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New WPTV Graphics Package


WPTV has new graphics. I believe they debuted it before hurricane coverage?

The logo got a minor update, now it’s white color even on the site. And there’s a a peacock logo on the bottom right side.

The open is flashy, the teasers also have a lot of swooshing graphics elements. In all the new look has picked up speed it seems.

I wonder if the change is the idea of the new chief, Steve Wasserman, who took over the helm of WPTV in early May. He headed KPRC-Houston and WDIV-Detroit. WDIV got a similarly faster paced more flashier make-over not long ago when he stepped in as a general manager.

I think the new look is pretty nice. It’s not too annoying although the logo transitions in the teasers are a bit overdone. And the lower 3rds are just huge!

Overall much nicer look than what debuted when WPTV went HD with the blue/white which looked very cold and sterile.

New Open:

New Teaser:

Previous Open (high quality):


  1. The graphics look good. I want to see more of the graphics, especially the weather graphics and the breaking news graphics. I liked the old breaking news graphics when they had that shot of Chopper 5 flying overhead. Hopefully, they’ll keep that element in. If not, that’s okay. WPTV still has the best coverage in Palm Beach.

  2. Those graphics look very good to me. I don’t know about you. This would lead me to wonder whether or not Scripps (WPTV’s parent company) could and might be considering giving their other stations a similar graphics treatment.


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