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DOJ Kills Richmond, VA CBS-FOX Duopoly


In light of the DOJ involvment into the WTVJ-WPLG merger I thought this was interesting.

Sinclair Broadcasting made a move to buy WTVR, the CBS affiliate in Richmond, VA, from Raycom Communications while still owning WRLH, the FOX affiliate in the same market.

All was said and done until the DOJ rejected the deal last month. Sinclair says they were going to sell WRLH to Carma Broadcasting LLC to avoid owning two stations in the same market but DOJ still rejected them. I’m guessing here that WRLH and WTVR are in the top 4?

DOJ didn’t specify why they rejected the acquisition leaving Sinclair to guess that it might have something to do with their duopoly. Apparently DOJ can nix any deal without giving a reason.

found via Save WTVJ blog



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