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Power Outage Online Coverage


CBS4.com – frequent updates, on the front page, and video from on-air reports. No live streaming that i can seehere’s live video link
NBC6.net – WTVJ is streaming their live coverage , you can watch it here
WSVN.com – 7News is streaming live at the usual address /must have Windows Media player or equivalent/ though it can be a bit slow due to the massive amount of people watching
Local10.com – WPLG is also streaming their live coverage on the web /under Related To story content/ – video

wsvn.com –
Grid problems cause Fla. power outages, shut down nuclear plant
local10.com –
FPL: Power Back On In South Florida
cbs4.com –
Fast Facts: Power Outage
nbc6.net –
Grid Problems Cause Fla. Power Outages, Shut Down Nuclear Plant

Overall if you were lucky to have power and internet at work, or got suck with only your mobile device in the middle of I-95, you would’ve gotten plenty of details regarding the power outage from the local news sites, the tv ones in this case.

CBS4.com as usual had pretty extensive coverage, and lots of information on their front page, updated frequently with text and lots of video. CNN.com gave them a nice visible link in the breaking news report. NBC6.net didn’t have much fanfare on the front page besides a link to an extended story and live video from the on-air coverage.

WSVN.com didn’t fare too well today. If the tipster was correct, their site crashed really hard from the sudden influx of visitors, probably everyone trying to watch the live stream. When I tried to hit them up around 3:15pm the page wouldn’t load at all, few minutes later only some parts of it did. And they probably couldn’t even update the site because when it came online it had nothing regarding the outage besides the flash player on the left with a screen shot of Mayor Alvarez presser but even that would show as not available when I pressed play.

Local10.com offered live streaming of their on-air coverage too, along with frequent updates on the site itself, and they too got a nice juicy link from CNN.com’s report.


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