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Jorge Estevez and Cynthia Demos are Office Spouses


The Miami Herald profiled ‘office spouses’ and featured CBS4 News anchors Cynthia Demos and Jorge Estevez.

The two say they instantly clicked when they worked together at WFTV-9 in Orlando and consider themselves to be an office couple.

I always thought they had great chemistry together, it shows on TV they’re friends. Too bad management split them.

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  1. Wow. The Herald has an agreement with WFOR and they do a story on WFOR anchors. GO figure. They are the lowest rated morning newscast in Miami so why do we care about them? becasue CBS management is worried about ratings and wanted a story done, so they called the Herald. I would think the Herald would have better ethics to do stories on morning teams that have made it work. Jorge and that other lady are awful and that is why no one watches their morning news. Sorry to be so cynical, but it’s the truth, isn’t it???

  2. They ARE horrible and NOW, to make matters worse, Jim Berry will be the anchor in the morning? JESUS CHRIST… what are these higher up’s at that station thinking? THATS WHERE THE CHANGES REALLY NEED TO BE MADE AND ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t think they’re horrible. Probaly because I don’t work for their competitors. lol
    Someone that needs extreme change is WTVJ. WFOR might not be in best shape but over all its doing better than poor wtvj, and its not recent like 4, wtvj has been in the dumps for a couple of years now. Dont be jealous of the advantage 4 has with being with the Herald.

  4. It shows how dysfunctional the WFOR/Herald partnership is…The Herald runs a fluff piece basically promoting FOR’s morning show and its perfect couple anchors. And FOR higher-ups follow-up the positive press by breaking up the team and demoting one of the anchors. Wow! Now that’s media synergy!

  5. Frankly I am glad he’s off the air in the morning! I workout everyday I and my gym had the CBS feed in the monitors.Simply stated: he’s obnoxious; he missed his calling in life: he should be reporting for ET or those TV tabloids. Maybe he should fill in for Pat O’ Brien when he’s too drunk to anchor. Jorgito good luck…

  6. Just to respond the Channel 7 Newsplex Fan – WFOR is the lowest rated morning newscast in Miami. WTVJ was not in the dumps for years, in fact they beat everyone in the mornings up until Lonnie Quinn left the station. Now, WTVJ is very strong, beating WFOR and WPLG. Channel 7 claims they beat WTVJ in the mornings, but Channel 7 averages four or three hours, I forget, when WTVJ is only on for two. Replacements may be in order for all stations, including Channel 7 where the two women look like aliens and the guy is boring as hell. Personality needs to rule the mornings and dumb managers don’t know anything about that,

  7. Here’s a thought. What if the Herald reporter, who if you watched you’d know is a frequent guest on the program, came up with the story on her own after talking with the anchors. You know, reporters do that. You’re also assuming someone at the Herald cleared the story with FOR management before doing it. You don’t really know that, do you? You are assuming WFOR management arranged the story, but you know what happens when you assume. If the people making these claims had, well, a pair, they’d call Jorge and ask him. But, it’s easier to make things up and leave hostile comments which may have no basis in reality. At least WFOR is trying something new. Here’s a novel idea: why not let them make the changes and THEN rip them a new arse?

  8. That woman cynthia is so annoying. The two think that the morning show is all about them. The whole show is to entertain eachother. THey forget about why they are there: the viewer. Jorge needed to be off that show, his head was growing by the minute. It’s nice to be humbled.

  9. You think anyone is gonna watch Jim Berry? He is a no talent slob whovtries to be funny but isn’t. I would rather watch my great grandma in Puerto Rico deliver the news than Jim Berry. Wake up WFOR and please don’t make us all sick !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well isn’t My33 news at 10pm the lowested rated newsin that time period? If so then maybe Erika and Juwan need to go also. Since we are splitting Jorge and Cynthia up.

  11. Anyone who knows anything about news partnerships knows that Ch4 has the power to influence stories or at least suggest stories like this one on the PR level. Granted Ch4 doesn’t have any say on the Herald’s real news stories, but the reason they have the agreement is to promote each other. You are ignorant if you think it’s just about sharing news. It is all about promotion.

    Jorge is a dope, at least he is on air and he is also a girl. Go out and hire a normal male please. They still exist.

    Going to a 5 day a week reporter is a demotion. Pure and simple. I am sure he is on the phone with his agent every minute of the day crying “get me out of here!”.

  12. Fins: you hit the spot! you echoed everything my perceptions on that clown. And yes, he’s probably crying to his agent. Ship him out

  13. Jorge is not a dope. Nor is he a girl. Jorge is a sexy piece of meat. You think Fat slob Jim Berry is gonna bring CBS 4 ratings? LOL, yeah he is gonna take them to the number #1 spot. Just like the CW network will be number 1 network one day. Jim Berry equals messy, unfunny, bore.

  14. To answer a few questions: My 33 is the lowest rated, but I was just counting network news affiliates. CBS4 is the lowest rated in the morning with WPLG in second and WTVJ in first. WSVN can’t really be counted since they are three hours, but they sometimes beat WTVJ at certain hours. I heard the Jorge was seen at WTVJ this week talking with managers but I don’t think we are hiring.

  15. bottom line is wfor is doing really bad and they are desperate for numbers111111 Plus both of them are the worst anchors, as well as natalia zea.

  16. Rumor at WTVj is Bob Mayer and Tony Segreto are retiring. Hetal Ghandi’s contract was not renewed. Tisha Lewis will be let go and so will Ian Wood. We have also heard that the 7pm newscats will be replaced by another show soon becasue ratings are in the toilet. Has anyon heard anything else?

  17. By the way, Jorgito was doing his former duty in today’s show. Gone was the Smart A– smile! I wonder why?

  18. I think Jackie will stick around because she is under contract. Jackie is good to watch, but she just needs some help when it comes to real news. She can’t handle it by herself. Shes a total anchorette and not a journalists. She needs a TOny or Joel to be by her side. Now on the 7pm, we have noticed that DeMarco can not hadle breaking news either. He is totally lost and can’t adlib.

  19. I think WSVN should hire Jorge n put him with Christine, Diane and Richard in the morning. If not WTVJ could hire him and pair him with Pam in the mornings. Like WTVJ is anyone really watchin WFOR? I mean wether its the morning news or evening news. How many people turn to Wfor for there news fix?

  20. I personally prefer WFOR / My 33 news in the morning if Jorgie is on. I f my Jorgie is not on I gotta watch me some Kristi on WPLG for morning n noon news. For my afternoon and evening news WSVN 7news is my choice with Ms. Belkys Nerey and Lynn Martinez. For my weekend news I gotta watch sexy Reed on 7news. I hope they keep Rob on WPLG weekend news!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jorge and Cynthia have great chemistry. I remember watching them in Orlando, and they were wonderful. I’m going to miss them in the mornings, but hopefully, the new pairing of her with Jim will work. Things can only get better, ’cause they can’t get worse, can they?

  22. They can get worse. I predict with Jim Berry we will see just how low they can sink. I agree Jorge and Cynthia have great chemistry.

  23. The numbers on that show have been low for years because there is no consistency. The managers need to give the team a chance. The four people on the show now have only all been together for 2 or 3 months. DEAR MANAGERS–It takes alot longer than that!!!!!!
    They are the best foursome in the morning. just look at the competition.

  24. tryit
    You may be right about patience, but this guy is a girl and the Bird Cage thing is a little tough to take so early in the morning. He is a bad actor. You want an anchor to act somewhat credible, even on a morning show.

  25. Who cares if he is a girl, man or a transgender.Find something else to attack besides the mans sexuality and how he acts. We all can’t be as masculine as you Frankmia!!!!!!!! Jorge and Cynthia make a good team. Like Tryit said give them a chance and stop being so impatient. As for Frankmia yeah I’m starting a vigil tonight at 9pm. What time can I expect u? Also if u do not like him Frankmia then switch the channel. There are other choice for morning news 6,7,10 etc etc etc. That’s one of the great things about america. We all like different things and have tge freedom to watch and say anything we want.

  26. Diego, Diego I know that you adore him! It just happens the gym that I work out at, only carries that channel for local news (LA Fitness). So I ‘m stuck with his fake smile and ‘professional mannerism’ until they decide to do away with him. Gee I can’t be @ the vigil…did you try him? I am sure he’s looking for a shoulder to cry on (he looked depress today)

  27. Blah blah blah.Lets not start nit pickin professor. Frankmia so u mean to tell me u would rather watch Jim Berry????? I do adore Jorge and if u need a shoulder I’m here for u Jorgie !!!!!!!!

  28. Jorge is fantastic and so is Jim. This is a change for the sake of change. They are both fabulous people. Good luck to both of them!!!!


  30. i really like jorge and cynthia…jorgito, te apoyamos!
    i’ll have to go to another morning show now…jim’s voice really bothers me…sry

  31. Jim Berry is so annoying ….NO chemistry between the 2…even though Jorge looked fake at least him and cynthia played the part……Barry and that annoying screeching voiced Gray chick weathergirl on NBC weekend need a show together….ch6 viewer switched to 4 because of too many commercials but will be switching back now that ch 4 has screwed up

  32. Jim is so dry that I have to lubricate my remote control to change the channel. Jorge is the man. I used to watch channel seven news in the morning, but they are always pushing their evening shows and the commercials, my God! they more than double the time in commercials. Now, since Jorge is gone, is channel 6. Se la Vi (sp?)


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