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JP Hervis to WPBF


JP Hervis is moving north to Palm Beach as WPBF’s new morning (weekends?) anchor. His last day at 7 is mid February.

Tipsters say it was his decision to move because he wanted an anchor job but didn’t have the opportunity at WSVN. He joined WSVN in March 15th 2005.

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note: JP will co-anchor weekday mornings with Kristin Hoke


  1. Good Luck JP! You are such an enthusiastic reporter and most importantly a nice person. Wish you all the best on the anchor desk.

  2. i’m not trying to be racist why nobody in the west palm beach tv market won’t hired a black man as a anchor i never seen a black man anchor the news up here give a black man a chance

  3. on weekend mornings ted white was anchor but i never seen a primetime on week day black man or woman anchor in the west palm beach market it’s not even enough reporter either. it’s probaly 2 reporters in the market

  4. Yeah but don’t forget a LOT of the anchors in West Palm have been in the market and have been anchoring in the market a decade or more.
    Take 5:
    Favole and Stein have been a team as long as I can remember.
    Kelley Dunn has been an anchor since the 1980s
    Same with Chandra though she was at WPEC for many years.
    Cake has been at 5 approaching 12 years and she’s the youngest M-F anchor there!
    Malloy anchored at WPEC and now 5.
    Sackett has been anchoring at 5 since Abe Lincoln was president.
    Sauer has been an anchor in West Palm since about 1910.

    Not much change happens there. Maybe if Ted White had stuck around he’d have had a chance when Khan went but nope… he bolted.

    Then over at WPEC Fonger and Quirantes are a long time anchor team.
    Boyd has been there a long time… etc etc

    Best chance of it happening would be at WPBF where they change things up a bit more often.

    You’re right though… there needs to be more diversity. I don’t see it happening WPTV or WPEC though just cos they don’t seem to change things too often and I don’t see any of their anchors (especially at 5) going any time soon… ‘cept Sauer if the rumors are correct.


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