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DeMarco Wants Back?!


So now that the sale is off, and things are looking up for WTVJ, (kind of…) apparently, Mr. DeMarco Morgan himself wants back in. Here’s the scoop. He algedly made a phone call late Tuesday night to the NBC 6 executive producer, and get this… allegedly wants back at WTVJ to host the 6, 7, and 11 PM news. Ha!  Now, the contract details allow for trading of on air talent  between NBC O&O stations, but i would be shocked if they let him. He bails out when the times are tuff, and then when everything is all better again, he wants back in? I don’t think so. DeMarco, as of now, is scheduled to started at WNBC a few weeks back.

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  1. I heard WNBC is telling WTVJ that if they want DeMarco back, they have to take Tom Llamas back as well. That could be the deal breaker.

  2. I would take DeMarco only if WNBC gets Nespral. He didn’t leave when the going got tough; he left because his current employer wanted to keep him under contract rather than turning over to WaPo.

  3. U guys are idiots. Demarco left bc
    the station he works for was being sold and he was probably going to loose his job. So like a lot of people at tvj and in that position he found another one. Duh which one of you would have stayed till they gave u the pink slip…those of u who didn’t get hired anywhere else.
    Jealous morons!!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas to all first of all. Now to the topic at hand. Honestly as I said on a previous post. WTVJ needs to revamp everything this also including changing talent overall around. Personally I like Jackie. She’s ok and all but but prefer her to change her duties from afternoon/latenight to something else. What you may think I guess that is not up to me. They need to bring the energy from the early morning crew into the afternoon’s and evenings. But also they need to bring FRESH new talent.

    People I like the most.
    Bob M. (absolute great talent and solid guy)
    Kelly C. (what can i say WE ALL LOVE KELLY, she’s snappy0
    Paul D. (great takeover from Roland)
    Roxanne V. (congrats on your engagement)
    Andrea B. (she left but came back because of her show was cancelled after many years on air, Great she’s back and great talent)
    Jennifer G. (she reminds me of sweet southern gal)
    Pam G. (I met your brother while he was at a local establishment, nice fellow)
    Carter (ehhh I’ve seen his work before and though its new to this market per say he could do more otherwise a no in my vote)

    Now if we can have that type of energy in the afternoon/latenight then we can see a vast improvement that I can assure you. remember people know that NBC period attract’s people the problem is to keep them tuned in.

    Might i suggest a major change to the site. NBC6.net is ok but inreflect look at a way to add more tweeks for mobile user’s especially those with blackberry, iphone, android user’s for. the rest can remain under the WAP version already shown. By the way other stations I believe chicago has a good site and also a mobile version.

    But one last comment about D. Morgan & Tom I. They both should just do this. they made their choice to move on. Let that course (that they choose) be.

  5. I am friends with DeMarco and I thinj h shoul dbe the main anchor down here. He is so good at what he does. I think he has a future anchoring Nightly News. Get rid of those fools, like Joel, Julia, Jackie and Amara. We need great cnahors in Florida like Channel 7 has.

    • It’s not often that I’m at a loss for words, but I’m at a loss for words. That comment was so… ridiculously… retarded. 7 news DOEN NOT have “great anchors.” They snatch up new, fresh, and young reporters who are just starting out and have no clue what they’re doing. Most of the reporters there are only there for experience. The only thing that 7 has going for them is flashiness, which obviously, seems to hold the tiny attention span of people such as yourself. Then, you dismiss probably some of the best talent (or rising talent in Amara’s case)in South Florida by calling them fools. I promise you, DeMarco won’t be anchoring Nightly News. On a personal note (and this is just my opinion so don’t jump on me, folks)I think DeMarco is such a typical anchor. He doesn’t have originality… and the fact that he seems to laugh on cue and read word for word from the teleprompter doesn’t help. I didn’t like the pairing of him with Jackie, and didn’t like how one day he just showed up in Miami, and the next day, he’s anchoring every freaking news show WTVJ would throw at him. I’m not being a hater, but he’s not as good as he thinks. He wanted New York, now he has it. Be happy, and enjoy the 15 degree weather. Merry Christmas!

  6. Thanks for the update. DeMarco started last weekend (or the one before), and I’ve gotta say, he just doesn’t work well with his two anchors on the weekends.

    Saturday and Sunday evenings have had solo anchors for about 6 months, so for them to stick DeMarco in suddenly just shows that they want something new. Seeing that they’re showing the door to one of the stations Veterans, he might just be the reason they get rid of his co-anchors, for fresher faces like himself.

    It’s sink or swim time at WNBC and only a few are safe, so if he wants back, he might just might get his wish.

    • He doesn’t work well with two anchors anywhere…

      He gives off this awkward vibe, and i didn’t like his on air personality (though i’ve heard he is a very nice person.) WNBC can keep him, please and thank you.

  7. I think Demarco does a great job. He obviously did something right. He is anchoring in the #1 news market in the country.

    You jelaous idiots need to get a life!

    Congratulations Demarco!

  8. I am a DeMarco fan, and I saw a pleasant personality on weekends anchoring solo. I am also a Joel fan. I am not nor will I ever be a Nespral fan, and if you think back, everyone they pair with her comes off awkward. She is a “black hole” when it comes to co-anchoring–she reminds me of Sally Fitz at 7, who brought everyone’s game down. The only time she looked competent was with Rick Sanchez–enough said. So perhaps we should stop hating on DeMarco, and possibly pairing him with Joel would not be a bad idea. Think of how awkward most of the banter between anchors is. This is where the pros like Bob Mayer and Kelly Craig shine–they play off their partners no matter who they team with. Maybe it’s time to stop hiring people in this “major” market until they’ve proven themselves in the smaller towns, hmm?

  9. I have several observations on this issue.

    First, it is clear that the current news director at WTVJ is carrying out an agenda that has not and does not reflect the viewing audience. She has hired a disproportionate number of minority reporters and anchors, many of whom are simply not seasoned or talented enough to be here.

    Now I read that DeMarco Morgan wants to come back? And by the way, only if he gets all the main shows?! This is what’s typical of the hires I’m talking about. Look at Julia Yarbough. Now there’s a woman who has earned her stripes through solid reporting and a vested interest in this community. She deserves to be at the top. You know if the $hit goes down, that woman will know what the hell she’s talking about. Oh, and by the way, she happens to be African-American.

    As for many of the newer hires, I will not name names, but others on this board have. The bottom line? When you pluck young, inexperienced, cheap reporter/anchors out of relative obscurity, put them in Miami, they begin to believe they are worthy of being here for no other reason than their “stellar” talent. Often, they pull a diva routine, or just rest on their laurels, thinking they’ve set the world on fire. Meanwhile, their photographers and other co-workers just shake their heads, as do the viewers (those you have left).

    A good manager would never put talent in a position that would make the station look bad. If you must have an agenda, and you must hire cheap, PLEASE hire those who are smart enough to know they still have a lot to learn and were given a break by a woman whose heart is much bigger than her sense of balance.

  10. Well said Mr. Elroy. Mr. Gables, I dont hate Demarco. I enjoyed watching him on the weekends when he first started, and I especially enjoyed his reporting. He was good, but I believe he reports a lot better then when he anchors. Im upset that a lot of really good talent that had been at WTVJ a lot longer than Demarco, were passed over for a main anchor job in order to accommodate Mr. Morgan. Now that he agreed to move up North for fear of being axed by Post Newsweek, he wants to come back and take Joel and Julia’s new position away. NO WAY MAN! Mr. Gables, I would love to see him come back, maybe he can anchor weekend mornings again. What do u think?

  11. This message is for the Gables. You are obviously young and not well versed in local news. Just becasue you go to the number 1 market, doesn’t mean you are at the top of your game. I live in New York and watch all the stations. WNBC is in last place. Their news sucks and they are firing all the talent that has been there fo ryears making top dollar. I watched Demarco report and anchor up here and he is lost. Maybe he will learn, but I can’t help but focus on his nose. I guess I should be more tolerant. But, just because you work in a big market, doesn’t mean you are big market quality. I think Demarco was one of the only people they could get cheaply up here. They needed minorities and no one else would work for so little. The Daily News reported a few weeks back that WNBC is paying anchor around $100 thousand. That’s a big different compared to the 600 thousand dollar reporters and million dollar anchor we had for years.

  12. Don’t misunderstand the happenings in NY. The only reason WNBC is currently sinking so badly is because of it’s lead in’s and out’s. Judge Judy and Oprah are powerhouses, and if you really think people are tuning in for WCBS’s A-team, you are mistaken. WNBC is a trailing 3rd out of 5 stations.

    I think it’s a silly mistake to put a brand new face at an anchor seat, regardless if it’s only during the weekends, while his co-anchors have crawled for years to where they are now.

    But who knows, the cutbacks have only started at WNBC.

  13. I’d very much assume that WNBC keep Demarco and Tom, instead of returning them to WTVJ.

    The way I’m seeing it… NBC neglecting its South Florida O&O, but perfering to fix its New York O&O instead. That sounds like a “double standard”.

    I don’t have too much of a clue as to how NBC treats its San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Hartford-New Haven stations. Like WNBC, I assume NBC treats its L.A., Philly, Chicago, and D.C. O&O’s like royalty too. I still hope that an interested buyer will come forward, and eventually acquire ownership of WTVJ.


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