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Pam Giganti Retires from WTVJ

WTVJ NBC6 Miami anchor Pam Giganti

She’s not of retirement age yet but WTVJ morning anchor Pam Giganti is moving on and out of the news business, at least as far as WTVJ is concerned. Giganti is retiring from the station after 14 years as a morning anchor with her last day on-air just a couple weeks away!

“Pam is a veteran newswoman who has been an integral part of the NBC 6 family for 14 years and who has made countless contributions along the way. We wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement,” said Migdalia Figueroa, Vice President of News, NBC 6.

Giganti anchored the morning news on WTVJ for 14 years, she joined the station in 2001. Prior to that Pam Giganti arrived in South Florida as an anchor of WSVN’s 7News, in 1996 the station promoted her to co-anchor of 7News at 5pm along with Rick Sanchez, and 7News at 6:30pm with Lynn Martinez.

Surprising but may not a totally unexpected development, what with Jawan Strader suddenly being moved to anchor evenings with Jackie Nespral when the morning audience really seemed to like him and Pam together.



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  1. She is aces! Best female anchor for the morning news at any station. Always looked and sounded ready to do her job. Channel 4 is a revolving door, 7 just good, 10 all misfits. Very competent. Good luck Pam and thanx for great wakeup smile.

  2. Aww, I’m sad 🙁

    When I first arrived in South Florida 17 years ago, I used to watch Pam as one of the rotating anchors on the WSVN morning newscast (along with Shaun Robinson and John Turchin). Then later at NBC6. Although I am probably in the minority, I really enjoyed the all-ladies NBC6 morning broadcast, with Pam and Roxanne Vargas, Nathalie Pozo and Shiri Spear. Good luck to Pam in her next phase.

  3. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear you will no longer be part of my morning. Hope your retirement is everything you want. I remember when my mornings were you, Roxy & Trina. I loved it, but everything has to change. Good luck.

  4. This is just one more reason to not watch NBC6/WTVJ (I stopped watching years ago). All their senior, good talent has left (is leaving). The replacements just don’t measure up. I loved Pam & Bob Mayer, Ryan Phillips in the mornings, Jawan was good too. Not that our market is beaming with awesome talent, I don’t think any channel here has that market cornered. Thank You Pam, you were like family and definitely will be missed.

  5. Omg really??? I was literally in tears this AM when I was watching at 6 am n they said Pam is leaving!!!! It’s so weird like I know her after all these years like she’s the type of person u just want to hang out with. So down to earth n welcoming. I don’t blame her though. Family is THE most important thing n getting up at 2:15 am for all those years!!! Sad but happy for you Pam. Life is good. Enjoy!!!

  6. Flags should be flying at half staff. Pam always is sincere and personable and a ray of sunshine on one of our many rainy days. Hate to see the good ones go and I can remember her when she started out and real pleasing appeal has only increased. Let’s only hope Jackie and Trina will follow her out the door and bring in some new blood at 6. Pam, you were head and shoulders above your morning competition. BOL.

  7. I can’t help but think this wasn’t entirely her decision and management was planning on moving her to weekend anchor duties and/or full time reporting and she told them to go pound sand.

  8. I will miss you Pam. I started watching you when I moved here from the northeast. You are a class act no one else can follow. Best wishes to you thanks for your sincerity.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pam shows up at a competing station in 6 months (assuming she has to adhere to a non-compete clause). As for which station would hire her… I could see WFOR CBS 4 coming closest to hiring her, if CBS management thinks she could play a role in turning their fortunes around. Not sure if she’s cut out for evening shift (5, 6, and 11PM), or if she’d prefer to remain in the earlier shift (Morning and Noon)… or in a reporter/fill-in anchor or commentator role. I’m not sure that WSVN 7 would want her back… or if WPLG Local 10 would be interested in her. And I doubt that one of the cable TV providers in Florida would want to invest in a new cable only news operation for Miami-Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach markets (similar to Bright House Networks’ Bay News 9 & News 13) anytime soon either.

  10. Channel 4 really needs a new female morning anchor because the one on there is like and little girl and does not know jack about sports so her talking to Joe Rose is a complete waste of air time. She loves giggleing and talking about her famil not athoritative and convincing which is needed for that chair.

  11. Pam on her twitter account says: “She is retiring from mornings not tv news.” I think she might be going to channel 10 because there are some former wsvn employees including the general manager who have worked with Pam on channel 7. Channel 10 lured Julie Durda why not Pam Giganti? Since she retired from mornings, I see her doing the early evening shift like 4PM or 5PM maybe giving Laurie or Calvin more time with family? I do believe that NBC forced Pam out just like they did with Diana, Hank, Kelly, Bob, Nick. Those personalities there kept viewers watching. The new morning team on NBC6 sucks and Bob, Pam, Lonnie was the best morning team. They need to bring back Don Browne and Yvette Miley back those were the ones that kept the familiar faces on the WTVJ despite NBC owned stations wanting to get rid of them. I don’t see Pam going to Channel 4 or Channel 7.

  12. This is the worst news…
    Pam was a knockout in every way..
    Stunning woman, great on air delivery…
    Class, class, class…
    I would love ? to see her at 10.
    10 needs to get rid of the Correa chick. She sucks.
    Love Julie durda, Laurie Jennings… What happened to Jen Herrera? She was a class looking lady herself…

    • Totally agree. Correa is an air head ditz that acts awkward in front of the camera. She gets stumped every time an anchor tries to banter with her. When you pay minimum wage this and Acosta are what you are stuck with. No one watches.

      • Yep, well MJ Acosta is now all the way across the country, doing sports (!) at a station in San Diego. That ouhgta be interesting! 🙂

  13. I always loved watching Pam Gigianti on Channel 6 news every morning. If there was an announcement regarding her leaving, I missed it and have been looking for her since the first of this year. I hope to see her again soon as she is definitely one of the best. I would not be surprised if we saw her coming from some big news show out of New York.


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