournal.com.

Update: Apparently, Mr. DeMarco Morgan wants back at WTVJ now that things are looking up.

Lastly, i have an educated guess for you as of the future of NBC6. I think, NBC will put WTVJ back up for sale. Then, when they realize there’s not a shot in hell of them getting the amount of money they’re asking for, they will pull WTVJ off the market and turn them into the newest NBC content center. Just a guess…


    • Hopefully they will, because the local10.com site was much better than the amazingly useless justnews/weather site.

      • Yea the old site was much better. The new “just news” looks like some high school kid designed it! lol… I dont know how the GM could had approved that new site..

  1. I must say I was pretty cynical about the effort of trying to derail the merger.

    I thought writing the FCC was pointless but a good grass roots campaign has apparently worked.

    Congrats to those who passionately defended what they believed in.

    What happens to WTVJ nobody knows.
    This could play out in so many different ways

  2. I’m sure NBC is still planning on selling all that HD equiptment though. I don’t know how they can gut that station anymore …

  3. Really? CSA – If you could have world peace, and solve world hunger as your Christmas gift… you would choose for WTVJ not to be sold. 😛

    And peaCOCK – I’m all for pots and pans! Wooo!

  4. It worked! It worked! It worked! Let this be a lesson to all of you who thought we were nuts by fighting this thing.

  5. If NBC still plans on selling WTVJ… I’m praying and hoping that either Belo, Cox, or Local TV might still be interested in the South Florida station. This is sure to be intersting to see how it all plays out.

  6. I am beyond happy that this has occurred. This was the best gift WTVJ has received from channel 10. This is what I am going to say to the folks over there. We all know WTVJ is a great solid station with a great staff (those still there) in front and behind the camera. Please for the love of god make them pay for their idiotic choice of placing WTVJ on sale and take this opportunity to make right from (what NBC sees) wrong. BLOW THEM OUT OF THE WATER IN 2009.

    So MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy HAPPY New Year!

  7. I see WTVJ as a future content center but I doubt Miami is ready for a 24 hour news channel, otherwise there would already be one.

  8. Vindication!!! I feel like Erin Brockovich. Now, if only I had her cleavage, what a Christmas it would be.!!!
    Whoooooooo!!!! Whoooooooooooo!!!!!
    To those who spearheaded our effort, and you know who you are, thank you!

    jobs will be saved, thank goodness.
    though the longer NBC holds on to them (in this economy they may have no choice) it may be just as bleak. nbc is destroying their other owned stations with deep cuts, talk of cutting weekend morning news… here’s hoping a company with deep pockets comes along and saves the place!

  10. It would make sense that they have to keep the place running and doing well instead of gutting it. Either keep it running to find a new buyer once the economy gets better or, to keep making money. The station makes money it’s just that NBC does not want local stations anymore. Also, what happens to Telemundo now? It will be interesting on how it plays out.

  11. This news was good to hear……It’s a victory, at least so far, for the diversity of voices in this community. If WTVJ is sold, hopefully it will be to someone intending to preserve that diverse voice. Florida’s oldest television station shouldn’t become a pawn.

  12. Alright! There is a Santa Claus!!! A grassroots effort that ACTUALLY helped. To all of you that stood up for what you believed in, a big HOORAY!!!!

  13. Now here is what needs to happen–replace Miley with a pro and rebuild WTVJ’s news op into what it once was…the top news station in the market.

  14. Dear Jeff Zucker and NBC Management:

    Now that Post Newsweek has backed out of the purchase of WTVJ, let this be a smack to your thick, but empty heads to do something to preserve and help WTVJ’s rebirth. How can a television station that brought in a 25 share and a 10 rating point 12 years ago, be in last place today?

    You can’t say bad NBC programming is to blame. There are television stations in this country where people switch the channel to watch their favorite newscast. The ratings may have declined sharply after “Seinfeld” and “ER” went away , but what else disappeared? I would say good management. Several years ago a new GM moved in, who had failed at every other station she managed, yet somehow she came to run WTVJ. Was she hired becasue she was a woman? Possibly. Then, a news director was hired who worked as a producer at WTVJ years in the past. She didn’t shine at that job and now she came from a fairly small market in Birmingham, Alabama where she was news director. Why was she hired? Was it because she was black and a woman?

    What happened next may be an example of the worst management decisions in television history. An assistant news director is hired who couldn’t hold a job in any other market; who couldn’t make a executive decision if his life depended on it, and who thought, thinking “outside of the box” was a code word for pretending you were not gay. Was he hired because he was gay and not a threat to the news director?

    Then, an executive producer is hired who wouldn’t make any decision without first checking with the news director. Was she hired because she was black and a woman as well. Nothing ever happened to her after she insisted that the mornign anchors report that Sean Taylor was Jason Taylor’s brother, but now she is at CNN. Go figure.

    Later, another executive producer is hired, who used to be a news director in that major market called, Toledo, Ohio. He was taken away from executive priducing because he made so many horrible mistakes and what happened next? He was promoted to manager of all things digital and, inside his fat head, he thought he was the boss of everyone. He then prodceeded to destroy the NBC website and make it a sales billboard rather than a news site. Was he also hired because he was gay?

    Over the years, these new managers pulled at procders like puppets. Producers could not build their own shows. Producers were told what to do and what to change in their newscasts, to the point that newscasts became the lame product of the managers in the back of the newsroom. Where was the encouragement to help these producers get better? Or, were they just hired so the managers could take credit for their jobs?

    Over the years, excellent hires were made: Ari Odzer, Nick Bogert, Hank Tester, Joel Conable, Amara Sohn, Sharon Lawson, Julia Yarbough, Jeff Burnside, Patricia Andreau, Pam Gigante, Bob Mayer, Kelly Craig, Paul Deanno, Jennifer Gray, Ryan Phillips. Tony Segreto, Michael Williams, Ike Seamans and several more. But, within the past two years, new hires were made from tiny markets where reporters have no or little experience to work in Miami: Tisha Lewis, Ian Wood, Josh Landon, Arlene Borenstein, Carlos Vergarra, Roxanne Vargas, Gray Hall and possibly more. They were most likey hired because NBC6’s budget was cut back so severely that no qualified reporter would work here. That made stories suffer becasue lack of experience and people tune away becasue the news they were watching didn’t inform.

    The best of your reporters and anchors were never highlighted. We never got to know the people on the sets or in the field. Stories rarely gave any depth and, when it came to breaking news, NBC6 was the History Channel.

    Last year a new face came to WTVJ. His name was Demarco Morgan. He seemed bright and seemd to have potential. But, within a few month he was thrown up on the anchor desk with Jackie Nespral. He was anchoring the 7 and 11pm newscasts. His coanchor complained that he was arrogant. Joe Rose complained that he knew nothing about sports. Demarco complaiend that he was better than Miami and was going right to New York. Was he hired and promoted so quickly becasue he was black. Why wasn’t Ari Odzer or Joel Conabel put on the anchor desk first? They certainly had more experience and talent. You have to wonder how NBC6 could promote people based on race. Idf that happened to a white person, the NAACP would be all over it.

    Then, there is the NBC6 assignment desk. Only a handful of people on that desk even know what a news story is. The rest are just bodies that react to anything with panic because they are so nervous they will lose their jobs if they miss a story. The chopper is sent to accidents that no on cares about. Reporters are sent to cover stories that other stations covered days ago and phtogs are sent to breaking news in Homestead when they are working in Pompano Beach. How does this happen? How can a television station depend on what they see in the Herald or Channel 7 to plan their rundown? Once again, I think the best was not sought after. Apparantly, a former secretary runs the assignment desk: promoted to that position becauuse she is friends with the news director. Interns also work on the desk and learn to treat photographers who have been at WTVJ for years with very little respect. Do you see the problem here? Do you wonder how a TV station that had the best in South Florida now has some of the worst?

    Hopefully, NBC will do what is smart. You have not done many smart things before Mr. Zucker. Even though you grew up in Miami watching WTVJ, you still threw it out to the curb like an old washing machine. Maybe, you will get some smart and talented people to run NBC6 and bring it out of the grave. Maybe WTVJ can be a strong number two or, maybe, maybe even number 1 someday if you make the effort. If you don’t, then you might as well just put the “For Sale” sign outside the door again and hope and pray that someone just as stupid as you will buy the place.

    WTVJ Staffer 10 years plus

  15. WTVJ staffer, you make some good points. Weak management (you left out the morning EP who was a deer in the headlights when she was a producer, and now is just a destroyer of other people’s shows), very weak and inexperienced desk (a traditional weak link at WTVJ), etc. And Jeff Zucker should be ashamed of himself for throwing WTVJ to the wolves. Well Jeff, to take a concept from one of your few entertaining shows, “My Name is Earl”, it looks like karma just made NBC its bitch. Can’t sell Hartford, can’t sell Miami, and you owe a LOT of money for The Weather Channel.

  16. I’m so glad to hear that WTVJ is off the market. It’s great to know that one of the legendary television stations in the South Florida market is here to stay for a while longer. This should be a wake-up call for them; they really need to replace the News department and all the suits with people that know what they’re doing. WTVJ set so many records in this market, in this city, in this State, and to see it go down the drain, it’s such a shame. They need to live up to their motto, and stop the flashy promos, they need to work to be, “South Florida’s News Leader.”

  17. This is great news for everyone in the market. Will you A-holes lay off of Tisha Lewis. To be honest I never even watched her on 6 until she kept getting ripped on this site daily. I don’t know who she is as a person, but she’s a good reporter and good looking as well. For her to stir up your emotions the way she does while creating a good deal of buzz just goes to show that she should be on TV. Love your haters Tisha. They are just as responsible for taking you to the top as those who like you.

  18. Great news in short team, but it just delays the inevitable. NBC doesn’t want TVJ anymore and no other buyer will step up to the plate. Sadly, within a year, that station may be gone.

  19. Exactly, Taam. No one said WTVJ was off the market. Considering the amount that NBCU shelled out for The Weather Channel and that sister-station WVIT garnered NO serious buyers, NBC still wants (and needs to) sell WTVJ. WVIT is obviously off the market since their website received the NBC makeover. NBC’s ranking, their lackluster show prospects and the overall state of the economy means that NBCU would love to have (and may very well need) an additional $150 million.

    I still think this is a perfect scenario for uncle Rupert to make his move. They made their initial offer and were quickly written off. Being patient by waiting on the sidelines may have been the plan all along. There aren’t a lot of companies out there with deep open wallets at this time.

  20. Taam and 2cents,
    The reason WVIT got the website makeover is because they were taken off the market BEFORE the website makeovers started. NBC doesn’t want WTVJ, you are correct. They don’t want any stations but NY, LA, and Chicago. And guess what, GE doesn’t want NBC anymore either and will be selling them in due time, maybe before NBC unloads WTVJ or anyone else. Frankly, I don’t think NBC is stupid enough (well they do still have Jeff Zucker, so nevermind) to keep them on the market with the economy the way it is. Maybe they could actually find a way to make money with the station.
    WTVJ’s GM claimed back in a meeting a couple of months ago, that If the sale fell through, NBC would hold on to WTVJ for a few more years until the economy picked up. They were already selling the station for way less than they paid for it. You think they want to sell it now and take a further beating? Big changes coming to NBC in the future, and WTVJ may or may not still be a part of it, including the stupid website. To be honest, I’d rather see the station shuttered up than have them devoured by one of their competitors.

    As far as Tisha goes, I’m sure it is nothing personal, she is just an example of the small market talent WTVJ is getting to replace the David Blooms, and Kerry Sanders, and Michael Williams, and Michael Putneys that have passed through those hallowed halls at WTVJ. I understand that money is a big factor, but wow, talk about a drop off in talent. I hope they find a way to keep Nick, and Ari, and Hank and the other few journalists they still have left, and maybe they can find a few diamonds in the rough they can get with the few dollars they’re apparently willing to spend.

    Good luck to them all, short term and long. They have been, and always will be the class of this market.

    Merry Christmas WTVJ

    • ER is still on! lol
      It was the loss of Seinfeld, Frasier, and Friends that ultimately ended NBC’s thrown, you can even throw in Will & Grace. Today they have “Mommas Boy” to be proud of.

  21. The issue with Tisha Lewis is not personal. It is just that she is a diva, known as “Ghetto Barbie” among photogs and she is a bithc. She spends all her time texting managers and blaming photogs for everything. She uses cliches in every sentence and never brings any feeling or depth to a story. That is a small market talent that is in Miami becasue she is black and will work for 40 thousand bucks. You can’t jump from Bakersfield to Miami without a nice little stop in between. She needs to learn better.

  22. This just means that they will sell it to someone worse.
    Doesn’t mean that GE will begin to sink millions into a business that doesn’t generate money.

    Come on now, it’s business.
    They will sell it to whoever can buy it.

    It’s like selling a house that was purchased during the sub prime market and trying to flip it today..

    Now if only wfor would go away for good…. now that’s something to celebrate

  23. I wish the best for the station. I hope they are able to turn things around. They need to take a good look at the personnel and make changes. As far as Lewis is concerned. I cannot watch her. Is she writing a riddle or a story. And, wasn’t she the reporter covering a political event and was on the air with a huge sticker on her outfit in support of Obama. HERE IS A CLUE THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE LEARNED IN SCHOOL OR SMALL MARKET. DON’T SHOW YOUR BIASED VIEWS! Where do they find reporters like this?

  24. WCIX is wrong. No one will buy WTVJ right now and probably not for a while. NBC will have to continue owneing it and making it better so it’s actually worth something. Do you really think they will take an even bigger loss in a sale becasue they are desperate. The station could be sold for 500 million and I don’t think they would take 100 million for it. Anyway, no one has 100 million right now to buy anything, especially a low rating television station that doesn’t make a good profit.

  25. Here’s the deal from the meeting we just had in New York. NBC will be buiying out anyone at the station that makes over 150 thousand dollars. Then, we will cancel newscasts and sell more air time for half hour commercials and shows that build weatlth. That is the reality. We must cut 500 million from our budget. It starts with getting rid of main anchors and overpaid talent.

  26. Dump Nespral while you’re at it. She may be a nice person, but when I heard her pronounce Tucson (as in, Arizona) Tuck-son, I wanted to smash my head through the TV; OMG! Fuck! It’s unbelievable that someone gets paid a six-figure salary, and can’t even say “Tucson.”

    Adonde mierda estamos, en Havana?


  27. folks, lets keep in mind we have no idea who “nbc new york” is… so anything he says (and for that matter, anything posted in commrnts) is all alleged and not confirmed. while the claims he makes are probable, they’re again, alleged.

  28. First off, there was no meeting up in New York. It’s a company holiday. To be honest none of the so-called “big wigs” up at 30 Rock have had the balls to come down here & tell us anything about the sale since it was announced in July, so what makes you think even could manage to drag their sorry selves in on a company holiday? WTVJ hasn’t been that important to them for the past six months, so why start now?

    When the sale was announced, we were told by these “company” people we were all assets to the sale. Then, this movement to save WTVJ started, which a good number of employees silently supported. It was called “ground clutter” by WPLG GM Dave Boylan. The TV critic at the Miami Herald compared to old soldiers who couldn’t give up fighting a war that ended a long time ago. So what are we now? I think yesterday’s announcement provides that answer.

    So, NBC New York, please save your bullsh*t propaganda. The employees at WTVJ have been through enough. It’s over. The high-powered corporations lost this battle.

    PS, for future reference, if you’re going to pose as someone on the “high chain of command” at 30 Rock, try to use spellcheck. It could really help you to sound legit, instead of a pathetic moron, who’s simply trying to scare the employees that have spent the past six months worrying about their future.

    It’s our moment now and we won’t let you have it.

  29. Well, all I can say is WOW. Big deal, but too bad more than SIXTY people have left WTVJ in the past year. Sales managers, news managers, HR managers, you name it, they all “left the Titanic” when given the chance. Even Tony knew it was time to get out!

    For those who are left, be very wary of the suits in NYC. They already threw WTVJ to the wolves and sold them to a company sure to gut the place. Now they won’t get the $205,000,000 they sorely needed, so guess what is coming now? Even more cuts company-wide. I am not sure if there was a meeting in New York today or not, but I do know this: An already “coal-filled” Christmas for the bean-counters just got a whole lot worse with this news.

    If there hasn’t been a meeting, there will be soon. Cuts are coming, but thankfully they won’t be as deep as they would have been with Post-Newsweek.

  30. It remains to be seen if an intersted buyer comes forth to acquire ownership of WTVJ. I’m still praying and hoping for either Belo, Cox, or Local TV… that 1 of them acquires ownership of the NBC station, and can work their magic.

    Whoever acquires WTVJ, I hope that their first orders of business are: hiring of new management… giving the news department a much needed turn-around. Just my thoughts.

  31. It was a brilliant or lucky move for Post Newsweek to back out of this. When the deal was announced in July, the credit crisis hadn’t set in, a major station owner like Tribune hadn’t declared Chapter 11, the auto biz hadn’t cratered completely, the recession wasn’t raging, NBC’s failed Fall scheduled hadn’t launched yet, and of course the 11pm news where TVJ and local stations generate a disproportionate share of their revenue hadn’t been dealt a ratings death sentence with the new Leno lead-in.

    Interesting note to all of this. Landmark Communications which sold the Weather Channel also sold its Nashville station only to have that deal fall through…And that’s not the first!

    Who will by TVJ? Hearst, Cox, Belo, Scripps? Who knows but like a house on the market and then pulled off, the price for TVJ has already been capped at $205 million and will only go down, especially following the coming digital transition debacle which will further erode broadcaster’s numbers and audience.

    I hope for the best for TVJ and the staff trying to persevere through this turbulence. It is my sentimental favorite. This latest chapter in the saga is bittersweet to say the least.

  32. Interesting items for all you website watchers…

    There was a previous post about the justnews.com site for WPLG. The new format now seems to be rolled out to all of the Post-Newsweek stations. It looks to be something of a standard format similar to (almost) all of the NBC O & Os. All of the other P-N station sites identify themselves with their ID/logo. All…except for WPLG. In addition, the WPLG/justnews.com site identified NBC and MSNBC as news partners. Those tags have mysteriously vanished.

    The point is someone must have been counting their chickens before they hatched over there on Biscayne Boulevard. Can you imagine the staff consolidation and programming plans that evaporated in an instant? Doesn’t it seem like there was a huge communication gap between P-N Florida and their corporate headquarters when the rug was pulled out from under all of these “plans” that already seemed to be in motion?

    Does someone have egg on his face? Simply watch Local 10 News and check the website over the next 2 weeks and see if you notice any graphics changes. It’s likely you see the “10” resurrected.

    • All the theorizing about what’s next for WTVJ and who or what could bring it back to its old standing is pointless. It really doesn’t matter what managers are brought in or who buys the station. WTVJ will never be what it once was.

      While WTVJ has declined faster than the competition, what has happened there is a model for what’s in store for all TV News operations. You may not have been alive for the birth of TV News, but you’re witnessing it’s death as we speak.

      Television journalism is on life support and the big shots are trying to pull the plug. And it’s no different for our friends at the Miami Herald, the Sun Sentinel, the Palm Beach Post and every other newspaper in this country. There are only a few seasoned reports left who know how to report. Circulation is plummeting and now South Florida newspapers are SHARING reporters for day to day news coverage. Journalism itself (real journalism) is on it’s death bed.

      What we really need to do now is figure out how to save the profession.

  33. admin,

    There are no European nations without some form of a profit driven free press. Yeah, there were some countries that used to remove the free market from the press. Nazi Germany was one. Mussonlini’s Italy. The Soviet block countries. Show me a nation without a free (profit driven) press and I’ll show you a murderous, dictatorial regime. What nations were you referring too? Curious.

    Without a profit motive who would run the “press”. The government? There is a good solution. The government runs NOTHING well. Anyone here want to work for free?

    TV News Anchor,
    Local TV news may be dying, but news on the Internet is exploding. While newspapers are falling off, their web sites are growing like mad, even in this market. So to say “journalism” is dying is not accurate. It’s just moved away from you to a new place and is responding to the needs of readers and viewers in ways local TV news has failed to do. Cable news is also in a growth mode. Dying? Not true.

    Most of what your station reports is disposable news that is easy for your station to cover. I can ignore local TV news and still be informed. That’s what you face. No sweeps piece, promotion, anchor change, or extra live shots can save you from this.

    The problem with your industry is not all the economy. Local news viewers were falling off long before the economy tanked. In short, your product is irrelevent to South Floridians and they have gone elsewhere.

    We are in the midst of an epic change and those who resist the change will become extinct. It always happens that way. WTVJ is a perfect example. No one there can accept that change is here. They are clinging to things like their “history” and the past and blah blah blah. It is no longer a theory or a prediction. Change is here. Those who embrace it will survive. Those that think they are owed and entitled to a job will be sadly disappointed.

    Most of what I read here is classic “journalist” arrogance. People who think the rules of business don’t apply, They generally have no idea of what it takes to run the business that employs them, but they think they do.

    And then there is the absurd “journalism” defense. How is it a station no one watches could have an impact on journalism? Why do we need 8 local news stations generally covering the exact same stories? It just isn’t needed anymore.

  34. that’s not what I meant
    I’m from a former Soviet country so I have an idea what it was and what it is today.

    But, if I am not mistaken, there are regulations in some countries in Europe which forbid running ads during a newscast.

    You essentially get 20+ minutes of a half hour newscast without any breaks.

    The ad breaks are before/after weather and sports only toward the end of the half-hour.

    The stations provide news as service and make most of their income from ads during other time slots – mainly shows they let outside production companies create.

    I think I’ve ready about Germany, Swedish, Lithuania and others who do this and I believe it only applies to broadcast stations.

  35. I agree with Capt. Kirk, TV news is kind of going down the drain because people are so damn busy these days they need their news on the go. That’s why online news is slowly becoming the biggest medium for news. It’s increasingly becoming the most popular form for people to get their news. Now it’s even going to cell phones. Nearly every single local TV station in the Miami market, has made their website mobile accessible, so they don’t have to navigate through all the flash and whatnot. So, people are getting their email and text alerts, and they have all the days news, and when they get home, they don’t watch that 6 PM newscast. The online medium is slowly increasing.

  36. I say consolidate ALL the news channels into one giant news department…imagine 8 – 10 SNG vans, 70 live trucks, 400 reporters, 6 news helicopters, 600 news photographers – and the new news slogan would be, “if it bleeds, it leads, but if someone farts, you’ll be damn sure we’ll be there immediately while the it still lingers in the air, heck we’ll even light a match.” The multiple anchors could do the news in multiple-part harmony.

    You can cover news from every possible angle;; you can even have a guy with a steadicam, and another with a jimmy jib, you know, for production value… Crotch cam? You betcha! The investigative reporters could investigate each other.

    And as for sports… omg reporters in the press box, on the field, in the parking lot, on a light tower (looking for oncoming blimps).

    Imagine that…parachuting in on traffic accidents…

    What would you name this giant news operation? I’d do what the Japanese do and call it “Super Amazing Breaking Action News Center.” You won’t know whether to shit or go blind when the news comes on.

  37. News freak….
    Brilliant satirical analysis. You know most of the so called “journalists”, especially the more dull minded TV strain, have no clue how they are really perceived by the public. They don’t seem to realize that TV news in this market has zero credibility anymore and they have no one to blame but themselves. Describing all the stupid stunts they do illustrates TV news will do just about anything but real reporting in order to get viewers.

    We watch local TV news for entertainment now more than for information. Who doesn’t want to see a stupid reporter standing on the beach in a hurricane take a board or a stop sign to the head?
    We all do. These “reporters” are just court jesters, they are not journalists.

    In its current state, TV news just can’t be taken seriously on anything.

  38. I only watch SVN for their fancy Quantel graphics; the music, after a while, sounds the same (sucks); it’s almost as if they hired someone who only knows how to play on the black keys, and couldn’t read a piece of sheet music if a gun was pointed at him/her. It’s easy to hold down a chord on a fancy keyboard because the arpeggiator (and software like Fruity Loops) does all the work, and is not original music, but the idiotic public doesn’t know any better. I wonder if SVN ever paid the musical group “Tangerine Dream” royalties for some of the music used OTA.

    Rosh Lowe sounds like he just stepped out of a 1940’s film, with his half-opened eyes, and his dramatic delivery. He might as well be wearing a fedora. It’s almost as if he’s mocking the story, rather than reporting it. Seriously, all of his reports should be done in black and white, and he should have a cigarette half in his mouth when he’s covering a story. I can see him behind a typewriter in a smoke-filled room talking about dames and gams (or fellas – who knows…wink). When he’s covering something tragic, using his disingenuous delivery, I just want to shake him like a rubber chicken.

    I felt genuine pity one morning for that pretty weather gal Durduh, who’s on in the morning on SVN. She either has Spasmodic dysphonia, stage fright, or there was an earthquake in the studio that morning.

    Seriously, after a while of hearing the words “cop car” and “chopper,” it makes you want to reach through the tv and strangle someone; the retardedness of it all makes me change the channel. The previous post about “Tuckson,” Arizona is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

    When dumbed-down SVN starts to get to me, I switch over to FOR. PLG has always tried to package themselves as the most reputable news team in town, and that arrogance is unacceptable (heh). Forget about TVJ; they’re a joke.

    FOR is the underdog, and they take the high road in my humble opinion. I don’t feel talked down to, and the fact they keep people like Al Sunshine and Dave Game on staff is a testament to their pursuit of quality news over fluffy shit.

    You say “in its current state, TV news just can’t be taken seriously on anything;” you can apply that to the Miami Herald as well. A friend who works there told me the highest selling copy of the Herald had Jennifer Lopez on the cover. They need to bring Tropic Magazine back.


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