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Hi from Seattle


I has arrived!
Sheesh, finally made it.

Sunday evening actually but Mariott apparently doesn’t give much love to their Courtyard digs so I had to leach WiFi from somebody with an open connection and didn’t want to type passwords that someone could be sniffing.

What a trip!

America is one great big giant country. By car. It’s like it has no end. Driving trough Kansas especially! Damn. Going 80+ mph the scenery is so similar if it weren’t for tire noise you’d think you were barely moving. Driving trough Dallas was pretty insane, almost like Miami.

And what’s with closing rest stops and not saying a thing about it?! Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma I’m talking to you! Just because we use you to get from point A to point B doesn’t mean you can close all rest stops without putting signs up.

Denver was alright. Wat with backward highway exits though? East on left side, west on right side! Or is Florida backwards? Hm. It was 48 degrees when we arrived. Cold enough to have steam coming out of the mouth when talking outside.

Although we blew trough Salt Lake City I have to say … those mountains were awesome. Probably one place I wouldn’t mind living in for a while. Loved it from whatever little we saw.

We’re still sleeping on the floor until tomorrow, and have yet to wake up to a view of the mountains nearby. And I’m typing this on the floor too so right now we’re worse off than a Japanese condo. I’m not going to be around much until we get something to sit on.

It’s raining. 4 days in and I’ve seen something that looks like sun light uummm … 4-5 times. And a bit of blue sky trough cloud gaps. Rain comes on without warning too.

It looks like troughout the area they are packed tighter than the people living on Miami Beach. It feels like they’re on top of each other. Even the old old houses are very close to each other! And those hills … my ears still pop going downhill.

Tried walking the hills of Tacoma looking for apartment and just about died 15ft later. They can give you a heart attack and your car 0 mpg mileage.

Haven’t seen a peep of the local tv stations yet. We gave the inlaws our flat screen TV because the car was overloaded. But at least there’s the internets.

Ok enough rambling my ass is starting to merge with the floor I think. I’m off to enjoy the rain and clouds.


  1. Don’t know yet. For now we’re operating on the assumption it’s for 3 months.

    My partner had a new contract job so I went with him

    Winter hasn’t hit yet so I don’t know, but I suspect I’ll be flying back home by October or at least occasionally if he wants to stay longer. Personally I’m not really a fan of the area or living in this time zone, though the view is nice, no offense to anyone from around here 🙂

  2. Seattle is beautiful. i use to live there. Dont move to tacoma is to seattle as hollywood is to fort lauderdale. there are nice parts to it but Tacoma STINKS stay in seattle its fun. and btw you have to go to underground seattle its soooo coool

  3. Have yet to drive around Seattle
    We’re not settled permanently just temporary for now. I’ll have to drive around and look for something that we’d want to stay long term and that I can drive to and from the airport since I’ll be spending time down in sofla.

    What’s under Seattle? As long as I dont have to ride on a subway I’ll have a look 😀

    Alex that’s coz you’re such a power blogger the server couldn’t handle you and just died

  4. LOL seattle doesn’t have a subway system, but they have a very good metro system. Underground seattle is the old seattle. There was a huge fire and instead of rebuliding everything they just built on top of it. Its very cool to see. Also pikes marketplace is cool too


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