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Group Against WTVJ Sale Responds to Herald TV Critic Comments


The Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which is trying to stop the WTVJ merger, has responded to what Herald TV Critic Glenn Garvin had to say about WTVJ merging with WPLG.

Garvin called those opposing the sale “a ragtag collection of WTVJ employees worried about layoffs, addled anti-corporate activists and cynical political opportunists”.

In the letter the coalition points to something interesting. When NBC was buying Telemundo in 2003 they argued to the FCC that the takeover should be approved because Telemundo competes in a separate market.

You can read the whole letter here


  1. Glenn Garvin is a hack. The Herald bears a strong resemblance to NBC6, a once proud institution now being run by half-wits. Garvin and idiots like Dan LeBatard typify what passes for journalism. It is no accident that the first-rate guys like Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen rarely go near One Herald Plaza anymore. Garvin is better suited to hacking at Fox, as their right-wing dimwit agenda matches up well with his half-assed view of the world. Miserable putz.


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