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Former WTVJ Employee’s Take on WTVJ Sale


Chez Pazienza best known on the internets as the CNN producer fired for blogging without CNN’s permission has written a rather long and quite scathing commentary on who and what caused WTVJ to fail and the station’s sale to Post-Newsweek.

Chez is a South Florida native and worked in various capacities at WSVN, WPLG and WTVJ until 2000.

If you’ve read DeusExMalcontent you know when it comes to criticizing the media, or anything, he’s not holding back. Below some excerpts. You can read Into Thin Air yourself here

On the deal:

This is a business deal in every possible connotation, and with the harsh reality of that firmly in mind, the only logical and cost-effective move WPLG’s management has is to completely dismantle WTVJ’s newsroom and sell syndicated programming to advertisers in the space where the station’s newscasts once ran.

This makes the most sense. It’s what’s most likely to happen. And it’s fucking criminal.

On WTVJ’s demise

When I left WTVJ to move to Los Angeles in 2000, the entire organization was preparing to relocate to a new state-of-the-art facility that would put it leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors in terms of technology. The future didn’t just look bright for the station, which was consistently placing at or near the top of the ratings; it seemed as if the very best days of its storied tenure were ahead of it. What wound up happening, however, could literally be written up as a how-to manual for those curious about the most effective means of running a television operation right into the ground: Arrogance trumped execution; a seemingly incompetent general manager — a woman named Ardy Diercks — was hired and began making one inexplicable decision after another; true journalists were trampled underfoot or let go altogether while pretty faces were pampered; opportunities were squandered; morale plummeted in conjunction with falling ratings and the feeling that the station’s glory days were fading into the collective rearview mirror; as it so often does, failure bred failure. In the words of a fellow ex-employee of WTVJ — a former co-worker of mine — the station died years ago, it just took this long for someone to finally put it in the ground.

On WPLG GM David Boylan

On the front line anyway, Boylan is in charge of facilitating Post-Newsweek’s takeover of WTVJ. His official title is Vice President and General Manager of WPLG, which to all but the most inherently distrusting betrays nothing of the pitch black reality of who Dave Boylan is, what his responsibilities are, and the legacy of scorched earth that he’s left in his wake as he’s honed his reputation for being one of the most admirably skilled corporate hatchet men in the business of local TV. Boylan represents, quite frankly, everything that’s wrong with, and utterly deplorable about, today’s television industry — all wrapped up in one slick, discomforting package. If you could figure out a way to slap a threateningly charming Cheshire grin on a locust — or any creature which travels from place to place, consuming every resource the locals hold dear, then moving on — you’d have Boylan. What’s worse, he and those who think like him stand as the unavoidable future of market-level media.


  1. Chez is absolutely right on just about everything in that post. i urge anyone who hasn’t yet, to hop on over and read the whole thing, not just the snippets posted here. also check out the follow up to that post, “broken news”

    When Chez was producing WTVJ’s 11, they kicked ass and took names. He was a producer with a brain who wasn’t afraid to do what was right. a dying breed on both counts in this business.

  2. Chez is completely right in everything he says. He is a top-notch producer who knew what he was doing. We could use him back at WTVJ. Maybe, he can turn that ship around before it’s too late. We need people that are more like him these days.

  3. I am so sick and tired of hearing how management brought down WTVJ. NBC6 has one of the best managements in South Florida. Our executive producer at night is from a major market in Texas. The problem with NBC6 is the reporters and anchors. How can we produce quality news when you have amateurs delivering it? NBC has the worst reporters and anchors in the market, from Tisha Lewis who can’t speak English to Tom Llamas sounds like a robot to Gray Hall who just graduated from college and DeMarco Morgan who’s nose distracts you from whatever crap he’s saying. Then there’s Paul “I’m better than you” Deanno and Hank “lets take a look ” Tester and, of course, Joel “I know everything about TV – Look at me I worked in Los Angeles” Connable. Our assignment desk works so hard to get exclusive stories and our reproters and anchors don’t know what to do with them. The reproters and anchors should all be fired.

    • First and foremost, Gray Hall just ddin’t graduate from college. He’s been in the business for many years and deserves to be in Miami. I’ve seen his work in Miami, and is doing a stellar job. Secondly, I worked with Gray Hall in Charleston and was one of the best reporters in the market, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Sorry, you are wrong. Gray Hall is minor league talent at best, not worthy of a major market. ON the other hand, WTVJ and WSVN have pretty much led the Miami market’s charge to third-rate status in the overall scheme of things. So, I guess Gray does fit within the ranks of mediocrity filling my TV screen.

  4. This guy “Chez” is a idiot. If you get a chance ask him why got fired from WPLG, if he even remembers working there.

  5. Hey Mark, are you saying I’m disgruntled or are you saying that to 10pm Producer? I’m not disgruntled I left happily on my own and I am upset that WTVJ has been sold. As for Chez he is the master of controversy. He doesn’t mince words! Great writer, good news judgement no need to dredge up a past indiscretion.

  6. YAAAAA right… working in Texas ( she’s a joke!!!) makes the EP a know it all. Having worked there..it’s managment….chasing other stations for the answers doesn’t cut it….I guess that’s why WTVJ is called the history channel. Maybe the new owners will wake up and fire everyone from the GM to the Chief photog!!!! Lack of news judgement can come from Texas, N.D. and the GM. Last place in the ratings is no excuse!!!

  7. He is absolutely right on about Dave Boylan. Just ask the parade of class acts who have left – or have been forced to leave – Channel 10 during the five years he’s been GM there.


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