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Demarco Morgan now with Jackie N at 7pm


Word’s coming down the pike NBC 6 management promoted DeMarco Morgan to a co-anchor of South Florida Nightly News at 7pm. They’ve been sampling him alongside Jackie Nespral for a while now and just made a decision to keep him there.

DeMarco joined WTVJ in August of 2007 from WISN, the ABC affiliate in Milwaukee, Wis. as a weekend mornings anchors and weekday reporter.

DeMarco Morgan bio at NBC6.net
Jackie Nespral bio
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  1. NBC has been trying to win their time slot. Given whats changing on 10 and 4, time for 6 to rework their team. Jackie has to cost $$$ and does not deliver results. Tony is
    also a heavy hitter; time for him to move aside.

  2. I dont get the people at WTVJ. They’re paying Nespral mega bucks and the they cant get out of the rut they’re constantly in. JACKIE ISNT WORKING. You need a new lead female anchor for half the price. I have seen DeMarco a few times. he is good. Hope he works out. And if he doesnt, they will move him and not Nespral.

    Theyy need to face reality. People are not suddenly going to tune into Nespral.

  3. I have a idea WTVJ should give Nespral n Segreto there walkin papers. Then lets bring Beatriz Canals back as WTVJ,s new female anchor.

  4. They may get rid of Jackie since they will wan tto sell the station and make the books look good to any buyer. A 300 thousand dollar anchor doesn’t look good to a new owner. Same is true for Tony and Joe Rose. I also think they may move Joel Connable and Paul Deanno to other NBC owned stations since they both make lots of money. We all thought Joel would be in New York by now. His contract is coming up. As for Paul, he’s been telling people he wants out but who knows where he will go. Demarco will not help ratings. He anchored the 7 for two weeks and the ratings dropped. The rest of the staff make very little compared to those guys, so they can stay since a new buyer won’t mind paying them. The old WTVJ is gone forever. Now we can celebrate Tisha Lewis and Tom Llamas giving us their collegiate, or high school news.

  5. In response to “The Gables,” Demarco is black and cheap because he is just that. Putting Demarco Morgan on the 7pm is an economic move for the station and a racial one. WTVJ isn’t going to put a high priced anchor on that show since that is why they put Jackie there alone in the first place. It was just too expensive. WTVJ wants diversity, so they put a black guy on the show who isn’t paid a lot of money. He came from Milwaukee. I would assume Demarco is being paid in the low figures since WTVJ has been going to low route. He’s barely been in Miami for six months. The news director is black. It is obviously an economic move and one to make NBC6 look more racially diverse. Demarco is a good anchor, but he isn’t that good. He needs some experience. If you ever watch Demarco anchor, he has that typical generic anchor delivery. There isn’t much personality or substance yet, He will get that over time.

  6. If NBC is putting people on the air becauss of the colr of their skin isn’t that racists? If they did that with a white person, they would be sued by teh NAACP. WTVJ is beginning to look like BET. What do they think? Black people aren’t watching them. Most blacks are watching WSVN. We need good news anchors on the desks, not black news anchors just becasue they are black. Why wasn’t Joel Conable put on that newscast? Why wasn’t Tony put back on the air. I know when I see those two, I watch the news. When I see Demarco, Tisha, that guy Gray, I change the channel. They feel very small market. I think NBC6 is setting themselves up for a discrimination lawsuit. Tony demoted becasue of age and others demoted becasue of race. Hmmmm.

  7. THESE COMMENTS ARE RACIST! Put a black face on the air and WTVJ is showing favoritism. Give me a break! The only thing that needs to be said is that, “You know their names and they don’t know yours”. Why can’t you congratulate? Sat Center Girl, you need to stay in your center and aspire to do what they are already doing. Demarco, Tisha, Gray, Julia, Trina, Calvin, Terrell, Jawon, Shomari, etc. and every other black face in Miami do what you do.

  8. These comments are awful. Its like we can’t try anything different without getting these crazy comments? There may be a million reasons why he was chosen and not someone like Joel. Perhaps because Joel anchors the CW news? Maybe he was asked and he asked for a raise and was turned down??? who knows what all the reasons for the choices that are made here. But the bottom line is that he is a good anchor. When he gets more experience and his own style he is going to be great. I like the energy he brings and the fact that he writes his own reports rather than having a writer do it is really impressive to me. Lets give people a change regardless of color and stature and use this site to comment on things that will help us improve our industry rather than demoralize it.

  9. Miss V I agree, News images should reflect the community. The community is more than half black, be it African American, Black Cuban, Carribean, Dominican, etc. Faces like DeMarko, Tisha, Calvin are long overdue. DeMarko is a good anchor/ class act, whether he’s young or not is relative. Tisha tells great stories and her looks stunning, I doubt her race has anything to do with her position. Calvin is incredible and credible. These comments are completely racist and unfounded. Diversity does not equal racism, it equals diversity.

  10. Joel doesn’t just anchor the CW news. He is also the weekend anchor at NBC and he also anchors all the NBC newscasts when the normal anchors are not there. Just so you all get the facts right. As for Tisha telling great stories????? Wow, I think someone is on drugs here. Does anyone else think Tisha is a great reporter??? I think we should discuss goo dstorytelling and rate the reporters. Wat makes her good??

  11. Jeff,

    Your argument is weak and tiring. Demarco is a qualified anchor who just so happens to be black. He has a great presence, a solid delivery, and credibility.

    In addition, stop stereotyping black people you bigot. I know plenty of African Americans who watch PLG, FOR, and TVJ.

    You also typed, “We need good news anchors on the desks, not black news anchors just because they are black.” How do you know Demarco was hired “just because he was black?” Were you involved in the hiring process?

    Moreover, Joel and Tony aren’t behind the desk at 7pm because the ratings did not improve under their leadership.

    You also stated, “When I see Demarco, Tisha, that guy Gray, I change the channel.”

    Jeff. That doesn’t surprise me. Why would a racist such as yourself watch good, qualified, TV talent that just so happens to be black?

    Do you work at a TV station in Miami? I sure hope not.

  12. I feel sorry for the black reporters and anchors who have deal with racism from people like “Jeff” and “Sat Center.” I hope they know not all white people share these racist views and opinions.

    Jeff and Sat Center are a minority.

    I really like this blog because it shows that racism is alive and well in our society. Thank you Jeff and Sat Center. I will share your comments with people who believe that racism doesn’t exist.

  13. I have always defended the ability to give opinions on this site, but I a terribly disappointed with the level Jeff and especially Sat Center stooped to. You guys are racists and should be banned from the site. “Black and cheap” is offensive regardless of how you meant it.

  14. I agree Mr. Jambboi – but nobody has brought up Willard Sheperd, he is a black man and has been at WTVJ for over 10 years. Plus he has anchored every single newscast at one point or another. Demarco is not bad, but he has only been here for six months. Someone said that he Demarco dosen’t have a distinctive delivery style, that may or may not be true, but Willard does. Froget race, it dosent matter to the average person. I dont care what studies show, they are wrong! And although Jeff came across as extremley prejudice in his last few comments (notice how i made my point without calling him names Mr. Gables), I agree with him that WTVJ’s talent has been extremley ametourous (allow me to invent a new word). Although I do like Tisha Lewis, she seems to be the best of the new reporters, her and Steve Litz. But back to my main point, willard shepard deserved that promotion alot more then Demarcoo did!!!

  15. Just to make a point… Joel Connable anchors the number one newscast on the weekend sin Miami. His numbers do show that people like him. He brings the ratings up all the time and is one of the best and most liked people at our station. That’s juts poiunt that I wanted to make after someone said the ratings didn’t show results when Joel anchored.

  16. Joel should be the mainm anchor at WTVJ soon!!! If not he will be packing his bags real soon and going somewhere else where his talent is used in the right way. He is the best anchor/personality WTVJ has hired in over five years.

    WTVJ execs you better move quick. NY or LA will have Joel in no time. Even the networks are after him.

  17. I’m not sure if Joel will go to Los Angeles. That’s where he came from. he worked at KCBS and KCAL( for three years. As for New York, he left WTVJ for several weeks to anchor on MSNBC and Early Today fr the network. They probably will want him to go up there. That’s what usuallly happens with WTVJ anchors and reporters. What do you all think about Joel anchoring with Jackie? I think Joel woul dbe great anchoring a 5pm newscast. I wish NBC would bring back a 5 and 5:30 full of news and not like that hou rlong crap they had before.

  18. Is it just me or is anyone else distracted by his gigantic nose? That thing takes up almost half of his face. From time to time I catch myself just staring at his nose instead of listening to what he is saying.

  19. Who are you talking about? Demarco or Joel? I assume you mean Demarco’s nose becasue I think Joel has a normal sized nose. I can’t believe we are talking about noses.

  20. DeMarco has been telling us photogs that he is Jackie’s replacement. He says they brought him in to shake things up and bring a newsy feeling back to South Florida. He can be arrogant sometimes.


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