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Former WSVN Reporter Arrested on Drug Charges


Remember Lynn Gordon? One day she was reporting on 7 the next she was gone. June 26 2006 is when I blogged it and many of us wondered what happened to her.

Well … The Miami Herald is reporting today that Gordon was stopped on November 15 for improper turn on red. The cop noticed “what appeared flakes of powder cocaine”, that “field tested positive” for cocaine. Also a “small green straw”, oxycodone pills and carisoprodol “in a wrapper in her purse”.

She was charged with possession of the pills without prescription, drug paraphernalia possession, DUI, doing 50Mph in 35Mph limit zone.

Her attorney says she has prescription for the pills and that in regard to the cocaine charges he has “serious legal issues” regarding the traffic stop”. And that “she’ll be fine”

Sad if true.
She needs help!

MiamiHerald – Drug charges for former TV reporter
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  1. Cheap shot by our lovely NBC affiliate tonight. Full screen Graphic reads WSVN REPORTER ARRESTED.
    It should have read FORMER.
    They’ll try anything.

  2. Poor Lynn. Why does she need help? Maybe, but maybe not.

    What do you think the results of drug testing for recreational drugs among tv types would show? I think we all know what it would show. And for most, it is not different than a few drinks of a night.

    Granted, if you are going to report on such arrests against others in the public eye, be prepared to suffer the same if caught.

  3. Taking some prescription drugs is one thing Leagalggal, but driving under the influence of coacain is a whole differnet story.

    And I’d have to wonder what the attorney’s so called “serious legal issues” regarding the traffic stop” are. Was it the fact she made an illeagal turn on red or was it the fact she was doing 50 in a 35 mph zone? I got a ticket less than 2 years ago for doing 45 in a 35 zone.

  4. From my experience, I have nothing but good things to say about the FBI. Naturally there are exceptions but I haven’t run into any. Certainly had far worse experiences with the CIA. I don’t want to go into details but my case is similair to this mans Ex CIA Agent Boris Korczak


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